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  1. So, the current Soul Boost ends 6 months after it came out. It’s given us amazing “catch up” rewards, it’s alt friendly, and it’s a replacement for the Call to Arms event. However: what are the devs going to do when it ends? If it’s anything like the call to arms, they’ll just bring it back after a month or a few months and the rewards will be like 10% better. You know, similar rewards but better late rewards, sometimes a new ring/earring and always a few stages higher of a weapon


    But. Soul Boost is so much bigger than call to arms and more time to complete. Here’s what I say: keep the event going indefinitely, kinda like the Oasis BDO “event”. Until such a time as a new soul boost would give worthwhile upgrades.


    What do you guys think? Maybe a response from Green Storm if we get this big enough? Or am I the only one who wants the event to stay?


    1 hour ago, Metatime said:

    Go into transmute and you can transmute a GC1. That's what I did. It kinda sucks they didn't just give us GC3 but this is the best atm. Before older players had nothing before they added that

    I mean yeah. But it’s gc1 not 3, which is still under the dungeon requirement, and requires 3 days worth of dailies for enough dust to craft that GC1. And that’s dailies while you have below the requirement to request groups to Do the dailies. I’m saying it’s a loop, not a good one

  3. So. Guess what I found out today? If you have an older character who you just kept up with the story on but had crap gear (Aransu 3 weapon), you didn’t get the free GC3 weapon from act 11’s first 6 chapters if you completed it before it was added in later.


    why does this mater? You literally can’t create a dungeon group without the GC3 minimum. And for the 3 days while you farm triple dailies, you’re a detriment to any group who happens to let you get carried. And that’s just to get GC1. I haven’t seen yet but I might have to grab some upgrade materials from my main to level it to 3 before I can use the free stuff they give for 6.

    What if that Was my main? What if I was a returning player and just got Boned because now I have to try and do cold storage and any dungeon with barely 1 mil dps or less, and when you finally get the GC1 you don’t even have any mats to get it to 3??


    Btw I put in a ticket, this isn’t something they can fix. Best solution I can think of is the box needs to be GC3 and probably cost a single daily worth of dust.

  4. Hey @Cyan Please note something in the new event chest stages: In the list of final total loot, it states "Imperial Necklace, Belt, Gloves". However, in the first stage box you get full of stuff, you start with an Imperial Necklace. (Btw, amazing, thank you SO much. Removing Mao farm from getting it, during this event, and instantly too cause of cost reduction, THANK YOU) 


    But like, does that mean we get it twice? or is that considered part of the initial rewards, and future box just gives a belt and gloves upon unlocking?


    Also, my tip for the new pvp/farm zone: Either just, REMOVE PVP (you said it's gonna have auto battle in it for farming purposes. Do you WANT people to be griefed while farming overnight? Would You feel good if that happened to you, wake up, see you only farmed for 30 min before character died instead of 8 hours) or at least do NOT allow any partying of any kind. If people are gonna grief, let them do it solo. not a lot of people will then, numbers-wise.

    Or. Actually. Let people grief if they wanna be douche bags. But if you're gonna have auto battle, might as well have auto-resurrect and Continue battling right?


    Also, last note for making this better: Make the box give True HM Heart. You give True HM Talisman, and Awakened Cosmic soul, great stuff! But Awakened HM Heart is LOW on value compared to everything else. Heck, i dont think people would mind if you told us "sorry, typo, its True HM Heart and Awakened HM Talisman" cause talisman much less important to reach that level compared to the power boost of a legendary HM heart.


    If the devs can nail the new zone, just a free farm area for event loot, this will be 100x better than last event. Put it behind you, keep doing good :)

  5. On 2/13/2020 at 11:38 PM, EasleyRR said:

    Well, basically most people do this to get oils... if we use all that gold to "fish" and "buy event currency", from 4 weeks of event, 49x4 = 196 = 2 oils -> better save the gold and buy 4-5 oils from market.

    i'll skip this event for real... even for premium members it's a must to fish in order to have enough to buy oils(main reward from it to me), imagine for players whose don't have premium annd r casual...

    Actually it’s 5 weeks not 4. Even worse! :P Thank you though for getting the idea. Only the hardcore can play the event because they have the money for that Much fish bait, but even if you want to, that means leaving your PC on constantly, and missing out on spending that money elsewhere directly.  

    can anyone tell me if ANY event in the past made you pay gold for the event currency not just time grinding?

  6. So I tried emailing support about this but they forwarded me here. Also anyone correct me if I’m wrong on any particular point. 

    Basically, the event currency, Dark Hearts, are going to be given out VERY stingy to most casual players. Why? Because to get the max amount, an account would need to spend 70-80(Pearl rng) gold....PER DAY!! And you definitely need to fish every day to get the most out of the event. The 49 Hearts per week from fishing will be more than the daily chest and weeklies Combined every week. Now tell me how TF is a casual coming on to do their 4 dailies, Raven raid, weeklies, supposed to earn not just 80 gold in a week, which is reasonable enough. But 80 gold in a DAY!  That’s like 2400-2800 gold just on the fishing currency alone. PAYING for event currency too is very unusual.   
    And this isn’t even taking into account, all the massive lost “opportunity cost” of not getting all the materials or even RNG chances for pet pods, instead of buying the hearts currency. Each heart costs more than a material bag! 

    Ok Ok, so how do we fix this? What’s the easiest, simplest way to change the upcoming patch to make this even Actually rewarding to all players? DIVIDE THE COST BY 10. Knock off a 0. 180 pearls per Heart. That’s it. Nothing special. Just let the fishing cost per day go from 70, to 7gold. Suddenly, casuals can do 1 daily and pay for it. There’s still the opportunity cost of loosing out on like 30 bags of upgrade materials by the end of the event. But it still feels much more acceptable on a day to day basis of grinding for the event. 

    Please upvote this, whatever, say a comment, give your opinion. We need a dev or community manager to see this!. I’m just trying to say the first thing that came to my mind which was: Um, is that 1800 a glitch? Don’t they mean 180?  

    Please. Make this a good event, check your code, take off a 0. That’ll be it, that’s all you have to do, at minimum. 

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  7. Title. Especially if you register for the pre-patch special packet for costume and items. Gunslinger one had a free character slot voucher if you registered, and warden release simply had one in the HM store for free (told us the same time they showed the registration rewards). 

    Not even a mention of that for the new Archer class, a pretty hype class. And I swear I remember getting a free level 50 (then) new character voucher some time since gunslinger came out, can’t remember when. Not having to level for days is Great :)


    what do you guys think? Can we get an NCsoft response? They can still add it to the HM store

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