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  1. i already like you for your honest and open way of answering
  2. so ive noticed in korea where ue4 is already running that some costumes that are for us Tailorable cant be tailored in korea is this a thing depending on region or will some costumes lose the support for the Tailor shop in UE4? UE4: https://ibb.co/qk1p0nm UE3: https://ibb.co/f06jKHz
  3. i realy wanted the costume from the 1ncoin box, bought the chest every day didnt get it and now the boxes dissappear early ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
  4. @Himecan we please get a reply to this, it just continues to be frustrating and annoying
  5. yes please give me my rhapsody costume
  6. so can i go to bed already or is it worth waiting a little bit more in hopes i can log in with my main soon?
  7. Rhapsody is the first good costume since months and its locked behind rng bars, why? i literally charged up over 10k ncoins and now its not even in those expensive boxes where i could get it via coins but instead its literally locked behind rng, i literally havent gotten the costume from these boxes the previous 2 times. just why? its been literally the only reason why i wanted to spend money this update but instead i have spent the money for nothing realy because i cant actualy get what i wanted multiple times even
  8. Rikari Kayo Senra Kayo Jinsoyun server
  9. thats certainly not my problem with my characters, my kfm had a unfinished event soul and i can log in there just fine
  10. same thing here, my main warlock and my alt sf are not working it instantly kicks me out while all the other characters seem to work Jinsoyun server here
  11. So ive been playing Scourge warlock for 3 years, the balancing for scourge warlock has always been realy bad but this damage reduction removal completly killed the viability of scourge in battlegrounds. Scourge warlock relies entirely on damage reduction, we have barely any iframes no real movement skills and on top of that no CC resists outside of the 10 seconds during Sanctum wich almost doesnt count since anything can push or pull you out of it meanwhile and even if that doesnt happen the dmg reduction is not enough anymore to survive anyhow and this kind of balancing is absolutely frustrat
  12. i was realy hoping the moonstone crystals etc do get reductions, replacing Pet Packs with TS is fine if you calculate the prices in gold, 30 TS = 600g and 8 Pet Packs (13 instead of 21) is about 1600g but a blank reduction instead of changes still would have performed better
  13. how do i get them? im pretty sure i havent seen them a single time since im playing the game and i could realy use like... 3 of them
  14. i also hate the warlock changes, all of them, im a warlock main but men these changes are awful im realy thinking about changing to berserker main that got a pretty nice change, i dont know what they were thinking as long as you dont have the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing vt-badge your heal is absolute garbage its not like wl already has no movement during combat except the ss skill and only iframes with long ass cooldowns, no now you also heal bullshit, i dont know what those 2% on the Dragon helix is supposed to do, 2% is nothing even if it is the main dmg sorce, new warlock feels like absolut garbage this
  15. Wesker

    WL Heal Nerf

    der nerf kotzt mich langsam an, mein erster eindruck von den änderungen war gut aber nach einer weile des spielens kotzt mich der nerf der V richtig and und die 2% heal auf der 4 können die sich sonst wo hinschieben, man macht zwar mehr dps durch die änderung des bagua's aber ganz ehrlich ich würde lieber wieder weniger dps machen und meinen heal zurück haben der momentan kaum vorhanden ist was einfach daran liegt das die V kein schaden solange man kein vt badge hat, die komplette änderung ist eigentlich ein tritt ins gesicht für jeden wl der kein vt badge hat und so langsam raubt mir das den
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