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  1. This is the only post I'm going to fully respond too. This post shows clearly why listening to this type of misunderstanding and lack of general knowledge is what caused your game to die final fantasy 1 -6 took a very long time to realease in the West.. FACT Why cos they were in the same place as Korea. Japan was once at the same point as Korea. However they successfully managed to make the journey to west cos their games while flashy had good underlining mechanics Korean games will never be successful in the west cos all their games are actually
  2. This is what I was saying to the toxic bridge when the game first launched. However they were totally interested in the world championships.
  3. People have been crying for the nerf requested for ages but you don't do anything. you just listen to the hardcore players that have developed toxic tactics to deal of them what you don't realease is that companies like capcom understand there are different tiers of players and do not adjust characters or classes based solely on what top tier can do example. Street fighter IV original realease. sagat not only had great health but also great offense now in fact Sagat did not win 1 major championship however capcom had to nerf him
  4. Ok for a game known for it's pvp. your game pretty much failed in the west big time. For a game with a lot of potential it's a shame that the same complaints went unheard cos you simple refused to listen to reason and more importantly what you competitors are doing. so since you refuse to listen to reason I'm going to compare 2 of your classes to their counter parts in the west Assassin compared to the rogue in Wow and the ninja in Final fantasy XIV Note both WoW and FFXIV have made it to over 10million players while having a paid subscription model
  5. Honestly just the most rubbish pvp I've ever seen. I mean people with perma stun, People with perma iframes, people with perma stealth and a community that honestly defends this crap and blames you for not being good. when the only guys that are good are those perma iframes characters or perma stealth characters i'm sorry I've been playing fighting games for many many years now. All of you who think you've achieved something by getting good at this game's pvp i'm sorry to disappoint you. It most likely not you skill but the trashy OP character you playing.
  6. This is rubbish and criminal. If they think it's fraud then don't take the money out of the account until you're ready to deliver the product.
  7. ok I purchased a hell of a lot of ncoin and haven't received it yet the money has gone out of my account I get an email saying the result is pending I sent a ticket 2 hours ago an no reply i'm sorry if it's still pending why take my money you're crooks if you want to make sure it's not fraud then don't take the money once you take the money give me my product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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