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  1. yea, helps lot if 1 player from group how to dungeon works.... Dungeon is complete retarded anyway. its suppose be fun not fu.cking annoying as fu.ck. Anyway im done with this game unnstalled already.
  2. I cant manage? did i say i dont manage this dungeon? no. All what i see ppl keep dying in this dungeon repeatedly and also posting about it in forum/game chat. You are just another keyboard warrior who trying to be smart at everyhing.
  3. you have zero knowledge about my skills nor my knowledge. also there is no proof that many players like the event.
  4. Nerf the event or delete and give everyone compensation for wasting time for this complete ret.arded supply chain dungeon.
  5. Good for newbies then. But i meant "1k" dungeons those 12 players. Did u know why TERA died? because everyone wanted only "skilled" players do do dungeons newbies basicauly died off.
  6. Idont care how it was before. If new players cant get even 6 slot weapon how they suppose do dungeons if they cant upgrade weapon. let alone those dungeons what require "over 1k ap" with weekly/daily challenges.. I feel like quiting already after 100 narya sillver rng fails for light weapon box.
  7. I have same problem, game just fails so badly in many ways. Favors specialy old players. newbies get trashed. better go play bdo, Oh wait bdo is complete RNG/p2w.
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