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  1. The points I stated were simply an answer to your "Gunner only have damage as their good point". As it's clear that Gunner actually is better than other classes in more fields than damage. Also, no idea what class you thinking about when you say gunner is not most mobile class; But I believe it should have been obvious enough that Gunner is infact most mobile with those E. And I don't mean that Gunner shouldn't have highest DPS. They are meant to have that. But the amount of damage they can do right now is extremely high in comparison to other classes.
  2. "Why nerf gunners?" Because they have: Highest Burst Highest DPS Highest Mobility Broken in 6v6 Way too many iFrame spam in a row Alpha Call Extremely Easy to Play No focus issue throughout level 1 to level 55 HM25. This game don't revolve around gunners. All classes must be equally viable. Having one class superior in almost every terms compared to other class is a bad design.
  3. Don't use E. Some dungeons trigger an event when your character passes through a certain part of map. If you use E to skip through it, then the event is not triggered.
  4. 1) You can get the Igneous and stuff from Skybreak Spire. However that raid is kinda hard and you must have ~1K Ability Power unless somebody carry you. 2) You can get Taikhan's skin from "Shattered Masts" dungeon. Usually bid on it is low and goes for ~2g-3g max maybe. Alternatively, you can buy Taikhan's skin from Dragon Express for 5 Solar Energy. P.S. You get 4-5 Solar Energy every day by completing "Daily Challenge".
  5. Slightly off-topic, but what do y'all mean that HMCoin can be used to purchase everything except Premium and Hammers? There are literally tons of stuff that cannot be purchased with HMCoins.
  6. Gotta love the community. They will find a reason to complain and cry no matter what NCSoft do. Some pretending as if they only bought premiumship for Wardrobe. Some are raging how "We paid over $2k for 10 Rank and we only get $24 worth membership extension?" As if they spent the money to buy rank, and not for the items they bought with it. If NCSoft would have followed RU Server's premium bonuses, they would rage "omg so p2win... now im forced to buy premium to be viable omg you suck so bad NCSofbrudneud". And when they decide to not g
  7. Hello, I've noticed that ever since the last patch, the announcement which says "A Dynamic Quest have started" now no longer happen when the event starts (Boss spawn etc). However, as soon as the quest is COMPLETED, that's when it says that a Dynamic Quest have started. I know that it's not much of an issue and don't affect gameplay but I guess for new players it can create some confusion and is kinda feel annoying to stay like this.
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