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  1. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    Our apologies then for misunderstanding the patch notes and for dropping into conclusions that EASY mode is supposed to be EASY when in actuality it is harder than how Normal Mode was because this was your way of showing how much you care for your players by pushing them to prepare for Hard Mode level. /sarcasm Very rude and disrespectful of the Management Team to challenge our intellects with this garbage of a post, really. How hard is it to admit your mistakes and find solutions to the problems by listening to your community instead of treating us like imbeciles.
  2. [BM] Looking for a clan

    Greetings everyone, So, I am fairly new to the game and just finished leveling up my Blade Master to level 55, HM 9 and now I think I am set to finally look for a clan where I can learn more about the game, practice dungeon raids, and basically just to have a chance to make friends with in-game and have fun all together. If there's anyone out there with lots of patience and willing to take me under their wing, I'll truly appreciate it. Thank you so much in advance!
  3. [BM] Looking for a clan

    No, I wasn’t obligating anybody anything. I was looking for a clan without mentioning ‘to help me’ in anyway. I was looking for a friendly clan, I added my class and level but they were like mean in chat like ‘Noob! Nobody wants a low level!’, ‘Just go level nobody wants you.’ and the like. Trust me, I wasn’t affected with the 3-4 mean replies to me after this because they made sense. So I didn’t push through and decided I will go find later on when I’m max. But what got to me is the attitude. For what reason can you be hostile towards a post, ‘Hi guys! Level 40 BM here looking for a friendly clan to play with.’? And it wasn’t just towards me, I see it everyday how newbies asking questions in chat get shamed just for asking. How difficult is it to let the ones who want to help reply and whoever wants to be mean just don’t? There is never a need to shame someone you don’t even know nor haven’t done anything bad towards you. Just something I thought I’d put out there. /Edit: But anyway enough of this venting. I fully understand that such people are everywhere in all MMORPG and they’ll never go away. It’s just I was taken aback by how many they are here that’s all. I’ll try looking a clan in-game later tonight. Wish me luck!
  4. [BM] Looking for a clan

    Hi and thank you for your helpful reply! I’ll try looking in-game again. I did it once, well, while low level, to sort of look for a group of people that would be willing to help me learn more about the game’s mechanics and be friends and I got surprisingly really mean replies hence I got discouraged and thought I’ll just look again after I reach max level, and maybe here in forum so I can just lay out my information so whoever wants to take me can invite me. Oh yeah, I really noticed how some, of course not all, are so mean in-game. It’s my first time ever encountering such level of hostility towards newcomers from all the games I’ve ever played. I mean, we may lack experience and knowledge at the moment but it doesn’t mean we’re that stupid to not learn them overtime. If we get to spend the same time as those ‘veterans’ in-game, we can mostly know what they know by then. I read the forum every chance I get, just to keep myself informed about things I must know but I feel for those who don’t even have forum account (which by the way are a lot) to read or make threads and ask questions. So they ask in-game which is the most convenient way. But with such behavior which I’ve seen on a daily basis, it’s demoralizing and demotivating and it’s really sad.