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  1. Honestly just the most rubbish pvp I've ever seen. I mean people with perma stun, People with perma iframes, people with perma stealth and a community that honestly defends this crap and blames you for not being good. when the only guys that are good are those perma iframes characters or perma stealth characters i'm sorry I've been playing fighting games for many many years now. All of you who think you've achieved something by getting good at this game's pvp i'm sorry to disappoint you. It most likely not you skill but the trashy OP character you playing. I'm sorry when you are constantly spaming attacks at someone and all you get is resist resist resist only to have them whale on you. I think it's time to call it quits. very toxic pvp.
  2. Ok for a game known for it's pvp. your game pretty much failed in the west big time. For a game with a lot of potential it's a shame that the same complaints went unheard cos you simple refused to listen to reason and more importantly what you competitors are doing. so since you refuse to listen to reason I'm going to compare 2 of your classes to their counter parts in the west Assassin compared to the rogue in Wow and the ninja in Final fantasy XIV Note both WoW and FFXIV have made it to over 10million players while having a paid subscription model Assassin here Has multiple ways to enter stealth both in combat and out of combat. Multiple times Can stay in stealth for extended periods of time Can stay in stealth while attacking Has higher defensive stats in stealth Rogue in Wow Can enter stealth out of combat and cannot use the same move once in combat Has a vanish which allows him regain stealth once in combat but that move in a about a 2min cool down. So for practical purposes in an average pvp match will only be able to use it once Cannot attack in stealth moves slower in stealth has very few moves that can be used in stealth and once a move is made comes out of stealth Ninja in FFXIV Can only enter stealth in pvp once a meter gauge has been filled meaning cannot enter stealth at the start of the match stealth only lasts 15 secs cannot attack in stealth moves slower in stealth has one move that can be used in stealth and once move is made has to wait for meter again to re enter stealth the move itself also has it's own cool down regardless of meter meter used to enter stealth is shared with other special moves . Summoner here Has a pet that has high defence, Grapples, and extended block and high damage summoner has stealth summoner can swap places with pet if you manage to catch the summoner reseting the game to catch him summoner can also do alot of damage pet has a lot of stuns summoner has a lot of stuns warlock in Wow has multiple pets each pet has one specialisation either defence or offence. Where they are strong in one they are extremely weak in the other warlock has no stealth warlock cannot swap places with pet. Meaning the meta is to catch the warlock and then finish them off. you are rewarded for being able to catch the warock Summoner in FFXIV Has 3 different pets one for offence, one for defence and one for buffs as with wow if each pet is strong in his role and is very weak in the others summoner has no stealth summoner cannot swap places with pet. you get the point there I'm done. These are from both eastern and western companies. They out sell you both in Asia and the west by out 1000 to 1 yet you refuse to listen. Your game is dying and the fixes for your toxic classes are simple prevent the assassin from easily going back into stealth at every given chance. Make assassins think about when they are going to leave stealth and force them to commit once they have struck. (i.e like real life assassins) remove his high defence in stealth remove his ability to constantly attack in stealth remove his screen blinding get out of stun move (I can't understand why his opponent is punished that much for stunning him let alone punished at all) he already has a move that let's him get back into stealth from a stun break. That is enough bring the summoner in line with the other mmo counter parts on a side note. I find it funny that Korean developers hesitate to bring their games to the west. Always waiting many years after demand in the west has died down. Simple your games are designed for flash. Tera closers online kritika online Black desert (The game where every class has a tonne of cCs but not one single class has a CC break) guns the duels the list goes on you seem to blame the west for your failures and say it's a cultural thing. It's not. The west has many more cultures living in it than you do. The simple fact is most of your games are completely broken. They are flashy and beautiful to look at but their balance is complete trash. You develop games where once the opponent attacks and it's succuessful the defender simply loses control of his character that's a fact. The defender isn't only not able to respond but you actually create systems where the defender will completely be disconnected from his character until he is dead Most cultures outside Korea hate this. People like to feel they are in control of their character at all times. However you seem to develop ever more toxic ways to disconnect the player from their character the most radioactive case being the assassin's escape where your screen will actually go White and the player himself can no longer see the game screen for an extended period of time you might say it's a western thing but here are a list of Japanese companies that have been extremely successful in the west Square enix Namco Atlus sony team that created sword art online Capcom Team ninja Team that created Dark Souls They all have huge followings in the west However you don't have a single company in Korea that has achieved this. infact your companies have failed so much you hesitate to realease your games in the west while your Japanese counter parts regularly has slimontanious releases in the west and infact sometimes realease in the west first they have franchises that will be successful just cos of the name I.e Tekken and street fighter just to name a few you do not even have one simple reason is this your games are just substance. As a side note one my other account at the launch of blade and soul in the west I did comment on how toxic the assassin was having played assassin on the RU server and I was meet by the toxic brigade who were only interested in keeping this version exactly the same as Korea's so they could go to the "World championshipS" look at this game now the west rejected it I told them multiple times for there to be a world championship people have to fall in love with the game first and the game wasn't go to fly here. Multiple people called me an idiot quoting rubbish stats and crap saying I have no idea. you listened to them Another Korean game failed thing you didn't understand was Those guys didn't care about your game. They care about being famous Assassin was my class and I wanted it nerfed. Cos it was obvious it was unfair and people would hate it I too wanted to go to tournaments but had the insight to know there would be no major championships without a major following. Those guys just wanted to be famous at all costs they had played for ages of the Korean server and did not want anything changed as to probably ruin their chances of winning. no matter how unfair it was you listened to them and got another dead Korean game. GG and you spent your time banning me Lol p.s Look at your most successful mmo ncsoft. Guild wars 2. That was not only well received in the west but has launched world wide and even in china. do stealth classes work like they do with your Korean developers look at another one of your games Wildstar does the stealth class there work like this assassin and with regard to stealth I'm talking about the mechanic of stealth itself do they give stealth to pet classes I mean come on.
  3. Reason why your game failed in the West

    This is the only post I'm going to fully respond too. This post shows clearly why listening to this type of misunderstanding and lack of general knowledge is what caused your game to die final fantasy 1 -6 took a very long time to realease in the West.. FACT Why cos they were in the same place as Korea. Japan was once at the same point as Korea. However they successfully managed to make the journey to west cos their games while flashy had good underlining mechanics Korean games will never be successful in the west cos all their games are actually broken. The post above is written by someone who simply lacks knowledge about the history and dynamics of the gaming industry. your forum is full of people like this. Therefore you get crap feed back
  4. Reason why your game failed in the West

    This is what I was saying to the toxic bridge when the game first launched. However they were totally interested in the world championships.
  5. Reason why your game failed in the West

    People have been crying for the nerf requested for ages but you don't do anything. you just listen to the hardcore players that have developed toxic tactics to deal of them what you don't realease is that companies like capcom understand there are different tiers of players and do not adjust characters or classes based solely on what top tier can do example. Street fighter IV original realease. sagat not only had great health but also great offense now in fact Sagat did not win 1 major championship however capcom had to nerf him why cos for top tier he was no problem but for mid to low tier he was cancer they realised your never going to get people to top tier if they can't get past mid to low tier i.e they will get frustrated and leave and all you'll be left with is top tier players which are about 1% of the population i.e your game will die it will have great top tier players but your game will be dead. Capcom is an Asian company by the way :)
  6. NCsoft are crooks

    ok I purchased a hell of a lot of ncoin and haven't received it yet the money has gone out of my account I get an email saying the result is pending I sent a ticket 2 hours ago an no reply i'm sorry if it's still pending why take my money you're crooks if you want to make sure it's not fraud then don't take the money once you take the money give me my product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. NCsoft are crooks

    This is rubbish and criminal. If they think it's fraud then don't take the money out of the account until you're ready to deliver the product.