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  1. Ultimate Cuddle Bird.. pet

    Try google fat chocobo
  2. Why such high ap/gear req?

    I call out for a3+ for big 4 dungeons but usually I won't kick ppl with raven gears join in my lobby. I don't mind because I run with clan and we have 4 end game gear players in party. But what always happens is player with low gear have absolute no idea of mech, causing countless boss jumps in RT, pulling curse/ spawn on TS etc. It's not like high end players don't want carry newbies, is ppl get tired with new players don't read mech and DOESN'T LISTEN, eg. wl don't do sb, random sheath... (╬`⌒´) If you don't have gear to carry the whole party, or not sure if members know what to do, the only way is asking for high AP requirements.
  3. an observation

    At least warden doesn't need to summon thrall, fall in then soulburn. Not to mention that TAB sometimes doesn't respond.
  4. Possible solution for realmrift

    8.5m will make this dg too easy. Got wipe 4 times yesterday and all have less than 500k hp to go :/ On last try we have fm, sin, sum, wl, bm, gunner and clear the dg with 1min left. Everyone still does 16% damage, really don't know what happened.