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  1. @Xzard Read your original post, if you did say about removing it. And NC Soft has to care about the whales because its whales that helps pay the bills that keep the game up and running. And whales will always have impact on the economy as I explained before... It's just like the stock market. Release an uncontrolled rumor and things can go from being good to bad...
  2. In addition to what others said, I want to point out this. "Normal" players (F2P players, etc.) won't be able to keep up or level gear that fast anyway even if they were given things out for half the prices they are currently. In addition, they would still make it easier for whales to upgrade their gear then. However, as this was about what @Xzard tried to say about removing the 5 million XP charm... NO! It will not be removed because it isn't something you need to get or even need to use. It is just something that allows you to go a bit farther faster and I don't know of many whal
  3. Like @JoannaRamira stated, you need to access it via that or F7 server side dungeon searcher. You can not use F8/Cross server to get HMs for EC/NF/DT anymore. And no one spams it because most people just want to finish the daily and get the event token reward as fast as they can. And since they can clear if fast via F8 why spam server side. If you're on Yura, you might find a few doing it. But on Zulia you definitely won't at least not since the change, I've seen no one doing HMs for those three dungeons since.
  4. @Oldmenn Thanks... and it worked for me too.
  5. To be honest, all DCs shouldn't be anything more than killing the end boss of whatever dungeon it is. But the way the game is currently, Shattered Masts' DC is like doing only the first boss of Naryu Sanctum or the first boss of Dawn of Khanda Vihar and saying you completed the daily or weekly... Seriously... if that was all it was, then anyone that is even 900 AP or higher could just run in and kill the mobs and escape out and walk back in and kill the remaining mobs to complete the quest. No need to LFP or anything. I'll at least stay with the group and finish it with them even
  6. If you are on Act 4, finish the story completely... all the way through Act 8. As you go through it, you'll get Ancestor Soul shield, you'll even get a choice of the legendaries, and your full MSP soul shield set... etc. You will also get pinnacle weapon and ivorymoon etc that will help, and lucent accessories. Once you get your ability to choose black or white legendary weapon, if you don't get 6 gem slots right away... spend the 5 naryu silver at Grand Harvest Square (or since the update, think all naryu coin merchants have it now) until you get the 6 gem slots open.
  7. Like @Skyhaven said, the game isn't optimized. If this game was something like Far Cry 5 or something else, then maybe it would make a big difference. But this game isn't that sort of game, you can have a rig capable of running most games at max out settings like Far Cry 5 and still have massive lag issues in this game. And it isn't always the hardware, or your own connection that is the problem. I've noticing more and more it being lag associated with NCSoft's side. You maybe able to avoid the issues somewhat by using a ping helper like WTFast or PingZapper, but even them will still experienc
  8. Some people don't understand RNG... I guess.. gotten the ability to get Saving Lace now three times and in around 175 keys to do it. Not that I wanted it, sold one, and the others chose the Spa Day instead of it or some other outfit instead of it. Meh, Saving Lace isn't that good looking. However, this trove isn't that good towards triangular gems, but like I said its all RNG... you may not get it, but some others will have gotten it. If you play a trove event like this, determine if there enough good things that you will likely get that are lower on the list than the first 10 or
  9. Yeah and what if you want to fight the person on your faction, for something idiotic they doing. You can't with just faction uniforms... unless you change factions and lose your rank and all just to do that... :( Sucks...
  10. @Ulrezaj Yes, partly why if I'm not rushing something, I'll only group with others for things that I can't solo. If I'm in a rush, I'll either save it for later that day or run it with people to get it done faster... My issue with that though is that you have these people that will wait around for minutes on end, for AFK'ers or those that aren't even trying to load into the dungeon at all. It's down right upsetting and generally when I see that happening and it's at the first boss, I'll drop group and make another group that generally won't have that issue. Problem solved. If you really want
  11. They could make it where its less RNG for the crafting of the outfits. Not saying make it so you can get every single outfit quickly... but make it so that instead of a "Possibility to fail" it would be a definite thing that it would always succeed. Just have RNG dictate which one you get... so that way you still have to grind for it, but at least you wouldn't fail on all 10 tries and get nothing out of it.
  12. They may bring it back at some point maybe in a RNG box though... I'd like them to add more traditional Japanese kimonos and other outfits, especially since they are bringing the Lyn true nine-tail kitsune to the game as a customization option in character creation.
  13. ABOUT WHY IT STILL SAYS "ALREADY RUNNING" WHEN LAUNCHING THE GAME For your number 8, you have to forcefully close that XIGNCODE3 anti-cheat device of theirs to make it not say its "already running". Then you can log in right away with no delay. But if you want to crash out the game, close it while the game is open, closes your game instance and then you'll have to wait about 10 to 30 seconds for the you in-game to vanish to log back in. The thing, is that XIGNCODE3 anti-cheat device of theirs also doesn't close itself immediately after the game closes even if you log out and c
  14. Role of the gunner is only for Alpha Call skill. Them and their dps being so high is a detriment to the party especially when every gunner think they can burst an enemy down from 15m range and not have the boss move. Which it then jumps and hurts the gunner and any melee that the boss then jumps back to. Gunners need to be exactly like all other DPS classes, everyone on the same footing. FM gives no buff, just a nice party shield that rarely needed, and FMs can do dps too but they don't dps burst down at the same rate as a gunner. If you're going to leave a game because they nerf
  15. Ah thank you :) and yes I want the nine tails too, but don't like the new hair styles though may would want a pony tail on a female lyn, but it doesn't look right on the male lyn in my opinion.
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