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  1. You said to many things and they are all wrong except maybe that ur ping is 20-30... well thats very good for you, cuz ure probably living in Germany or anywhere else thats close to the servers locations. But most of the people are not living in ur stupid Country you know ? My pc and my internet connection are good enough to play any other game with ping around 20. 1v1 and 3v3 are balanced ? What exactly do you see as a balance ? Lemme tell you that im playing SF for around an year now and fm before that since the open beta, ive spent most of the time in the pvp arena doing 1v1 and 3v3 and im
  2. Hello guys, already a lot of people left BnS and i decided to join them. The main reason for this is because this game is horrible. Crushes all the time, insane ping spikes, insane ping at all, super unbalanced pvp in the arena, and amazingly stupid pvp in the "battlegrounds" as they call them, no matter that everyone there is pve speced, game moderators never answer to the players in their own forum, they release new content all the time but full of bugs, ban forum accounts to people who actually ask the right questions.... This is not a game that i will ever download to my pc ever again. Ha
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