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  1. I totally did not know this at all.... so that's why the shock jock outfit was for free in hongmoon store for like 2 secs?
  2. Photogenic Characters

    your jin is so cool! it is hard to see handsome male jins b/c there are tooo many female jins ;_;
  3. Screenshot best moments

    I love the first one and the third one!! :D
  4. Show off your characters!!

    since Yun happens to have pointy ears, i was trying to make her look like a fairy :3
  5. Show Your Lyn Boyss :D

    I cant have enough of Lyn boyssss recently X( I wanna see how everyone's lyn boy looks like (。・ω・。) I will start with one of mine
  6. Nature Lyn?

    I‘d love to make it but unfortunately i dont know how to upload pictures here X(
  7. Male Fashion Issues

    that's why I dont use male characters except for lyns (´・ω・`)