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  1. 4 runs and all frostburn orb streak, no neck So yea, it's fking RNG, stop making up those rate of yours. This topic has been way more retard than what i can endure, lmao. Peace out.
  2. First of all, even BT drop is not a guaranteed loot, have u ever seen a person trying to get fire earing for the whole 2 months without any luck? Its called RNG, and its in any MMORPG, not just BnS. Therefore the fact that the boss in VT either drop badge material or necklace is a given. Secondly, you want an END GAME CONTENT to be accessible without pain, without time spent nor any wipe? That’s basically what you mean right? Correct me if im wrong plz, if it is then i think you should consider quit playing any MMORPG. Finally, i read the whole topic for a 2nd time, and what you have
  3. Im speechless :rofl: People like you are the reason why this game is dying, lmao, cribaby everything and wanna be spoon-fed. Such joke, lol If Ncwest does take this topic into consideration, i dont see any reason to play this game anymore, lmao
  4. Dear NCWest, In this uprising situation, I would like to give you some pieces of advice - First thing, dont stream anymore and said unnecessary thing ;) - Secondly, dont pre-announce anything, just follow TW and KR, look, no1 complaining anything, problem solved. People will start crybaby again, i know, but believe me, you have to brace yourself and make this move, lmao. Be a d!cktator, that makes u a good leader, leading the community. Goodluck NCWest
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