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  1. Piggy lyn army

    rip my nickname there on the left
  2. In last few days I'm having the samme issues from 16:00 to sth like 23:00 having 250 ping instead of 95
  3. 7 days premium?

    That is wonderful.
  4. 7 days premium?

    I read the patch notes and all I could find was 15g for radiant energy. Ncsoft changed their mind about 7 days premium for all radiant energy buyers?
  5. Dungeon combat bug

    We all know it too well. It's been a problem since I started playing this game, probably even longer but will we ever see this fixed? U can't use windstride in dungeons and ur whole party is in combat, easy to get out but nevertheless it's annoying when it happens 2-3 times a day. In shattered masts before last boss jumps while having 1hp the only method to not get into perma combat bug is to either have luck or some kind of dmg prottection turned on in the last second before the cutscene, if u fail with that gl clicking exit.
  6. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    They probably just swept this shitstorm to this very thread just so they can ignore dealing with it.
  7. Instead of responding to all the criticism they decided to censor all of it #ncsoft at its best.
  8. New Merchant of Wonders

    ncsoft alt account trying to hide all hate threads be like
  9. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    If it'll hurt their statistics they will go like 15gold instead of 10 but that's about it, scammed all the way.