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  1. learn mechs or wait for the next event to get the items for free or buy them in the itemshop.
  2. Terrible game design: Nyraka

    you can check the battle chat for when you died and why. i play with max settings (only turned off motion blur/depth of field) in 1680x1050 window mode and i have 20-40fps inside that zone, rarely below 20. im always on auto-combat and the thing i hate most is that the terrain isnt flat, because of that my directional aoe skills dont hit the mobs.
  3. some more results: most dcs happen while porting/entering a portal. the online time could also be a factor, because currently im all day afk farming in the event zone and then i often get a dc when porting to another zone. this dc issue is still ongoing: yesterday there were 4 dcs while raiding, one of them was mine.
  4. Did they secretly nerf merchant spawn?

    please put such changes into the patchnotes, not as they are currently: and i didnt see any merchant since that update anywhere.

    what developer lets users edit files on their client and not verify them on the server?
  6. i wanted to do the 6v6 dailies and then in the middle of a match the game froze, so i had to kill it. i then joined just in time 5 seconds before we lost. later the game crashed in the middle of a match (which happens sometimes when im alt-tabbing out of the game like this time). i restarted it and couldnt join, because i was dead. then i got a penalty for "leaving during the matching process"... so i had to waste 5 minutes watching a countdown. and i dont get it why you guys are talking about my isp. i quote myself: "in every raid 1 or 2 got a dc." thats not me alone, thats many people including myself. you dont see these? well maybe we all have the same isp: unitymedia (recently bought by vodafone).
  7. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    some more info: the missing 6 charms (or maybe i alreadyhad a key but only saw it after i entered this one): (always check and and for keys)
  8. new whale event

    we hate both, because one doesnt hurt without the other. you are not forced to use the system, you choose to do.
  9. of course i play on the 64bit client and network error means dc, not crash like 32bit clients which exceed the ram limit. maybe you play on north america, but on eu there were dc issues last weekend. like i said in every raid 1 or 2 people got a dc (not only me) and that is no exaggeration. also like i said there are no issues with my connection because anything else is still connected. like games that immediately go to the login screen when the internet is disconnected for a millisecond. i recently checked my installation files because there are some issues with the german client (and i reported them in the german forum). since then im playing on the english client.
  10. in the last few days i saw an massive increase in disconnects (dcs). in every raid 1 or 2 got a dc. today i got 3 dcs so far (while anything else on my pc is still connected like other games/streams). the biggest annoyance is, that the stupid game dies after a dc, which goes like this: - dc with a small popup (network error or something) - game closes itself - kill the game with task manager or otherwise i cant start it again (error: game still runnning) - start the launcher: loading - login: loading - select europe server, because it often defaults to north america - start the game: ultra long loading (ssd usage: 0%, cpu usage: 5%) - second password, accept tos, select char: loading - reenter the dungeon/raid: loading - run/teleport from the beginning to the spot where the others hopefully wait for you - say good bye to the dynamic quests from before the dc or the quest progress if the others werent so patient other games do it like this: - dc with a small popup and the login behind/below - login: loading - you are back! maybe you have to run/teleport to the spot where the others are waiting (no patience needed)
  11. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    i played some 6v6 recently before the patch as a fire fm with low-mid pvp gear. sometimes i killed someone, sometimes i got killed. now as a lighning fm i deal 0 dmg (pvp modifiers are at 0.15-0.2...) but i get onehitted every time. very rarely im lucky to find someone with even worse equip than me to deal a little dmg. im having so much fun to run there and then resurrect right after i arrive.
  12. i recently started to do some battleground pvp and of course i should lose against pvp veterans with their full pvp gear. but the matchmaking is stupid. that pvp ranking number whatever it is called starts at 1300 but doesnt go lower. and it seems like the winning team doesnt gain many points, so i can lose several times in a row and still get the same opponents (or sometimes im lucky they are put into my group). easy fix: let us lose points to go below 1300 and use this number for better matchmaking. like the average of one team must be the average of the other team. maybe it is already like that but the average currently cant go below 1300. i should have maybe 800-1000 so the average of my team should be much less than it is now. why even is that number 1300 and not 0 when it cant decrease?
  13. Bruderschaft ab 150

    is schon bekannt:
  14. die englische sprachausgabe is schon bekannt: