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  1. Is it just me or is Gunslinger just really strong?

    In silver maybe, gold+ gunner doesnt last longer than 2 seconds if you think its that strong how comes there was not a single gunner in top 100?:D also now dec 6 ranking reseted but there was only around 13-14 gunner to managed to get gold ranking in pvp and none of them could go higher than 1716 , meanwhile there evry other class up to 1900 so considering those facts and personal experience gunner is low tier pvp class :P 1.8 sec floor 100 and 2 seconds yunsang thats why they pve class
  2. shadow gunner: how to manage focus

    Never use tripe shot combo as opening, you start with 4-holding darkshot- F keep this rotation until your soul effect is gone then you can put the dark mark (thats simply becouse puting dark mark on the target while soul is active is DPS LOSS (KR tip) also use moonshine only after your soul effect is gone.. soul is enough to keep up your focus at the same level
  3. shadow gunner: how to manage focus

    Just keep track on your soul timer( you dont need reload when soul is active) also with raven you get a lot focus back at last stack of raven happens almost evry 30 second on gunner and dont waste C (most of gunners open with C , is very wrong, C is for focus only opening with C while your soul active is just wasting ) use it when your soul is cd and you need focus i have managed dpsing already for minutes already without using a single reload if you keep good timing on your buffs, also i dont even have BT ring so i get that once would be even easyer but a little tip what u can do for sure is use reload when u pressing 4 :) the animation simply just dissapears you can cancel it all the way, i dont have single element accesroy and my dps is around 220k and when i see other gunners with raven9 and element accs doing 160k is kinda dissapointing how ppl dont know the way to play it but the best tips i could say is reload while 4, watch your buff/soul timers
  4. I have got the same problem i got it off from f10 opened in mail and i wanted put it in my inventory it just dissapear so my jackpot is now like "in air" somewhere and relog did not fix it
  5. Is it just me or is Gunslinger just really strong?

    Very wrong, fire gunner has highest burst yes but in any raid the top dps class is still FM gunner is stronger with less gear than other classes but endgame still FM/Sin are leadinng dps gunner is third on dps list also about pvp again wrong , gunner is low tier pvp class its mostly for pve you barely will even see one in pvp tournaments
  6. I had this problem on my Amd setup but my drops were stronger like 60 fps to 5 then back up again i managed to fix it with underclocking the cpu then my fps was stable 40~ then now half year later i changed my mother board only and now my fps is fix 91 evrywhere so take look in your motherboard first also i hope you are using 16gb ram becouse 8 is not enough the problem is 99 % in the motherboard or not enough ram
  7. Xanos Hands patch 55 rewards

    Well im a new player aswell, my gunner is 3 months old and i have never played bns before and i cnt complain at all, getting gear in this game is super easy compared to other ones and its not my problem if you cnt run daily ns , but stop qq then . its not my problem you are not able to chill while farming i was always talking with some friends/ listening music if i was bored i just stoped... thats it , and no i havent said i want farm evry single accesory for months,just the bracelet is the only one where you have to put effort in it which is pretty acceptable for what it gives , i got all the rest of my accesory in rest than 1 month Im 1,1k ap gunner with raven 9 in like 3 months with litelary doing just purple train doesnt even take 2h/day Also why do you even bother about new dungeons new patches if you dont even have the requiments for it aka bracelet? the new 6 man dungeons will need 200k min dps / you should not even bother running it without bracelet so stop saying "we have no time for it cuz stuck in ns" and the new patch is pretty new player friendly anyway with all the free stuff, events and price reduces you are kinda one of the type ppl who i see daily on faction chat "LF vt raid" with 980 ap and has nothing more than baleful 12 with destiny/oath acc you have to put some effort in your gear to be able to run those places, like evryone else did before you. And yes there are p2w players but you should focus on your own gear not on others.. And also its not so bad that the ppl playing more on their classes while getting gears, half of ppl doesnt even know the right rotation.. know some ppl with 1,1k full element accesory and have dps of 90k that happens if you just give out "gears for free" which is honestly ruining the game 3x more than being stuck in ns
  8. Xanos Hands patch 55 rewards

    Its seriusly annoying when people crying over the bracelet drop. Im actually happy that its not easy to get it its almost the only one accesory that you have to do some real work for, ppl who whine they mostly want eveything for free... ppl run it 10 times and want to have evrything already?no seriusly stop wanting evrything for free if you cnt stand grinding just dont play mmo .. i farmed my bracelet for 2 months i killed xanos 137x for my first bracelet ppl should really stop wanting for free thats the reason evrything gets nerfed and im nearly able to solo DT already with 150k dps becouse whiners like this . Start grindig and not crying for real..