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  1. Warped Citadel Guide

    So, what are the mechs for the insta death chicken? Cause that one is seriously more of a party breaker than any of the other two in any low dps parties, which you will sometimes run into.
  2. There is literally another chat specifically made for party recruitment, so I believe that it should be completely blocked in the other chats (the faction one in particular) to avoid the swarm of recruitment requests in supposedly social channels. I mean, it's pretty much next to impossible to chat when every sentence is followed by 10 party requests, while as things are right now, I don't think that people will ever stop using the faction chat to do this unless the option is forcefully removed. If the change is followed through, a quick notification saying that "party requests may only be sent via the recruitment chat", would be more than welcome. Could also give the same treatment for trade requests, maybe giving them their own tradechat, or restricting them to the region/channel chat.
  3. Party recruitment should be blocked from factionchat

    @Crimhare Custom chats does sound kinda neat too.
  4. Party recruitment should be blocked from factionchat

    @SilverFoxR Yeah, I definitely agree that it's not as convenient to only be able to join requests near your region, but well, if a brand new global recruitment chat isn't made, I still think that it's better to settle for a obligatory region chat instead of leaving things as is. I mean, if everyone can only recruit via the region chat, you could expect a big enough traffic, that you might be able to go to whatever area you'd want more or less whenever you like and at least find 1 player that is recruiting, so it wont be too bad. The sooner the recruitment swarms are dealt with, the better. They have already harmed the social aspects of the game for long enough, while it's kinda redundant that people are sending requests on 3 separate channels to party (faction, region and dragonspire), no wonder things sometimes go slow when the ways the players can join are so split up. But yeah, a global chat would be ideal, especially since you could recruit people from both factions without a regional restriction.
  5. Party recruitment should be blocked from factionchat

    It is easier to make a dedicated channel for party recruitment well known, because all that would be needed is an auto block function that is triggered whenever a player sends a dungeon link in the wrong chat, followed with a notification that informs people of the appropriate chat. To make a new, social global chat would take much more work to advertise, since there is no direct way to push players into using it. It might be used eventually, but not many people will know of it soon enough, especially not when it also has to be manually enabled.
  6. Party recruitment should be blocked from factionchat

    They do exist tho, otherwise the faction chat wouldn’t be used at all. Also, you can still link dungeons on region chat. You won’t be having any where as long waiting time if everyone used it. And if those links are blocked outside the the region chat, then no one has any other choice but to use it, switching the traffic there instead of the faction chat. Call it weeb chat or whatever, it’s still way better than spams of links, that makes the game seem as dead as a desert.
  7. Party recruitment should be blocked from factionchat

    Said notifications should come everytime someone tries to send a dungeon link outside accepted chats.
  8. Party recruitment should be blocked from factionchat

    Then how about using the region chat instead? The main point of my proposal, is that I'd like to exclude recruitment requests into dedicated channels, so that the more social ones wont be spammed with them. If no other existing channel besides the faction one is open for enough people for linking dungeons and such, then you could say that my suggestion is more along of the lines that I want a new channel for it, and that dungeon/raid links should be blocked outside of said new channels (tho maybe give a free pass in private and region chats). In either case, it should come with a notification, so that players will know that they have to use the specific chat(s) for these links.
  9. Hello, fresh new player. Just struggled to level 40

    Honestly, for as much veterans want to rush new players to simply reach the end game, I would actually recommend against it. Because although there are indeed a lot of end game content, there is also quite a few dungeons and areas made of mid lvl players... Dungeons that are only challenging if you play them as the written level, but become piz easy once you hit the end game. So instead of trying to rush to the top, just play the game at your own pace, and do the quests that you have available. Most event items will return eventually, so there is no reason to race with everybody else, dont be afraid to explore the game outside the seasons events and main story.
  10. Hello, fresh new player. Just struggled to level 40

    More challenging? Doesn't the bosses fight the exact same way with about the same stats as before? A lvl 40 boss may be creamed if you fight them as lvl 50 obviously, but the higher their levels are to yours, the more effort it'd take to knock them down. Thus, doing dailies and/or side dungeons that are at least the same level as yours would be recommended if you want a chellenge. Some side quests are also necessary to unlock more dungeons, although due to the low rewards, it would slow down your level progression by a bit. But hey, it would make the game seem harder.
  11. Hello, fresh new player. Just struggled to level 40

    From my experience, this game is either best played solo or with friends at the beginning. Random Party play is only really fine when dealing with daily quests or raids (would be too easy and uninteresting otherwise) The story is fairly interesting, but the challenge comes from the side dungeons and post story quest. Any dungeons entered via the storyline are made super easy so that just anyone can breeze through it, although some may not only be more difficult when entered normally, but may also come with a hard mode once unlocked (Yunsang is my favorite boss). Otherwise, the more epic fights comes from the PvP arena which you can enter once lvl 45, while there is also some neat Shackled island mode which is basically a free for all that most people can participate in within some time intervals (although it’s mostly crowded with end game players, so you can expect to be screwed a lot). There is also open world pvp for people wearing faction uniforms, but unless you want to ineffectively kamikaze into a high level players or harass newbes that are simply farming prestige points, it’s a mostly dead feature.
  12. It's not very challenging if all the difficulty relies on Boss' durability and timer alone. All this is a damage check; Got enough dps to cheese him within timelimit? You get rewards. You don't? You get nothing. It'd be different if he had some new mechanic that forces the player to actually strategies around his moves, but he is so simple that you can ignore it 99% of the time. All that HP does, is make it take longer time to kill him, while the timelimit simply makes it impossible to win unless you have a certain amount of dps. It's the cheapest type of difficulty, the type that doesn't take skill, but rather time or money, if not a bit of both.
  13. Boss Enrage Timer - Make them available 24/7

    I really think they should change it back. It's pretty annoying to spend over an half hour fighting an otherwise easy boss, only to then get creamed just when about to finish them off.
  14. Boss Enrage Timer - Make them available 24/7

    Maybe they could just change how the enrage mechanic works? Like, instead of it being a guaranteed death, have the boss simply hit harder by each second overtime (maybe with a 10% increase per second?). Will still force the player to have better understanding of their class and etc, but it would at least make it viable for slightly undergeared players, thus allowing more to participate.
  15. about race change voucher

    As for why I keep posting in related threads, I just want it to be included
  16. about race change voucher

    This race change voucher is a total rip off. It's more expensive than the character alteration voucher, yet it's use is so much more restrictive that it won't work for over half of the character classes. They should either change this voucher to allow class change so that there is more of a reason to buy it, or sell a class change voucher so that there is a chance for a double sell. Also, believe it or not, making a whole new character is rarely an alternative for altering a trait of an existing character. To make a new character would involve (if doing it for free) starting the game from scratch, while to do it with the lvl 50 ticket would involve paying 5k NC coins, with corresponding gear but not as many achievements (assuming you are not a newbe). It would also involve having to come up with a new name, and it would take up an extra character slot unless you decide to delete your previous char. People who are willing to delete their own chars are rarely willing to buy extra character slots , so that shouldn't be used as a reason against a class change voucher. But in the other hand, people who are willing to have more than 1 or 2 chars might still want to use a lvl 50 ticket, even if they decide to change the class of an old char. Cause while a class change voucher could definitely revitalize an old char that you have gotten tired off with a change of play style, some people will still like to have more than 1 single char at the time, especially if each char get to have different races, names and appearances.
  17. Issues with the Gon Race

    Although I agree that Gon are the most "complete" beauty, I gotta say that I find the fishnets to be a minus. It just looks so cheap and crude, blocking the view of the bare skin to an extent, but without showing the smooth lusciousness like a nylon/leather tight fabric would.
  18. Issues with the Gon Race

    So... there was no build slider a year ago then? Cause it pretty much increases the max and minimum size, can very easily make a yun more well endowed as well as tone down the gon's proportions. The Gon's "torpedo breasts" can for the most part be fixed by changing breast height, -width, -size and also by changing the torso size to make it fit in general. The upper body will also look more natural when you adjust the torso according to the waist, pelvis and hips settings in particular. The Yun's breasts will look bigger if you not only put max breast size and height/width, but also change the torso + max build, while the legs also looks at lot less crooked (and appealing) when the build slider is set to the max (especially when you also change the thighs and lower legs accordingly). A smooth skinned body is a lot more attractive with thick curves, after all. Also, Jin got the best face (mostly cause of them lips), would place Gon as second and Yun as worst (don't like the overly long nose bridge, eye height nor the duck shaped flat lips). Lyn also got a pretty nice looking face and neat hair styles, just don't choose them in general cause they are too "underdeveloped" in the places where it matters the most. Which is a shame, cause they are the only ones with the option to go full cat girl.
  19. Stupid Death Walls

    They seriously need to remove these death walls. Can't tell you how many times I have died because my teammates decided to attack the boss before I passed the entrance of the room (even when I'm just like 1 meter behind). It's especially frustrating because the wall is usually invisible till after I have been killed by it. The fact that it respawns you to the very beginning of the dungeon, forcing you to backtrack (probably with you being unable catch up to your party in time) is just pouring salt to the injury. And I gotta tell ya, the salt is real when it happens in a daily dungeon, cause then it pretty much means your party finishes the dungeon without you, and you will be unable to do it again until the very next day.
  20. Can't store these weapons in the showroom

    I'm unable of storing Oblivion weapon despite it being in the list.
  21. Crafting outfits with transmute option

    So basically, these transmutations are not worth it then... Not only are the consumable materials expensive, but the chance of success is also smaller the higher quality the item. Guess NCSoft must be really desperate in getting money, so they made an intentionally crappy system so players will just quit and exchange NC coins for more gold. The fact that very few quests rewards anywhere close to the prices given, only makes it more obvious.
  22. free outfit stamps?

    so you can only buy 20 of them every 30 or so days?
  23. Ingame Barbershop to change hairstyles

    Something that would also be neat, is if this hairstyle change option, also enabled some new set of colors that aren't available in character creation. Either by some new color pallets or by a color slider with the whole spectrum to use. Would be extra neat if it was applied to the eyes as well.
  24. Ingame Barbershop to change hairstyles

    They should definitely do this. If not via a barber paid with gold, then they should make s cheaper voucher (preferably somewhere between 200-400). Id bet more people would be willing to pay at a higher frequency too.
  25. Class Change Vouchers!

    Yeah, because we all know that asking to change the class of an existing character for NC coins, is the exact same thing as creating a whole new character with a different name, race, appearance, sex, class + new gear (most of which are sold in HM store separately) all for free.... SMH (Just for anyone wondering, yes I'm the same person as above, just forgot to change account back).