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  1. i was at lvl62 and got that 4750exp for logging in. (i needed to do csc5 to get any exp since the breaking patch) i have done all soulboost quests except for the last primeweald one and all the solo dungeons and i didnt plan to do them. so i reached lvl66 for free.
  2. i just got to lvl66 by getting a new mission on stage 2: "accummulated 1 day of access" for 4750 points, was this intentionally?
  3. i want to do the event during event period which is still ongoing for 3 weeks according to the ticket description. collecting tickets and using them whenever i have time is a valid use case because they dont disappear after 24h. if there was no false information i would have done the dungeon in time as much as i could.
  4. thanks for explaining the error, but is there a solution other than bad luck, move on?
  5. exactly, total tickets from 4 chars. i expect official ingame information to be complete, correct and reliable. i dont care that the npc/quest is gone, but the ticket explicitly says to be usable 3 more weeks: "this item is redeemable until: 2022/7/5" there is and was no other way to redeem the ticket than by entering the dungeon. do i have to write a ticket to get my 10k gold?
  6. i collected around 100 tickets but didnt have time to use them until now. on the item it says it can be used until july 5th so i didnt have to hurry. the quest npc and the dungeon are missing at mushins tower. is it a visual bug or did they move them? where can i use my tickets?
  7. f5, f2 and maybe more are basically browser windows to web apps hosted on different servers independent from the game. this is f2: http://na-bns.ncsoft.com/ingame/bs/character/search/info http://eu-bns.ncsoft.com/ingame/bs/character/search/info (the broken images of items are caused by 403 errors...) and this is the only thing i found for f5, but i dont know how to use it: http://na-bnsmarket.ncsoft.com/ http://eu-bnsmarket.ncsoft.com/ maybe that helps with debugging
  8. nc just understands one language: money. if you players want them to change anything, stop giving them money.
  9. at the last boss of nykarri hall of trials i get very high ping in the last phase when he jumps to the mid (14ms->200ms). all my inputs are ignored, i just see some action of the boss but no health bars move. first time i was solo and the game disconnected after around 2mins. just now i was with 3 other people who killed the boss in that time and it was hard to get rewards because again my inputs were ignored. it finally worked and after leaving my ping was down to 14ms and all lag was gone. another game that was open meanwhile had no ping/lag issues.
  10. when you talk about finding dungeon/raid groups pls always mention server, faction and time. i play on eu server in cerulean faction very late at night (between the last 2 koldraks), on weekends additionally at afternoon/evening. i do my dailies in f8 with lfp only, sometimes solo. i do my weeklies by standing in front of a raid and wait for someone from crimson recruiting in region chat. sometimes i just apply to people currently entering. when im in, i recruit in my faction chat. it seems like i have to wait longer each week, but i get it d
  11. this works for some people: finish csc 5
  12. it seems like you have to finish chaos supply chain stage 5 to get any soul boost points, before that the meter doesnt move
  13. oh that is a cheat? i always thought that i lag or it is just another minimap bug. now i can report them all and i hope they get banned.
  14. regularly check steelseries https://games.steelseries.com/home and alienwarearena https://de.alienwarearena.com/forums/board/438/contest-and-giveaways-global (maybe you still need to lvl up your alienware account to get access) this one is currently active: https://de.alienwarearena.com/ucf/show/2163368/boards/contest-and-giveaways-global/Giveaway/blade-soul-glittering-wonders-pack-key-giveaway
  15. achievements to be able to buy the accessory chests also arent updated, no chance to finish them when there are no more subtratum/aerodrome stages...
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