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  1. I trying to make my week quests and the weekquest saying to i enter in some orange dungeons i read the letter and did the quest for this dungeons, but still not showing on my dungeon finder list the dungeons i talking about is dawn of khanda vihar, fallen aransu school and snowjade fortress how i put this dungeon on my dungeon finder? sorry my english, not my main language
  2. I stuck in this quest when i click on the quest icon dont show where to go how i finish this quest? i attaching a screenshot
  3. i making a main quest named broken vow and i need to climb a wall and i dont know how do this the wall have some gold foot steps i tryed run on this foot steps but not working how can i clib this wall? here a screenshot of the place: https://imgur.com/a/r9Oqi sorry my english
  4. but this method envolves luck i looking for a method without luck do you think is possible making 200g per day?
  5. hello im newbie on blade soul i have a lvl 47 character and i make low money, i want to earn at least 200 gold per day do you have any farming tips? i found some guides on web but is outdated, not working thanks, sorry my bad english
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