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  1. What is the point of this gold oil?

    The oil is kinda decent for Aransu/Stormdragon 3 to 6, but tht's about it
  2. Fish Network Treasure Pouch

    People really were expecting to get pets from that? I even said it on reddit: you will get green charms 95% of the time, its a massive waste of time and you should be fishing just enough to cover the costs of the event items
  3. Im absolutely NOT against people using macros, i give 0 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤s honestly, play however you wish ~ but as someone that used to play Ragnarok Online on Battlemode with 36 hotkeys, and also WoW with a similar number of keys depending on the class: no, there's no real limit to how many keys a human can press In BnS, i see macros more like a "support" thing, because of the horrible ping and performance limitations, but if performance was excelent and ping wasnt an issue at all for anyone, and they still need macros because they can't press buttons (let alone in PVE!!), they are just bad as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and should uninstall
  4. 1- They even use BnS buddy on their own STREAMS, you can tell when they show loading screens and such 2- WoW has had competitive PVP for years, and WoW has macros in game, you dont even need addons, so, dunno about that part
  5. Why dont you just upgrade your current accesories, and then swap to 3rd spec? With the free jewels from the event, and a bit of gold, i managed to upgrade both BT accesories on my 4 characters, and on my BM, i just swapped when the event came out Is it really that hard?
  6. Stats got nerfed and NCWest is refusing to talk about it, that's your compensation right there
  7. please put patchnotes in-game

    TIL double clicking on the firefox icon to open the browser is "a pain and kills the mood to play games" Jesus, people these days ~
  8. Psyches and slots being lost upon sealing was mentioned everywhere, but people can't be bothered to read the damn notes, or anything for that matter That's why you see tons of the same ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ questions every 5 minutes in faction chat
  9. I can't find the post because the search function here sucks, but it was mentioned that dragonflame jewels only worked on "existing" accesories, and that you wouldnt be able to use them for 3rd spec ones You can always use them on the previous ones and just switch when its at 10 tho
  10. Adding event quest to daily challenges

    When Koldrak was part of an event it was added to the daily challenge as well
  11. Bracelet Specialization Switching Clarification

    Can we get a revert on the bracelet for us who salvaged AND leveled an Starbreaker/Divinity foolishly thinking you wouldnt lie about stuff AGAIN like you did with the White Orbs/resets/DSS? so we dont have to go through the chode that is farming hong? "For Blade Masters and Kung Fu Masters, Legendary Stage 10 or Awakened (any level) Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, and Rings can be evolved to the third specialization through Manage Equipment with a Spectral Blade Emblem or Iron Claw Emblem. These can be purchased from the Dragon Express for 5 Naryu Tablets. You can swap between specialization accessories with the specific specialization emblem from the Dragon Express." NCWest does it again, we gonna come with the "ups, miscomunication" excuse again?
  12. BnS Showcasing

    Having Liinxy showcase every single weapon skin and every single outfit on ever single race AND genre (thank god there's only 2 in game, like its meant to be) was a chode and waste of time during streams You can just check them when the patch arrives on your showroom Some people are more exited for class changes more than everything, and you dont see them complaining because those are never, ever, ever showcased on streams
  13. ET badge exchange.

    Because the content is months old already Also, Legendary Mystic Badges are spec-specific, you can't "test which one is better", you simply equip the ONLY one for your spec
  14. Anyone that thinks "vote kick gets abused" never played WoW ~ i played it for years, and its one of the things i'd LOVE having here, solves many problems also, if you load SOOOOOO slow that you miss first boss on EL (the twins dont even count for the quest), NS (have to clear plenty of trash mobs first) and HH (plenty of trash plus a pretty long road) you should consider playing a different game A bit over 1 year ago, my PC couldnt handle the game and i would either, took super long to load or crash, i had to uninstall and come back a year later after i got a decent PC, do the same instead of forcing everyone to wait for 5mins for you to load (not even taking into account the time it then takes you to reach the boss)
  15. Recently switched to Starbreaker Bracelet, and i noticed that One Strike, Ten Cuts doesnt deal any extra dmg during the Bracelet effect I asked around and i got told that maybe its just the first hit (which would be extremely crappy) but hits go by so fast that its imposible for me to notice The skill description doesnt have any green text stating the bracelet modifications either, like every single modified skill on the classes i play shows (SF, WL, Warr, and BM) Can anyone enlight me here? is it a bug, is it really just the first hit?
  16. Blighted Harpy...

    Only 1 thing i'd ever complain about the Harpy: 1- The desync that causes you to get hit by the dance eventhough you are clearly outside of the circle, but shitty servers are to blame here
  17. Daily quest gold nerf

    what? last time i checked, shattered masts gave like, 2g for the 3 quests combined
  18. That's so ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing absolutely wrong They've been recently doing these shitty events that include Kaari's dynamic (this is the 3rd or 4th, can't remember), since about september from last year? and it's until now that some entitled pricks claim that it means "both bosses"
  19. Unity System is currently locked by Heaven's Mandate, Cold Storage, and TROVE Heaven's Mandate and Cold Storage are locked by TROVE because they nuked all our orbs Heaven's Mandate and Cold Storage can also be reset, via Ncoins Are you really this dense?
  20. Awakened Threat

    I hate the new threat (Warcry) as much as the next guy, but not for the same reason as (apparently) everyone I dont mind pressing Block + Whateverbutton (it's not the same for all classes) because i can do it at the start of the fight, and lasts for 3 minutes, and in that time, i'll probably have to block another kind of attack OR use HM Block, or anything, so, i'd have to drop my stance (it's even less of a problem as Warden) What i dont like is that i feels weak as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ~ i find myself losing aggro plenty of times now, which rarely happened before, it's supposed to be 200% i think? but feels like it's waaaay less
  21. He's visiting every thread saying the same things, defending NCWest, he's probably an staff member alt account Just ignore all his comments
  22. Nobody gives a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ if you are happy bending over, rest of the population doesnt like that Also, you can't do CS' first boss for "lesser ammount of rewards", 2/3 of the event currency is locked at Kaari and Jinsoyun's DYNAMIC quests
  23. talisman keybind

    yeah, it's part of the combat system for skills to replace each other, but it's dumb that they must be used with the same key It's not about "not being able to use the other skill because it's replaced" it's about them sharing the key For example: SF's Howling Blast shares a key with Ressurection (switching according to your stance), i dont mind if the skill is replaced upon switching stance, but let me choose whatever key i want for each one ~ (i've been ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed over by my ress plenty of times when doing my rotations because it's too close to another key and my finger slip'd ~ not even funny, but this was just an example)
  24. my friends quit bns

    HM/CS is currently locked to Trove, how isnt that P2W? And you know those are the only source for the Unity System stones besides TROVE? Come and tell me you can farm 1 orb A WEEK via daily challenge rofl
  25. Great, now we can do 1 out of the 2 EVENT RELATED DUNGEONS on 1 single ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing char Is this seriously a joke? Also, a reset? what we gonna do with it if we DONT HAVE ANY GODDAM ORBS? stick it up our butts? ffs.....