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  1. first do all yellow+purple+orange quests and nothing else until the orange ones send you into raids. check f10 for free stuff und buy all of it, one of them is needed for the event. at the bottom of your inventory is the dragon express. on the last tab are the current event related items. you need to do certain quests to buy the keys to open the boxes. do the weekly and daily challenge, the weekly raids and the other daily dungeons in f8. later you also need to go fishing. but as a totally new player you wont open all boxes because the requirements for the keys will be too hard. nevertheless all items you can get will buff you very much and without the event you would need many weeks/months to get them.
  2. Blade & Soul: Forgotten Souls Events Preview

    maybe they just want to sell those sealing items. do the event with your main and then send the items to your chars who really need them.
  3. New Players

    check if you are logging into the correct server (na/eu), the launcher sometimes forgets the last configuration
  4. Time flies yet nothing changed

    yes, they indirectly make money from me, when i interact with people who use real money (buying items from them, giving them the satisfaction to kill me etc). thats why i ask them to stop doing that, so i also can stop doing it indirectly. if they cant stop spending, then of course stopping to play is the other solution.
  5. Time flies yet nothing changed

    nobody needs to boycott the game, but boycott the publisher. just stop spending real money on the game. thats the only language a publisher like them understands.
  6. Hunter’s Refuge Event Zone Preview

    do you mean like this or like that?
  7. ok i have to explain it more slowly: imagine every single player is able to run everything and still has some open spots in the team. guess what? there is no single player left who is buying any raid, because they can run it easily themselves! imagine every single player is able to win arena. guess what? the winrate is 50% for everyone! only luck decides their ranking and hm coins are fairly distributed. you can only be at the top when there are many others that arent. and it is easy to stay at the top when it is hard to reach the top. ...or just put money in it...
  8. but you understand that you can only sell raids because people are buying raids? and that you are top ranked because others are ranked lower? if everyone was able to sell raids, nobody would buy. if everyone was top ranked, nobody is (ranking would be random). you can talk about how easy it is without spending real money because you are already at the top. doesnt matter how you got there but everyone else can only catch up (except for arena) by spending real money which is pay2win.
  9. My first whale experience

    the issue is not having bad luck, it is having bad items when having luck.
  10. Cannot remove uniforms from inventory

    i have the same problem. i "solved" it by putting them into the premium storage when there was 1 week of free premium. maybe the gms can remove them when you write a support ticket.
  11. A Quick Update From Nico

    it means validating the input and calculating damage on server side, which is exacly what i was saying. or what is processing and checking then? the client is only for taking input and showing the results of it. the processing must be on the server (for security reasons and for every client showing the same thing).
  12. A Quick Update From Nico

    lets hope it stays this way and i dont think other games do it differently. it sounds like you want to calculate damage on client side which could easily result in speedhacking etc. you should never trust user input! that doesnt mean that the combat system or basically the whole client-server communication cant be optimised. edit: after reading again i think you mean using udp instead of tcp, which really can improve network performance.
  13. unpopular opinion but...

    easy "fix": only search for people in region chat
  14. pve dps difference

    easy to spot: look at the pvp scaling of your skills. my force master has all 1.00, but some on my archer are 0.20. that means these skills are considered 5 times stronger when they have to be decreased by 80% to be balanced in pvp...