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  1. The first item is the new pistol skin that came with the Anniversary. Rather than projectiles emitting from the barrels of the guns, they emanate from the center of the character's shadow on the ground. The second item is the female pirate clan outfit. There is a gear-shaped frill that lays over the collar on the male uniform. However, on the female model, the frill sticks up in the air and clips with hair and hats. If you require images, please let me know if they would be of assistance in correcting these two issues.
  2. Does anyone know where I can find a Gunslinger visual like the one linked below for BMs? I am new to the game and an image like this I could print out and place on my keyboard would be great.
  3. Out of 50 Explorer boxes and not a single Red Rider outfit? That's $65. I'd like to know drop rates of your boxes NCsoft. A warning for anyone thinking of getting boxes, don't.
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