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  1. yes this information should be in patchnotes, guides and ingame upgrade paths. and ctrl+i is very buggy: - enhanced equip isnt available - it doesnt connect your enhanced equip to the non enhanced version, you have to select it manually - many path materials are wrong or empty ("item desc")
  2. they make it even worse: the new accessory enchantment reduce by 2-4 levels at failure...
  3. weapon size depends on hand size, but more options are welcome. all raid items become account bound some time after a new raid, maybe they forgot. safe buying from f10 is intended to not be a thing. maybe to encourage the players to spend real money themselves. but i agree that it has to be implemented. these should also be addressed: - get the kill reward when you are in loading screen instead of no reward but still being locked - dont lock players from dungeons when the boss is killed before they can enter (cold storage, heavens mandate), just lock th
  4. the game is bottlenecked by singlecore cpu speed, not pcie bandwidth... am4 has pcie3x16 or even pcie4x16 for your gpu, but usually pcie3x8 should be enough. and ping has to do with the network from your pc to the bns server. so decreasing the distance and hops is the best way to decrease latency. please dont confuse others.
  5. use the available ingame sources of information: - item info: exchange/process/use/aquired from (new ways not always updated) - ctrl+j rewards - ctrl+i paths - f11 class ranking - faction chat - clan if thats not enough, go to: - https://bns.academy - https://bns.life - https://discord.gg/bnsrecruitment most things will take much time if you dont want to use real money.
  6. i bought the new pvp amulet (pve amulet is currently out of reach) and then i noticed that my pvp weapon doesnt have a slot yet. since it also has mystic, i could put it into my pve weapon and later replace it with an pve amulet and put it into my pvp weapon. is this possible? i dont want to try it and waste the amulet.
  7. the game needs a fast ssd and a fast cpu. while loading it can use more than 16 threads, while gaming only 4. it can even run ok on an integrated gpu but the cpu needs a high clock rate. the 32bit-client has better performance/loadtimes, but it will crash after a while because of ram usage (bns needs more memory than 32bit allows).
  8. i knew the mechs from the past and ran the new version once (with strong experienced players). it was a waste of time and i will never run it again. just give us the easy modes already! people who want to have a challenge can still run normal+hard modes.
  9. in every thread where people ask about removing the requirement to do pvp you come and repeat this nonsense. pve is so easy, every pvp player can do it on the side. if all you want to do is pvp without farming then do 1v1 and 3v3 only. pvp is hard, because for one to win, someone else has to lose. to get any ranking rewards (>1400) you have to have a >50% winrate... to get fusion stones, you have to be top90, meaning everyone else who "isnt lazy and plays 1 match pvp a week" doesnt get any. i myself know what im talking about
  10. the question on how much time is spent on pvp didnt say if per day or per week. and i think there should be a bit more differentiation between main and alts and why and how much we are playing alts.
  11. why do you remove vials and packs? let us spend the remaining currency like always!
  12. i was once afk at koldrak (thats the one where you get better rewards when you deal more dmg, so i did the others a favor) and someone reported me. then i was warned by the gms that this is against tos and i get banned if i do it repeatedly.
  13. seems like it was unintended, because it is already fixed.
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