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  1. - When will F2 be fixed? - Johnatan said UE4 will be released within 2019. Can you confirm that please?
  2. Can't find people for Shadowmoor hm

    Hello, I tried recruiting in faction chat, discord, F8... nothing works. I just want to do newest dungeon, Shadowmoor hard mode, but it's ridiculously hard to get people/group. On some days in F8 there is only several groups for it during entire day. When I finally get into group, someone has to go after few runs, and then it takes hours to find another group. Dear BnS team, please check number of people who recruited in F8 for The Shadowmoor hm, and tell me if you would agree that it is a problem.
  3. Add Surrender option

    Would be very helpful. Towards end of game, sometimes difference is so big that everyone can see result. Playing after result is obvious is not fun, just waste of time for everyone involved.
  4. Utility of Piercing in PvE

    I would like to know if piercing stat is useful in PvE, and if so, how much % of it should I aim for (in other words, how much defense bosses usually have). Please post any confirmed information, and include source; Or post your personal tests, with short description how and where testing was done.
  5. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    As for PvE, I didn't see summoner being OP. KFM gets decent once you get bracelet. As for competitive PvP, I have no idea. As for silver rank PvP, I agree fully. KFM can't beat summoner as long as he is pressing cc and iframe buttons, in any order whatsoever. KFM revolves around CC-ing opponent and hitting single enemy that is standing in front. Because there is no way to lock on target, summoner moving behind the cat works much like iframe.
  6. Cant buy ncoins with paypal?!

    I had same issue. Support told me it is caused by "Risk Management" feature, and they CAN'T fix it or tell me when "Risk Management" is gonna unblock my credit card. You can buy NCoin codes on Amazon, Offgamers or SEAGM.
  7. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Can you please make it 14 gold? When you announced it will be exchangable for powders, people rushed to buy it, and price of Radiant energy went much over 10g. It doesn't affect me much, but I know people that will lose many hundreds of gold because you lied to them.