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  1. Roles of a warden

    1. You shouldn't have to spec many points in threat or any at all if your skills are specced for threat anyways. You should try to estimate how many points in threat you use based on how much damage your party members do. In RSC the damage gap between you and your party members shouldn't be too high so I guess about 5-10 points in threat should be fine. As for the party member you mentioned, if they died because they got agro from the boss consider investing more points in threat. Otherwise it isn't your fault it's on them that they died. 2. Correct! Blackwing/BW is a buff that comes your VT badge which is always wanted in parties. 3. You should use your soul burn (or solar flare if you wanna get technical) when you can because of the blood stacks you get from it. Ideally if you have BW but your other SB party member doesn't you should be the one using your buff over theirs. Otherwise if you both have your VT badges it doesn't matter. If you have a warlock in your party they should be specced for time distortion rather then soul burn since that's a warlock-exclusive skill that's really helpful for certain classes.
  2. DC when enter dungeon from lobby

    I tried reconnecting but I'm getting a "Server is under maintenance" error. This happened to ALL my clanmates as well.
  3. Dungeon roles!

    As a gunner typically your role is 1) DPS the **** of whatever boss you're fighting and 2) Use alpha call (AC) after soul burn (SB)/blue buff (BB) to reset their cooldowns. Depending on the dungeon there might also be some mechanics that need to be done so you should know what to do or not do, regardless whether you're actually doing them or not. While you are a ranged class, it helps to know the attack patterns of the boss of the dungeon you're running just in case you end up accidentally taking agro (which you will likely do as a gunner). However, if you have a competent tank you can usually bypass this.
  4. Looking for an honest review/opinion

    I'm in agreement with SilverFoxR's post on all points, especially on the community, Nowadays people will scoff at your AP if it isn't high enough while ignoring your other stats that contribute to your damage, such as critical rate and elemental damage. The most effective solution I have for the more toxic side of community is to join up with a friendly progression-based clan who are willing to help out newbie members. If you get lucky, they won't just carry you through the harder dungeons but will also teach you the mechanics and the does/don'ts of them. They would also give you answers for your basic questions on what gear to upgrade, what skills to use based on your class, and help newbies finish off the 10-run achievements to get their legendary accessories. These are just some of the ways progression clans can help out new players who undoubtedly confused on everything BnS has to offer. Of course, you need to find one first! As for June 20th content, keep an eye out since they'll start releasing more information when the date gets closer. They usually have streams before the patch date showing what exactly will be part of the patch. Otherwise you can try looking for translations from the Korean side of the game to get some insight.