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  1. The Whine about D.C. Boxes

    I agree you virtually need alts to be able to afford to up grade. The issue is the broken market and a toxic community that are forced to go into parties that have inappropriate gear. The game does this not players. Fix inflation, fix players that abuse the market stop forcing players to team with inadequate gear or at the very lease compensate them for helping lower players.
  2. I think the issue is you are forced to go into dungeons that you do not have equipment for and now with the changes might never get, to deal with the players that are frustrated because your not doing your share of the fight. The game forces a toxic community due to this pressure. The higher you go the more those elements that players were farming for become more and more expensive so alts are used to support your main. If you can’t use alts then it’s going to take a very long time to compete with seasoned players. The lack of supply is only going to make the market worse. There is no checks to curb run away inflation. This could easily be fixed by controls and giving newer players opertunities to obtain this items in lower dungeons. The game makers have decided that forcing players into the new content is easier than fixing the market and the toxic community.
  3. So instead of fixing the problem lie?..
  4. That’s right blame the victim don’t fix the game. And it doesn’t take only ten minutes it can take up to an hour to convince players to learn the mechanics and recruit for people that leave before a fight is even over. No one with equipment stays. What should happen if you leave a boss fight before it’s over ( I mean while your actually fighting the boss not waiting for new recruits) your weapon should be unusable for a given period of time or maybe even lost.
  5. Did I see right? [Prem exp charm]

    This is a real problem. The market is broken. Why have a market in the first place if your not going to put in measures to control inflation.
  6. this isnt re balance, this is MADNESS

    Are you willing to teach him or her the mechanics? Because that is exactly the issue in this game. A really poor run away inflated economy forces players to enter dungeons they simply do not have the equipment for. No one has the time or incentive to explain mechanics. This causes a really toxic community with no rewards for anyone trying to help out other players. This has been the worse game i’ve played for simply mean spirited players. For example ask a legitimate question on what weapon to pick for your class weapon and see how many people out right lie to you and then shrug it off as a joke. New players have no money and even investing in the wrong gear for even a few levels can really harm a player. the life of a game realizes on new blood. The last patch has gone out of its way to harm new players. Instead of making up silly suggestion blaming the player how about support these complaints and maybe the game will be fixed.
  7. Is this right.

    On April 30th my premium subscription was renewed and then shortly after they announced the changes to loot, gold and pushing more players to play the new content. I reviewed the changes and was deeply distressed that this would make my game play even harder to play. I have one main with low raven weapon and middle level 6-7 low level legendary gear and only because I used three alts to do dailies to supply my main with the means to slowly improve my mains gear. I have forgone getting into the harder dungeons because I don’t think entering a hm15 level dungeon with 55 hm 8 to 11 is fair to any one else in the party. For the last three months I have plodded way learning the mechanics of these dungeons and tried to be patient with level 55 hm 8 to 10’s with no gear not even the stuff that drops from the low dungeons in other words coming in with solak accessories. I tried explaining mech and tried not to leave unsuccessful dungeons and never left one while a boss was being worked on ( think that is just out right selfish and wrong). Having low level geared players that have no intention in learning how to do the mechanics and leave during fights can get very very frustrating. Having high level players leave before they try to go with the party is frustrating too. But when you can talk ppl into staying and spend a bit of time failing but learning I found this quite fun. A few weeks ago I got into a really great clan and now have ppl to ask how the mechs work. Most are so far a head of me I feel ridiculous going into dungeons with them. I thought over the changes and decided that I did not want to pay to play with the new changes so have put a ticket in asking to be reimbursed for two of the months on the grounds that I will know longer be able to make stuff to supply my main. I’m being told although some of the changes they disagree with too that they will not reimburse me. One tried to imply that I had already played the time. I have played 7 days of the first month and haven’t entered the game since I put the ticket in. I even offered to pay for the first month. I think the game maker has a responsibility to provide adequate means to improve your character no matter how low level they are. I think putting in place penalties for leaving a party during a fight is responsible game mechanics. I feel allowing the toxic additude of players also should be addressed by the game maker. I think fixing the run way inflation on the broken market should be the number one thing to do for the developers, they could have an NPC sell the same stuff that players sell to set standards and control the economy. This is a dungeon game not see who I can exploit on the market **** **** busniness man game. anyway I digress what want to ask is else can I do to be reimbursed?
  8. When I heard that you were adding more choices into the daily I thought great that will fix the problem of level HM8 going into level hm14 dungeons. But instead you gave us 6 choices to day but only one was under HM10. This irritates the higher ups and frustrates the lower ones who are forced to go into dungeons they are under powered. How about have three choices that are HM10 or lower and 3 HM 10 or over? Would make it less frustrating.
  9. Varying gem slots

    Work was getting hectic and the "new skill tree they brought in" gave me no time to relearn it so I took time off from the game. I came back to the game in August. After playing a gunner till the end of the yellow quests (rather boring key smashing class) I took my main, a warlock and began to proceed like everyone else. I had to learn the new fighting skills and also the new upgrading methods that had been put in the game before I quit. The weapon I got dealt was the seraph ( not the baleful one, the other one; sorry not sure of the spelling) with only 2 slots. Two slots wow that's a legendary... wow. I sucked it up and filled it with a diamond and swapped out a few others depending on where I was and what I was doing. If you don't now unlike most other classes this is the recommended weapon branch do to Leech but it can some what cripple you as it is a lot lower in crit damage spec wise. I played for several weeks and was finding that my progression was extremely slow ( I have 4 other lvl 55 characters but they lack bag and loot spaces as well as I diverted all my rolls from the daily dash to my main). Began to play my alts which was way more fun. Challenging but not this frustrating grind to hopefully catch up. One reason lack of slots is such a crippling factor is that most people putting groups together base the decision of who they pick on AP. I struggled a long and slowly, very slowly, got materials and gold to update the weapon. Not till about stage 4 did I get 3 slots. Still falling way behind and still struggling to get enough materials to continue the climb hoping that my luck would change. As you all know upgrading is expensive. I struggled in peach land ( again forgot the name) to get materials I can't get in dungeons with other players who have the required AP. To make this short at Stage 9 I still only had 4 slots. I have looked into upgrading the slots using legendary gem hammers but trying to come up with 900 gold for each slot was not doable. besides I was trying to save my money to buy chapter 4 of the HM skills because playing frost wl is very difficult to achieve constant damage with out it on top of getting supplies for Stage 10. It was 430 gold when I first checked for the HM item to day it was 1200 gold. I put a lot of resources in trying to get as much crit on my MSP soul shields to help compensate for the lack of gem slots. My other classes have more crit than I do with out being stage 9 or investing heavily in MSP SS. Being force to not be in current groups I loose the experience of figuring out how the dynamics of the dungeon works. I just end up coming up when the dailies feature those dungeons and the mechanics no longer really influences the players because of the gear being so much better. So I never get to really learn the mechanics. So when the developers decided on this last update that you could go and just keep purchasing a weapon till you had 6 slots I was pretty p... off. I invested a lot of time and resource on this character. I smoldered for a while and then decided to put a ticket in. The support team is really good in this game never had a bad experience with them. They told me that I should keep trying. This morning I took my last bit of gold and purchased the stuff I need to upgrade to stage 10 evolved it.... and its still only 4 slots. I can't believe the developers think this adds to the game. I could see if gem slots were reasonably priced so you could compensate ( willing to pay a reasonable cost for this) but 15 gem hammers???? To day they go for 60 gold each. Times that by 15, and times that by the number of slots you don't have on your "Legendary Weapon". Utterly stupid. I could see if AP wasn't the only thing players base choosing who to let into their parties. This system damages accounts not just on character. I was deciding whether I should just give up on this character and switch to my KFM which is also fun to play. I decided to take the support staffs advice and roll a stage 10 weapon. I know they weren't promising that I would get a 6 slotter. I feel really frustrated and ripped off. All because of this extremely stupid setup with legendary gear. Should not Legendary be Legendary? Grinding for loot slots, bank slots and items that were one of the daily dash which no I just have to grind even harder for just seems a lot to ask for a game that has such an idiotic gem slot system. What could crippling a players chances by shorting gem slots possibly make for a better game? Its impossible to actually talk to someone who can make a difference or at least listen and give me an answer on these questions from this game, as most games are but I thought I would at least post it here. I hope no one else has been affect by this stupid silly system.