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  1. Character Name: Evankhel Server: Yura Short description of the loading screen: The clash of the hero and the dragon
  2. I know about the stamps lol I messed with it more and I had to alter it back to original I apparently couldn't send it bc it was custom
  3. ..but is there a way to transfer my custom pure white outfit from my alt to main? It says I can't mail it bc bound and I'd like to delete the alt but don't want to lose stuff I tried looking it up but couldn't find much
  4. it my boi sry for all the pics but he beautiful an old one lol ^ ... also... best for last .. *insert Owen Wilson saying 'Wow' here* WAOW
  5. OOHHH wow I'm blind! thanks :D
  6. "Outfit Delivery Stamps Whether you’ve attained multiples of the same costume, you have a ton of cute alts, or you’ve decided to change your main, Premium Membership has you covered. Every month you’ll be able to pick up a free supply of 20 Outfit Delivery Stamps via the Hongmoon Store, so you can send transferable outfit pieces to your other characters." I'm a bit confused by this.. it's kinda vague. How would we go about picking them up? I just went to get them but ended up buying them instead by accident :/
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