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  1. Yeah, like you I also thought this class can be AoE. The class can have low defence (like assassin), normal damage (somewhere between KFM and BD), normal health (isn't tank), but many escape skills. AoE damage normal and one-mob damage high. Fast like BD and because he has low defense: two (one can make combo, one can't) defensive skills. He's bad at life side, but good at attack side. Will be like an assassin (at life) combinated with BD (at attack). Weapon is like a luminous/glowing rope (exactly like in images; whip because if the weapon comes from finger tips, there's no weapon) what stays
  2. Something new can't do very much harm. The game has many different classes so I through something new can be good. Something new what isn't in another game. The theme of game is "Light (goodness) won", so isn't very different. A bit different, but not very. Before the guns appear, everyone though they shouldn't be in game because the style of game is old and ninja style, but now almost everyone accept them. Maybe some people changed their minds and saw how good are the guns in a game like this. I think this class will be judged at first like gunslinger, but after few months accepted like a par
  3. What about a class like this: I think is a good idea. Who's with me? :) CHARACTER: Masaomi Heike (Code:02) ANIME: Code:BREAKER (isn't the same with warlock)
  4. When appear dragon tail/horns and nine tail fox? I think they will appear with lyn gunslinger, so when will be added lyn gunslinger? I searched and I found nothing.
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