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  1. When i finally make it through the login mini game the launcher is telling me that the game is currently under maintenance....
  2. It's kinda sad how many people rather blame a game than taking responsibility for having fun.
  3. It would also be nice if they make ,what they did with Blackram Supply Chain, a reoccuring event rotating through the old dungeons.
  4. At least for easy mode there should be more dungeons like "cold storage" and "haeven's mandate" that are soloable. The game is full of cool dungeons that aren't used anymore.
  5. The gear we get from c2a event is even better than what people had when IA rais came out because we already got the accessories. So the IA raid should technically be doable isn't it?
  6. Just tested it my self. I was able the clear stage 3 with archer i geared up with priveous cta event. Just q and e around it with right timing till its death.
  7. as far as i understand the only possible issue is that applications that are currently functioning properly may begin to crash again after disabling FTH.
  8. tbh i wouldn't have expected any server improvements from engine update anyway. However my ping range changed from 120 -300 with ue3 to 30-40 with ue4😁
  9. Looks like it's also possible to deactivate the fault tolerance heap for a sprecific process instead of global. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20120125-00/?p=8463
  10. Even though i really like the idea of an anti-cheat-system, i'm seriously afraid of the implementation. Does anyone remember that fiesta: ?
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