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  1. Server Busy = Out of Stock

    China was 1st and second, Fear no one won 2019 tournament. I had same problem with my reward, and more over I am from EU , on twitter was wrong time for finals so I got up at 3 30 am to watch as it was writen on twiter at 4 am CEST.... But no, finals started at 1o0 am... so after so much trouble I feel cheated on...Global code bethewinner was also out of reach, like last weekend limitedfashion code... why NC? Ban people that sell codes, I dont care, but give codes to ppl that waiting 6 hours for your event.
  2. New Idle Animations

    How hard is it to add 2 disable animation for premium , disable animation while idle?? I hate guitar ani of my female warden screaming like a Banshee and I wear full white outfit and weapon to have black stripes running after me... it is just ugly. Please, put that option to disable those effects,
  3. Ebondrake Lair, Irontech forge and Naryu sanctum

    Also Celestial basin , easy farming. But I agree, tooltip should be written on weapons.
  4. That actually worked, thank you so so so much.
  5. Same here, but I had to reinstall windows, so my premium service will go to waste...
  6. Update not working

    https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us But you dont have to update now, since people have problems , you will have to update at some point in next few weeks, as far as I can understand.
  7. Well, thank you very much for compensation, means a lot to know that you do care about players. To the ppl that are unhappy with this, you guys got a lot with those keys you bought, now seems like all of you bought keys for just that cosmetic and I honestly doubt that.
  8. Buying Stuff From F10 and Not receiving it

    I bought treasure trove expan. and all items just appeared in my mailbox, had same issue. Its lag , too many ppl are online.
  9. Silent night costume

    Please put it back in f10 for xmas, ty very much in advance!!
  10. Ingame Barbershop to change hairstyles

    Last fashion I bought was discounted Blood Raid fashion pack for 1 k NCoins , for my warden, and eye blindfold adornment is sooo glitched, I cant wear it with any hairstyle I have. Only Yunma Fei and Butterfly hairstyle fit, but we have some sheep hairstyle in HM store.... This idea is great, and also reconsider HM store hairstyles that are permanent in shop...