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  1. I expect them to continue the story but by the time new raids etc. release it might differ cause i dont think the mobile version will get the raids etc. Do they care ? You are new to BNS in a whole ? i think ive seen ur name here alot you should know they dont care about how the consumer feels otherwise they would ban cheaters, wintraders and actully work on some issue the game has.
  2. I am 100% sure we will still get new story etc. The mobile game will probably have a different story than the PC version in the long run i think but again i highly doubt the Mobile version will actully be released here in NA/EU. They announced several things by now: Console Version in 2017 (no date named), UE4 Version in 2018, Some BNS mobile Spin off which was some kind of gacha game (they decided not to release it afterall). I might just be salty cause of their management but if they announce stuff i want them to actully release it.
  3. I havent looked it up but you sure it will be released ? to my knowledge they refuse to use Google playstore and if they release it on any different shop i doubt it will have alot of players. Dont worry nothing will change. The PC version keeps getting new content till no one plays it anymore. In KR their Mobile games is released since 2 years or something and they didnt stop bringing new stuff to PC. Also its a mobile game this is completly different to the PC version. Controls will suck and their Cash shop will include pay to win like youve never seen before in BNS. Kn
  4. If you are HM 30 and dont know how to draw a line in first boss of NS then something is wrong with you. You simply had a really bad group. You can even rez charm all bosses in Naryu Sanctum you dont even need mechs but if you join a randoom group they will leave to fast. Thats why people are asking for far more AP than NS needs. 2.3K in EU is normal for NS normal mode cause even if people are to dumb for mechs they still can rez charm and dps is enough. As i mentioned above i do agree NS needs a nerf cause of how long it takes to complete considering the rewards you get from comple
  5. There is no such thing as knowing how a warlock feels like if you dont play warlock. My Warlock is an alt but there are seveal more issue about Warlock than any other class. In PVE their DMG is outclasses by most classes i can only think of Summoner having worse DPS and their only reason for existence is gone since Warden got released. In PVP its the only class with 100/0 matchups (trust me i am very experienced in PVP) Warlock simply cannot win against: Kung Fu Master, Blade master, Blade dancer, Archer, Assasin. There is no other class with such matchups the 2nd worse
  6. In total i have 3 PCs in use: 1: I7 9700k + RTX 3060ti + 32GB of DDR4 Game installed on SSD it starts pretty fast but well i use 32bit. 2: I5 2400 + GTX 1050 2GB + 16GB of DDR3 Game ist installed on USB 3.0 Device and plugged into USB 2.0. Starts in about 5 Minutes with 64bit. 3: Pentium E5300 + 4GB of DDR2 + GT 530 1GB Game is installed on a really old 500GB HDD game starts in around 8 Minutes 64bit again. The only way 20 Minutes is normal is if its some HDD from 2004 or whenever SATA started to become relevant. I have another 80GB HDD around if i install the game t
  7. If you read the thread you would know theese people complain about the dungeon being to long for what it gives. They are not complaining about having to do mechs. 15 Minutes per run (with a decent group) times 100 = 1500 Minutes which is 25 Hours of gametime and even then you do not have enough scales (unless you bid on them) or cores to get ur Bracelet. Personally i agree to their statement but a nerv would automaticcly mean no mechs etc. aswell so id like them to remove first two bosses instead it would reduce the gametime aswell. Another way would be make scales drop
  8. Even the slowest 2.5" drive should be faster than my USB 3.0 on a USB 2.0 slot so it has to be something else.
  9. Can you please also write down what PC specs you have ? 20 Minutes is weird thou cause my 2nd PC: I5 2400 + 16 GB ram and GTX 1050 2GB can run this game from USB 2.0 sure the loading screens are a bit longer but its not near 20 Minutes maybe 5 Minutes.
  10. I am not sure if we are talking about the same one but you probably mean the one from the "community contest". Thoose outfits are usually not comming back. I can only remember one community made outfit being avaible twice. The problem here is probably that the creator has to get some of the money too and there is a reason BNS is still not on Steam to this day. NCwest dosent like sharing !
  11. Hello, i just wanted to write about it since no one else has done it yet. There is a current trend if you see someone you dont like in 6v6 que you simply log into some char without gear sometimes not even lvl 60. There are several people known for that but i dont bother reporting them cause i know from the past, Support will not do anything about it as they usually do. I just wanna say here people stahp ! it destroys the game for atleast 4 players "if you get the one you want to grief" if you are unsuccesfull you are destroying the game of 5 player its no
  12. So in what kind of world does something not related at all to something else make the "something else" not work anymore? I am simply writing the facts its not like a bird will fall down simply cause i loaded the washing maschine. There is no difference in booth statements !
  13. Als Spieler der ersten Stunde und jemand, der vorher 1 Jahr als Kaufmann für Dialogmarketing gearbeitet hat kann ich dir sagen, es sind sehr warscheinlich Leute, die mit dem Spiel nichts viel zu tun haben. In der Branche ist es normal ein Unternehmen zu beauftragen, die sich nicht auf das Produkt speziallisieren und eigentlich alles mögliches machen zb. Telefonverträge. Die bekommen im Normalfall feste vorgaben, wie man welches Szenario bearbeiten soll. Dies wird dann zu einem Problem, wenn jemand etwas schreibt, dass nicht in den Skripts steht, was bei einem Spiel, welches sich f
  14. Hallo Whiskyyy, ich bin der KFM, mit dem du ingame gewhispered hast. Der, der versucht hat dir zu erklären, wie das geht. Nun habe ich deinen Post gelesen und kann aus deinem Bild leider das Problem nicht erkennen. Du zeigst uns den Handschuh ganz normal. Dieser ist auch ganz normal auf dem Bild kein Bug in sicht. Hier habe ich ein kleines Video gemacht für dich wie es funktioniert. Getestet mit dem HAHI Ohrring, da ich den Handschuh vorgestern für den neuen kaputt gemacht habe. https://youtu.be/1gwuAzAtDGQ Ich vermute du versuchst den Handschuh zu
  15. Well seems like it is needed cause theese people are always either new to the forum and dont know this has been posted for dozen of times or they are ignorant. Its a Forum after all it exist so we can share our oppinions about the game so that the Publisher can make the game better. Oh wait skip that publisher part dosent happen here anyway. PVP is also easy every PVE player can do it on the side. The point is why do i have to be forced to PVE but PVE Players should not be forced to PVP ? Just be fair dude. I am mainly a PVE player nowdays but i know there are still several people who
  16. Id like to get Sacred orbs, Elysian Orbs, Oils, Pet pet from PVP will i get it ? of coruse not cause they want me to PVE ! just dont be lazy and play 1 match pvp a week !
  17. Can you answer me the question why we still see all the cheaters, wintraders......... ingame ? they do get reported i know what but i also know they cash alot in this game. There are 2 options for you to answer now either you dont answer at all or you ignore me which means you admit $$$ is more important than your TOS. We even keep telling NCwest we dont want them to ban them instantly just give like warning bans and if nothing changed perma ban. In case of players that are supposed to be region locked from EU an insta ban would be needed thou.
  18. Have you read the post ? he is asking if Blade and soul will stop working after flash becomes unavaible. And like i said there is litterly no reason to think it cause flash has nothing to do with the game. I mentioned the ingame stream could be flash but the word probably means i am not sure cause most stuff should be HTML 5 by now. Still even without the ingame stream the game has nothing to do with flash. My statement is correct its exactly like thinking your PC will stop working cause you bought yourselfe an Iphone. Like the iphone would destroy ur PC only by exist
  19. Eig. ist das deine deine Normale Waffe, die du auch aus der Story bekommst und einfach immer upgradest. Wofür brauchst du den, den ? Viele finden den Skin ja super gibt es aber bis heute nicht als Skin. Entweder verlierst du die Optik oder du bleibst immer auf der super schlechten Waffe.
  20. Why should it not work ? Adobe Flash player has nothing to do with Blade and soul only the ingame stream could be flash but i doubt it is cause its probably HTML5. I make it a bit more obvious for you. You are litterly asking: "Will BNS stop working if my mum goes shopping at 3pm instead of 4pm?" its simply unrelated to the game.
  21. Sorry to inform you but people are complaining about the performance atleast since 2017 maybe even 2016 if they would work on something we would have gotten it 2018 atleast. You have to keep in mind what is the biggest issue a game can have if Cash shops are working as intendet ? its the performance of course and no one can tell me a multi million or even billion dollar company cannot manage to fix the fps issue in a timespan of atleast 3 years ? If we look at KR the game is out since 2009 or something (alpha). If they wanted to release UE4 on the live servers w
  22. We do have BNS 2 already its a mobile game. Currrently there are no plans for them to still support PC at all after Blade and soul PC dies. The Income from PC is way to low to make a new PC game. Also most of the Community dosent even care about UE4 what drives people crazy is the lack of support for this game. 1. FPS issue which are not even looked at 2. Balance Issue to that extent you could think a toddler decided the balancing completly without thought. 3. Not banning people no matter what they do. The third one is completly NCwest fault the other 2 are pr
  23. lvl 60 boosts have never been avaible for HM coins and this will not change in the future either. If they write something like this its 100% a mistake cause keep in mind they dont play the game themselfe so they dont know.
  24. It has nothing to do with it being to hard for certain classes its simply SF and WL are not popular even thou SF is one of the best DPS classes and has a great revive skill which is very usefull in Raids. Also its not last week of season so alot of players simply ignore it cause its way to much work for most people to do them all the time.
  25. So i understand this correctly. You want to start with a low geared char who is litterly one hit in a pvp zone and earn prestige points around 100 times less than you would earn if you simply finished story and went to Soul stone plains ? As time goes by it does less and less sence to do certain stuff in this game but for some reason there are still people wanting to do this stuff. Its like going to your boss and say "nah not gonna take ur cash today i just want to work" cause there is simply nothing even remotely usefull from this content. P.S even if you reach max fac
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