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  1. F10 bug

    The two offering windows in F10 result a same error message when pressing on them.
  2. Please delete/move this post if it violates any of the rules, thanks in advance! Hello! A brand new huge Discord Server related to Blade & Soul has opened. We are planning on making a massive community where all the Blade & Soul fans will gather together, have fun and spend time together. Overall, make a bigger and nicer place for everyone, a heaven to the community. Anyone is welcome, we have the off topic related content for those who'd like to chill out a bit from the game and have another type of conversation. Server contains a huge all in one. From raid recruitment channels all the way to arts! (Seriously tho, it's a really big place :3) But what's a community without a members? An empty hole... That's why we'd like to invite you to join us, and make a bigger and nicer place for this game, a bigger community! What are you waiting for? Join us, it's free! ^_^ Please keep in mind Server has it's rules that staff will monitor respectively, any type of harassment, toxic behavior, insulting etc... will not be tolerated and punishment will be issued.
  3. Outfits in f10

    They did something fancy for all of us! I am really really sad they didn't offer Dark Emissary and it's wings... @Hime Any chance by any means we can get Dark Emissary back? Very please?
  4. Outfits in f10

    Really wish Dark Emissary and Dark Emissary wings would return but Amity Wings are also pretty neat!
  5. Returning Outfits

    Hello! I've wrote tickets to support multiple times and as in return I've been told to keep asking here, so I will! Might someone hear me~ So there's been certainly more than few outfits that never got their luck back in the game or F10, and I am pretty sure some people missed a chance to reach up for these outfits. What I do ask for is Dark Emissary and Dark Emissary wings to have their chance in F10 or anything such, I've missed my chance to obtain this last time and it's been few years now but there's no hope for me to see it, I'd really appreciate if you'd put any type of way to get that outfit again... In the other hand, I've saw other people speak about many other outfits and the fact that NCSOFT wants us to keep asking here, do you have any you'd like to be returned? Regards.
  6. [Suggestion] Sandbox Mode

    Exactly, not to sacrifice anything for your mistakes. That's why, exactly THAT, is why.
  7. [Suggestion] Sandbox Mode

    I am not familiar with if this was already suggested but I will go ahead and do it. So I am pretty sure that most of players might at least once had a hard time making decisions in their gear, especially when it comes down to soul badges/fused soul badges. With the new soulbadges that came out recently, new 3rd specs for BM and KFM, I am sure that people would want some type of sandbox mode. Now, not everyone knows what sandbox mode exactly is, so let me explain. It's pretty much a dream come true, for a short time. In this particular mode, you are allowed to have any and every gear you desire, for testing purposes (but literally). Not only does it test out certain item, it's functionality but overall it let's people test out entire class. This could replace a current version of testing your class before making it by going to Hongmoon Training Room and testing the skills. People could see classes potential and if it's worth swiping the card so many times for that item and what else not.. Sandbox mode was implemented in many games, including League Of Legends which in their case, they represented it with entire new server located in NA called PBE. I am sure NCSOFT/NCSWEST wouldn't do such a thing with their current server state so why not implementing it into F12? Add a merchant with any gear, for no cost and let people grab gear, gear would wear off once the player leaves F12 or refuses to make certain class. Let people taste the feel, and ofc, let them make a proper decision before rushing that fused soul badge so now they need new 5 divine grace stones (like my Warden did) :3 There's too many reasons why sandbox mode should be added in game such as BnS and I am not going over all of them, but there's nearly none reasons why it's still not in the game, so what do you think? Will NCSOFT/NCWEST do anything like this in near future?
  8. Avatar

    Once again, the bad part of the community has done it's job, excellent. Thanks for response, much appreciated!
  9. Avatar

    Pleassee, let us change the avatar on this forum? This pic looks euuuw :c
  10. Trove Outfits

    Don't wanna brag about it, but are you ever gonna bring back the dark emissary outfit and it's wings? This is like 3rd time you've brought Sapphire Wings for w/e reason into the trove and you even brough back Chow Pal... In the last trove you've brought dark emissary weapon but not it's outfit..Are you somewhat avoiding to put it back or what's the thing?
  11. Dark Emissary Set

    Hello! I was wondering if anybody knows does NCSOFT plan or bringing back Dark Emissary set (Wings, Weapon chest and outfit itself)? I mean there surely is people that might've missed it in a past trove including me (with 100 keys) and that are willing to have this really badly. This entire set is really well developed and I doubt they will leave it there for just a single trove and never give players a chance to have it again. So please, if you have any information about this set, feel free to post in this thread, I'd gladly appreciate it. Thanks for understanding!
  12. Koldrak Bug

    For unknown reason it appears every time I try to go for a Koldrak it bugs the screen with message "Failed to take an epic challenge." And from this point on, I cannot teleport, write, or do anything...I tried using escape but it doesn't work as well, so only way is closing down your game, killing it's process and starting it over again (which I did, re-log to my Blade Master to make sure this wasn't accident, and it happened on my Blade Master as well). I hope I can get staff's attention and let's hope it gets fixed. EDIT: Many other people report same bug occur as well, also someone reported you can change character, so you don't have to close down the entire game.
  13. Server Maintenance?

    It's sad when it occurs in a middle of a raid ^^
  14. Weirdest drop ever!

    Ye...a lot :D But isn't it weird it dropped on first boss?