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  1. Sorry one little questions what's is RNG and MSP?and there is any guide which accessories get and where? And what about the soul shield? Which are the decent and the best?
  2. Jejejeje well maybe I was wrong but for that I came here, what is the hard part? Get soul Shields? Or what?
  3. I have been playing for one week and the game is really good but in the last year seems like everything change a lot and I'm not sure what to do when I reach lvl 50. First I think "o well the endgame is upgrade your hongmoon weapon to the best " but later I know that the best weapon is given by the main quest line, so I'm a little confuse right now what I can do at the end because the "best" soul Shields and accessories seem easy to get as I read. I'm a pve player mainly and I like to kill bosses for better equip to go against stronger bosses that challenge my power XD.
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