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  1. Our region sure is hanging on a thin thread thats for sure. Never before have the population of this region been this bad. Not even back in 2018 when the game had a big dip of xx amount of people leaving. Yes yes people that play daily and think ''still many that play dude'' ye thats not my point. My point is the game keep losing players. And don't get any new players. And the new people that actually manage to try the game past the story, they leave right after they see how much they have to grind or pay real money to catch up to new content. Yeah they can do old content but they w
  2. There is a simple answer to this. Bcz NA/EU Don't have any staff. Everything is manged from KR. If a major bug happens, will na/eu have to wait for kr to fix it. Or send a patch (Can take long time if they even care at all) We still have bugs in the West version of bns that Kr fixed long time ago but ''forgot'' to fix on this side of the world. Also things like, season pass, soul pass, F10, and so on. Are also ''orders'' from KR. If kr finally says ''sure you can have season pass'' Then and only then will we get it. And the 2 people that still work here in NA will say ''oh o
  3. Dude you missed the point completely and started talking about something else for some weird reason. No one here care if someone spam a dungeon or farm exp. The problem here (And i can't believe i actually explain this) Is that people download 3rd party software, and with that software are they modding the game and changing how it behave, making them getting advantage over people that play with ''vanilla'' launcher, Here are some examples of what you can do with multitool / bns buddy. • Remove load screen • Make you load faster in Arena. • Remove cool down on dragon pulse.
  4. Bns Buddy is still a third party software tho, witch make it against tos. What do you mean ''don't put everyone on the same ship''? If you use something to get advantage over someone that use vanilla launcher you cheat. I don't see why or how someone would try defend that? This whole ''dude i only cheat a little, let me do that ok'' I don't understand that logic. Yes the game suck, and the devs are bad, and the game have bugs and so on. But thats how they made it. A Bad company. Having to use or fixing the game with a 3rd party software just so you can play a online game.
  5. Ncsoft west gave up on the game long time ago. Even our own community manager is glowing with her ''staying away from the game'' She haven't answered to @'s in over a month now or on direct massage. But players are like ''i will give the game one more chance / only one more event'' Literally hundreds of people have stop playing this event. Big clans are dying bcz people stop log ing. And some ''whales and addicted people'' Only play on raid days. The game had its run, its been 5 good years. But it seems like it finally hit the end. When you have to spend 10-15 min to find
  6. Yup it is. And it will probably lead to even more people stop or quit playing. The game already took a hard hit on player base.
  7. Its a matter of jealousy and envy. ''omg i spend ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ load of money/time on my character and can only burst 50 mill'' Now this new class come and ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ on me and my progression in the game. Time to complain about it so literally nothing get changed. Thats the logic here.
  8. Bcz 80% if not more of all players use Xml and Gcd. And don't you dear tell them thats the reason. Bcz you will get 5 pages of reasons on how its their right to use it and why its good for them to do so. But if you use a little bit of logic and think of it a bit. Kr have x4 servers, if someone use xml it won't be noticeable probably. NcWest have x1 server. Now with that math we take some assuming numbers just to make a point. That NcWest have around 2-3k players + Alts. When koldra happens, almost every player do it. And right after they killed first dragon they log their alts
  9. Tbh thats just a cheap excuses. If this take you 24h to read then yeah i can understand why you miss things. Just admit instead that you don't know where to look for information. Starting on October 13, 4:00 a.m. PDT / 1:00 p.m. CEST, all servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 4 hours. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance start. Please note the following changes during this maintenance: Lamps (Antique, Pristine, Wishing) and Armory Chests no longer share the same cooldown Tower Trader Kangcha now lists the Custom Bea
  10. Nah not exactly correct. They listen to most things yes. But kr actually want us to have some things and NcWest tells kr to remove it again. Example things we have in dragon express, exp charms, transmute items and so on. NcWest like to live in 2012. And are probably doing this bcz they are short on staff and have no way to help players if something would happen in-game. Kr are already tired of babysit West region. Yes i know what i talk about bcz i actually talk with people that play and live in kr. And get info from their forum and chats. NcWest deliberate push back patches for so
  11. Or how players publicly ask on reddit and discord ''i need help installing bns buddy / multitool'' and ncsoft just look the other way. What other mmo game would allow that? Public show and tell make guides about xml and gcd. And again ncsoft just ''Oh look here instead''. So maybe you can see why i am skeptical if 20 ppl got banned for farming exp. When 80% if not more use xml and gcd bcz they don't know how to play the game, and ncsoft don't care. @Shiro
  12. * Except they didn't remove all loot from easy * Where do you even get that from?
  13. Whats your point tho? you are not suppose to do 300 runs in one day either. yes you maybe could solo a lot before ue4. But thats not how the game was ment to be played. and they finally fixed it. Why would anyone want to solo something in a mmo game. Why even play at that point? And don't give me ''its faster'' Bcz if you gonna do everything that is faster then don't even launch the game. You waste time the same second you log in. Like you said bns is not your job. Its entertainment and yet everyone act like its their job with. Cmon dude, faster, hurry, move faster, pls, time wasti
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