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  1. Fish Network Treasure Pouch

    open 4, got 1 anglers blowfish pet
  2. New launcher

    i have the same issue as you the new launcher installation (new installer remove my game and cant reinstall the launcher due to unspecified error (same as your screen) and cant reinstall the game), but my issue was solved after i apply windows update kb4483452 and the game is installing again. hope tthat works for you as well
  3. Old Man Cho wallrun quest is not showing up!

    Did you have the item "on you"? if the item is in your vault, you wont see it either, i had the same issue last time wandering around :D
  4. 7F Mushins Tower Gunner

    After you finish the story, you will have decent weapon, gear, and SS. (shoulb be easy on mushin 7F... dunno about the point beyond though :D)
  5. returnee question about accessories

    thanks for clearing that up for me!!! i will try to find a party who is willing to accept me to test the dungeon for the legendary accessories :)
  6. returnee question about accessories

    Hey Kage Shadisha, so if i understand you right, the option 1 - is either go for the legendary accessories though dungeon option 2 - keep upgrading siren accessories until end and salvage for legendary accessory?
  7. Hey, I have just return after 1 year from the game, i used to farm and stock a lots of weapons / accessories in my account for weapon/accessories upgrades, but the new system seems to make it unnecessary, i was wonder if i need to salvages all the other accessories (incl all the stage 10 accessories true siren stage 10 i believe?) ? or just keep it just in case? I m using hollow accessories atm... Thanks for answering