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  1. Dark Emissary Set

    Hello! I was wondering if anybody knows does NCSOFT plan or bringing back Dark Emissary set (Wings, Weapon chest and outfit itself)? I mean there surely is people that might've missed it in a past trove including me (with 100 keys) and that are willing to have this really badly. This entire set is really well developed and I doubt they will leave it there for just a single trove and never give players a chance to have it again. So please, if you have any information about this set, feel free to post in this thread, I'd gladly appreciate it. Thanks for understanding!
  2. Koldrak Bug

    For unknown reason it appears every time I try to go for a Koldrak it bugs the screen with message "Failed to take an epic challenge." And from this point on, I cannot teleport, write, or do anything...I tried using escape but it doesn't work as well, so only way is closing down your game, killing it's process and starting it over again (which I did, re-log to my Blade Master to make sure this wasn't accident, and it happened on my Blade Master as well). I hope I can get staff's attention and let's hope it gets fixed. EDIT: Many other people report same bug occur as well, also someone reported you can change character, so you don't have to close down the entire game.
  3. Server Maintenance?

    It's sad when it occurs in a middle of a raid ^^
  4. Weirdest drop ever!

    Ye...a lot :D But isn't it weird it dropped on first boss?
  5. Weirdest drop ever!

    It's same as other gold boxes, RNG for: -100g -500g -1000g -5000g Guy that got loot opened 100g
  6. Weirdest drop ever!

    Hello! Today I saw weirdest drop evah!!! First Ebondrake Lair boss dropped Dark Vicar's Secret Safe. Ever happened to you? Why'd they put it here?
  7. Old DPS Meter?

    Copppyyy passttee
  8. Old DPS Meter?

    Ye so this doesn't pay off...having a simple old DPS meter for an account ^^
  9. Old DPS Meter?

    Trash Xign ? Explain pwease :3 EDIT: That is not the answer i'm lookin' for, will i get banned?
  10. Old DPS Meter?

    Hello! I saw a guy randomly linking old DPS meter (all 6 man damage) and i kinda got interested and went to settings and searched it upside-down to find it but nothing. Later friend of mine told me it's about a program called bns buddy and it has that addon. As i can see that thing works with xml which is 99% bannable. So will my account get banned/suspended if i use old dps meter (old dps meter and only old dps meter and nothing else from that thing)? It'd be cool to see all 6 man damage in party c: Please honesty answers! :3
  11. Master Loot won't work on 6 man party?

    Ohhhhhh, thanks a lott :3
  12. Title says it all.... I tried, won't seem to work. Is it because dungeon lobby gives leaders to random people so they disabled it to prevent scams ? I really wanted to practice for future leads, i never tried to give items to other people trough master loot, so when the day comes (if it comes) that i lead BT or smthn, i can know how to do it ^^ Is there any way to practice master loot ?
  13. Abusing BID bug!

    No guyss, relax. I said we didn't fall for it. For some reason once guy tried to trick us with 1 gold, he went so item started over again, so other guy tried with 1 gold and he also failed but this time item turned itself into copper immediately...No idea...It's fine sorry for spam ^^
  14. Abusing BID bug!

    Hello! So today i rushed onto two people that were randomly abusing BID-ing bug. Thing is that people are trying to trick others. Example: Soulstone Crystal x2 bid started, 3 people want it and there goes that copper war (massive bidding with coppers between 3 people). Then 4th randomly in mid of their bidding puts 1 gold so while those peoples are spamming they might click BID without noticing gold and actually bid 1 gold for something that isn't even close to be that price. But that's not a problem or bug here, people need to be careful. Thing is when they do manage to put 1 gold between others BID in hope to get other people to continue bidding, if other players notice and none of them actually BIDs more than 1 gold, the guy that tried to trick others leaves dungeon and makes BID fail, so none of us actually get the item that was on BID and he/she doesn't spends 1 gold or amount they putted there. Item just transfers into copper. (After it repeated once and other guy did same then item transfered into copper). So it would be good to add that player can't leave dungeon/game while bidding. But that'd be annoying if other takes too long, so best possible solution is that u can leave dung if u DID NOT bid for item that is currently on BID and u are sure u won't BID for next items that are left (if there's any). So if u BID for item that 1 gold and tried to trick other, u can't leave dung or game (like if u are in combat) so u gotta spend that 1 gold for trying to trick other people. There's 1 screenshot of what happened. Hope you understand, my English is awful ^^
  15. I've noticed this on BnS tree and it bothers me. Is Elemental (VT's) soul shield or this mysterious Tachun soul shield better for fire force master? I've tried to Google Tachun soul shield and nothing found, judging by it's picture it's from new upcoming dung ? Both Soul Shields give: 50% decreased cooldown of Phantom Grip & Shadow Grasp (at 8 full set) Elemental overall buffs Inferno, Snowball & Frost Tornado by 165% while this Tachun does it for 190% Tachun SS also gives 30% damage to Meteor Shower and decreases it's cooldown by 25% Elemental soul shield gives none of those. Tachun gives 20 attack power and Crit dmg 22% Elemental gives 15 attack power and Crit dmg 20% Tachun increases Mystic Fire and Mystic Ice dmg by 100% Element only by 80% Overall u can see both soul shields here: or here (picture) A lil bit confused bcs i never saw that Tachun soul shield. What is it and is it better for Fire PvE Force Master? Is it out yet or just to come or something ? ~Sincerly Straxedix