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  1. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    i played some 6v6 recently before the patch as a fire fm with low-mid pvp gear. sometimes i killed someone, sometimes i got killed. now as a lighning fm i deal 0 dmg (pvp modifiers are at 0.15-0.2...) but i get onehitted every time. very rarely im lucky to find someone with even worse equip than me to deal a little dmg. im having so much fun to run there and then resurrect right after i arrive.
  2. i recently started to do some battleground pvp and of course i should lose against pvp veterans with their full pvp gear. but the matchmaking is stupid. that pvp ranking number whatever it is called starts at 1300 but doesnt go lower. and it seems like the winning team doesnt gain many points, so i can lose several times in a row and still get the same opponents (or sometimes im lucky they are put into my group). easy fix: let us lose points to go below 1300 and use this number for better matchmaking. like the average of one team must be the average of the other team. maybe it is already like that but the average currently cant go below 1300. i should have maybe 800-1000 so the average of my team should be much less than it is now. why even is that number 1300 and not 0 when it cant decrease?
  3. Bruderschaft ab 150

    is schon bekannt:
  4. die englische sprachausgabe is schon bekannt:
  5. ich schreib es mal auf deutsch, da es evtl nur im deutschen client so ist: bei der 3. spezialisierung vom gewaltenbändiger (fm 3rd spec) sind im fertigkeitenbuch (k) die fertigkeiten, talente und einige texte auf französisch. bei waffen/schmuck sind die fertigkeiten teils deutsch/französisch, bei baguas komplett französisch. zusätzlich ist wie bei jedem großen update die charakterinformation (f2) kaputt: wenn man einen gewaltenbändiger mit der 3. spezialisierung anschaut und auf die fertigkeiten klickt, gibt es mehrere anzeigefehler. die aufwertbaren fertigkeiten, das icon für die spezialisierung und alle talente fehlen.
  6. Enough is Enough

    the location of the bns server is here: ping it in any terminal (like cmd) and compare with the ping of bns ingame. then come back and enlighten us with your newly acquired knowledge.
  7. by the time the unreal engine 4 rework of bns is finally done, ue5 is will be out:
  8. i once played around with a keylogger on my own system, they can also screenshot every mouse click. having to click with your mouse still prevents keyboard-only keyloggers. the randomization and different colors should exist to make it harder for auto login programs (=bots).
  9. hi, today i found a really nice spot in ebon realm and started autofighting. when i checked later i found somone else on the same spot autofighting. i play a ranged class (fm) that can start attacking at 16m. the other player was a melee class (sf). i watched us both fighting and was very surprised that my character never attacked from 16m, it always ran to 11m and then started attacking. strangely the melee char always engaged first because my extra walking for 5m is wasted time! i think that this was made for balance purposes, but it just reversed the balance. (yes of course i have 25 points in speed and no of course i dont pk)
  10. first do all yellow+purple+orange quests and nothing else until the orange ones send you into raids. check f10 for free stuff und buy all of it, one of them is needed for the event. at the bottom of your inventory is the dragon express. on the last tab are the current event related items. you need to do certain quests to buy the keys to open the boxes. do the weekly and daily challenge, the weekly raids and the other daily dungeons in f8. later you also need to go fishing. but as a totally new player you wont open all boxes because the requirements for the keys will be too hard. nevertheless all items you can get will buff you very much and without the event you would need many weeks/months to get them.
  11. Blade & Soul: Forgotten Souls Events Preview

    maybe they just want to sell those sealing items. do the event with your main and then send the items to your chars who really need them.
  12. New Players

    check if you are logging into the correct server (na/eu), the launcher sometimes forgets the last configuration
  13. Time flies yet nothing changed

    yes, they indirectly make money from me, when i interact with people who use real money (buying items from them, giving them the satisfaction to kill me etc). thats why i ask them to stop doing that, so i also can stop doing it indirectly. if they cant stop spending, then of course stopping to play is the other solution.
  14. Time flies yet nothing changed

    nobody needs to boycott the game, but boycott the publisher. just stop spending real money on the game. thats the only language a publisher like them understands.