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  1. It says ncoin/hongmoon coin on the post, but it's only available for ncoin?
  2. So any update on the gold from the transmutes we're missing?
  3. @Hime Senior GM Drayg 6 hours ago Hello, Please note that our development team has already restored all the costumes there were removed during the 8/19 maintenance as well as the Gold used to transmute the removed Pet Pods. Please take note that, if you didn't transmute the Pet Pods that were removed, you do not get the Gold back. I transmuted hundreds of them and got 0 gold back, so your so called "development team" gave up on checking logs and just straight up lies to our faces now?
  4. I'm already in the other pub sipping my drink and flaming them from the safety of their well provided services.
  5. I ran out of things to cancel/refund a while ago, no, now is not the time to stop, now is the time to hunt them down.
  6. Return the transmute gold cost? You're kidding right? What about the millions of legitimately obtained soulstones and legitimately obtained gold that was used to buy pets off the marketplace? The transmute gold cost is the least important thing, give the materials back you criminals
  7. Give me back my hard earned materials you lawless criminals, thieves, robbers
  8. They removed pet pods as well even if you had used your own legit hard earned gold and soulstones etc to make them and gave nothing back, just absolute monkey fest, rollback would have been a better option than ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ everyone over like this
  9. Why would you let people upgrade for a price and then increase the cost immensely? You're supposed to decrease the costs not not increase them, none of this makes any sense
  10. One would think they would at least get one patch right in four years and not make it a complete clown fiesta, but I guess it's too much to expect. How is it even possible for them to not see that players already abused this and still go through with the changes screwing over the majority of the playerbase.
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