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  1. I was thinking about it too! Me and my boyfriend playing and i would love this ingame, it would be awesome! WuW
  2. Thanks all i have 5 runs 5 to go :3
  3. Hello all, wanted to ask is it worth playing sf? P. S. Want to play gon race but don't know which class to choose from, need help xD Thank you in advance :3
  4. Hi all, i wish there would be all costumes, accessories, hairstyles in hm store, not just few costumes, we should be able to buy any costume we want in hm store. For now i can only open show room and dream about when i will get to buy the costumes i want. P.S. Sorry for bad english
  5. So true, why they even want to do like that, that's frustrating, people want costumes but can't get it because it is not available at the moment, would be better if they made all costumes available at the F10 store.
  6. I wish that yura hair would be on the F10 store cause it's frustrating.. With other outfits too. I wish there would be alot more costumes to choose from. What so you think guys? P. S. Sorry for my bad english ^^
  7. Hey all, want to ask what i should know about bns? I mean gear, trading, outfit drops,system and other stuff cause im new to this game and i want to know more about it. thanks in advance^^ sorry for my bad english ^^
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