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  1. Will be fine to read everything omfg if on badge is written that if y have active buff (Red Moon) y will get flame dmg boost and it is not working then it is change of badge and must be possible to change it too. Still if y change badge or spell which is infict badge boost then it is almost ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing same becasue y will make this badge totaly useless.
  2. Hello, NCsoft developers changed few spells on BD and SF and therefore they got almost free change of their Soul Badge but they forgot on FM becasue change of Impact (no internal cd) and therefore old badge named Ancestral Soul Badge is now useless (they forgot active what they have written on this badge - Dragonblaze active Red Moon effect on 15sec which sould give you boost for Flame Damge but it is not working). I'm totaly pissed becasue of this therefore I want know when we will get possibility to change Soul Badge to different one becasue people still need Divine Grate Stones for upgrad
  3. Nice again they lied to us. I hope that will work when they nerfed rewards from dungeons quest (gold). There is no way how to upgrade equip faster for new players. Again GJ NCsoft you are always working for players - sarcasm
  4. Hello, I would like to ask if is real like this or if is it bug, because then is something wrong when Dragonblaze has 12sec CD only LOL (it must be correct like this: "Reduces Inferno's CD by 20sec, on a successtul Dragonblaze").
  5. Ppl are so naive that when development LIERS team give them 5g more they are happy wtf (price of RE were 20g before trove). In normal life if y tell to customer 6hours before contract signing that he will get something else what do y think that he will do.
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