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  1. "Large Workshop Rental Ticket" - Does anyone know where to get one of these to be able to lease a second large workshop order for clan crafting? We just upgraded to clan level 7 and now it's saying we need one of these to have a second order...(you know, because apparently the clan upgrade costs weren't enough and didn't mean anything...) When you right click on it, it takes you to the Hogmoon store but it's not in there. Any help is appreciated. :)
  2. Yu Chun Fan Club

    It has been created! :D Come join us! :D
  3. Cupcake's leveling guide

    Lol, nice funny video xD Except now you can only use charms once every 20 hours... D:
  4. Yu Chun Fan Club

    Hello Yu Chun fans!! I'm not sure if this is the right area for this type of post- but I would like to make a Facebook group for all us Yu Chun fans out there to get together and admire him together- post drawings, screenshots, stories, etc.... :D However I need a small fan-base to help get it started. SO, if any of you would be interested in helping create this group or joining, please comment here or send me a pm! :D <3 Thanks and Happy Gaming! <3