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  1. I actually stopped playing Blade & Soul since they "reduced" element/jewel prices with these "alternative mat options".. I haven't logged in for literal weeks now. I've been playing Blade & Soul for over a year, but I refuse to play a game where the Devs basically give you the middle finger & make things HARDER then before, for the sake of some cash.
  2. I would agree with you, but if anything, it would make BnS loose players. Don't get me wrong, I love Blade & Soul, but people would slaughter it in reviews with "p2w" and "the Dev team doesn't care/always screws up" comments.
  3. SF is a dead class for MULTIPLE reasons. Its a shame, considering its nice to have in raids, etc.
  4. LOL, vote to kick? Sure, and get vote kicked for petty stuff, or when legendary drops happen, or right before final boss, sure.
  5. I've mained Summoner for 11 months, almost a year here soon, & there's no way on earth that you can expect me to take this topic seriously. Not to mention that a few months ago, you could STUN LOCK AND 100-0 their cats in literal seconds, with nothing being able to stop it, before skill changes. People complained then, and still complain now, its sad.
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