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  1. why stop at using a macro only to fight? just use the macro for the whole game! just sit there and press 1 button and the macro plays the game... well you programmed a bot. macro users are cheaters and should be banned!
  2. 3) make it hourly and spread it over the whole day (=24 chances to join each day, maybe set a maimum how often you can get the chest) 4) autokick after 30 seconds of not dealing any dmg 5) make it an f8 dungeon for 6 people to lfp without any time limit (hp lowered to 50%, individual reward chest)
  3. we play the game to get better, to do more in less time, to get more/higher rewards in less time. buffing all content just invalidates months worth of my progress. taking more time to do something = less rewards per time. oh and they removed all loot from the "easy" bosses too... is it fun to do a dmg rotation and you see 5% hp gone from a boss when you finished that boss before in that same dmg rotation? not to me.
  4. casual players do 300 runs of a dungeon in 2 years, not in 3 days. before the patch i could do many more dailies with my main and my alts in the same timeframe, now i just skip my alts beause it takes too much time. there was a cta event with a real easy mode before where almost everyone could solo every dungeon (and the dungeon list was much longer than now). i could run all normal modes solo up to cc in few minutes, now the few dungeons in easy mode in full party take much longer. the game isnt a fulltime job. the game should be entertaining and fun. the eas
  5. you have to abandon it and do it again. this bug is because you accepted the quest before the ue4 patch.
  6. some new things after a few days: + ping seems to be improved (now it shows the real server ping instead of the strange bns ping, but some say they do more dps because of that) - skills changed, party buffs replaced with strange skills that seem to do nothing (what is breaker? or thunder spear?) - sparkle on some textures, like the floors in silversteel laboratory - boss attacks are often clipped below the ground where you cant see them to evade, like at koldrak - favor and fortune quest must be abandoned and accepted again to be able to finish it
  7. i can confirm this. decreasing effects quality/display my effects/display others effect also increases fps and i recommend to disable bloom and especially motion blur
  8. i usually play at late night and then i ran 7 daily challenges on my main (the solo ones up to cc) and 3 on my 3 alts (koldrak/cs or hm/mushin). i like some things of this patch but i dont like several others. i dont know yet if i want to continue playing because it takes so much longer now. + textures look nicer + only 5 quests are needed for complete daily challenge + escape-menu is clearer + performance seems to not be worse (yes this is a plus) + expanding inventory is cheaper + loading screens are faster + koldrak no longer pulls for t
  9. i dont think it is necessary to post more affected chars, the issue is now known and we are just waiting for the patch
  10. ok so it seems to be the event soul "moonlit soul" with stages higher than 1 which causes the error
  11. there are some chars online who have the soul, so it is not the issue
  12. is there an issue with certain items? i got the salvageable event soul in inv from last event on that char
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