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  1. Becouse it costs 20 TT wings to transmute which is an endgame item -> not able to mail ( to avoid being crafted on alt and sent to main) its becouse of the TT wings
  2. Even whales dont get faster response faster than one day most of the times so relax and be a little more patient... this instant crying in eu comunity drives me crazy and for the ping part, DE server has confirmed better ping/ ingame ms than jinsoyun due the server being way less crowded . Its confirmed by several friends who transfer DE -> jins server before its around 20-50+ more ms than on their previous server .And i can relate it cuz if i play friday afternoon/ evening my ms is 100-120 or if i play monday 2 am my ms is 40-50 so how crowded the servers are definitely makes effec
  3. im not gonna lie i saw mythos 7x in 150 keys while the other 2 outfit not even once, then i did on other day 200 more keys i havent seen a single mythos but the other outfit 4-5x
  4. All you complaining how much more elysian you need to use and that moonstones are easyer to get, well for endgame gear you need around 4500ms and barely even 1000elysian so think about it once again
  5. i honestly thing you are just whining in your tickets about pointless things which makes no sense for EXAMPLE'' why nerfed daily gold quest'' if your tickets are on the level of this one i honestly understand that they ignore. im 100% sure if you send a ticket with a real issue they wont ignore it
  6. The actual reason why you might feel there is a lot gunner becouse its strong as an alt, but in endgame gear belive me there is not so much of gunners i do my dailys always on f8, i think i havent met any full vt gunner past 2 weeks meanwhile FM-s i see atleast 3 -4 evey day most of the recruits i see “need reset multi dd example” im myself endgame max geared gunner, and i got asked to join raids i think like 7 different raids since 2018 even started becouse ppl telling me its hard to find an endgame dps gunner and they just dont have any, at low level dungeons yes i agree there is many becou
  7. Light sin is #1 dps currently followed by wind wind kfm #2 third is fire gunner 3# and 4th shadow gunner 4# Fm is pretty much at the bottom
  8. thats not true that only happens if your game installed on hdd or a trash ssd but since i installed bns on a M.2 Ssd (3+ gb reading speed) since that i have never had any micro lags or mini screen freezes While ago i was playing on a fx8320 and the game had pretty bad fps aswell 30-50 but then upgraded to an ryzen 1600 and now the game runs 75+ fps smooth anywhere even in raids but the micro lags stayed , then i got this new ssd and havent seen any micro lag since then and well i have an hd7970 which is quite old like 6 years now and 16gb when i check ram usage is always above
  9. i noticed that aswell i saved up a lot chest i opened 2x700 chest so total 1400, the first 700 i got only 1x 100 gold the 2nd time i got 2x was saving those chest for 3-4 months the luck is pretty same as 100g from the daily :D
  10. If you think this game has much buttons then you never played any other mmo where it has over 30 to 40 keys to use bns is one of the most simple keys and if this is hard for you probably new to pc games should just go back to console
  11. Your post makes no sense and after all seems like you have no clue how to farm moonstones i get around 30 ms evryday and i get atleast 150+ a week and im not even hard farming.. im just running big 8 + cs/hm and like one hour f15 a day i spend only 3-4 h on game so either dont come with the option you play 12 hours a day and well f15 takes 3-4 min each run with a 100% ms you can get 20 pretty easy within one hour .. and sometimes the daily gives more but i i dont see any problem to farm them at all if you a bit more into f15 farming you can get pretty easy 100-150 ms ONE DAY w
  12. I guess you are just undergeared for it thats why nobody want join your party
  13. Hello guys, since u guys know not so long ago we have got the Green gem which is Hp recovery/critcal defense for pvp but when you make it a tri gem crit defense becomes hp recovery or its bugged? https://imgur.com/a/F3LWb so is this a translation bug or the effect really changes?
  14. Your mobo sucks , i had same issue with a little cheaper pc my fps from 91 fix dropped to 20-30 changed mobo and i never had fps drops ever again and my pc is only 1100 € (also i have AMD)
  15. all they had to do is to put the event on a not map like yeti.... since they annocened this map gonna be event i knew there gonna be afkers would be better solution if they just put different map
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