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  1. Since i know ive reported this multiple times several season ago (atleast 1 year ago someothers who quit cause of this for nearly 2 years now) and thoose accounts are still doing it i am 100% sure NCsoft dosent care about this. If you want to say they have to much work with the patches then you are definetly wrong. All NCwest is doing is translate the stuff and put it into their live servers. They cannot manage to waste 5 minutes to investigate (most likely the time needed to look at the ladder) and ban thoose accounts from ladder (i am sure this wouldnt take more than 30 minutes).
  2. Its a known fact this dosent work like 95% of times cause most cheaters, etc. are people who use real money in this game. There is enough super obvious stuff which is supposed to get a ban or atleast a timeout but nothing happens even tho it got reported alot of times with enough evidance. For example the most obvious thing look at the 1v1 and 3v3 ladderboards. If you play 1v1 its very unlikely you get a single player to fight against when you reach 1730 guess how it is in 1800 ? not a single player but somehow in the last week so many plating people show up in the ladd
  3. You should have posted it in german if that more comfortable for you. 1. Du musst lvl 60 sein sonst kannst du die Kiste garnicht erst öffnen. 2. Du musst Die Raid Waffe ausrüsten, welche in dem Paket ist, sonst kannst du keine Dungeons machen und auch die Remnants kannst du nicht bekommen. 3. Beeil dich das Event geht nicht mehr so lange und du wirst warscheinlich ein paar Schlüssel Hmcoins oder Echtgeld kaufen müssen, wenn du die aufmachen willst, da du schon recht spät bist.
  4. For me a Soul fighter Dragon Spire 6 is still the max gear weapon cause i will lose dmg with raid weapon. In theory Soul fighter can use raid weapon with the new soul badge from raid but 1. you have to get this first 2. its unlikely you will be able to have enough counts with this games performance. So Dragon spire is still best weapon in this game for Soul fighter this is why i also complain. RAID weapon classes can have 90 ap more than i do plus they have all this bonuses the raid path gives while Soul fighter is stuck at an outdated weapon.
  5. Sorry guys but here i am on Grimoir"s side. You still get all the mats advitised. It might be a bit confusing for new players but thats not NCs fault if the new players are unable to hover over the things that will be inside the next boxes. Also most new players dont even care that much as most of you do here in forum.
  6. Currently the only okish option to get evos are thoose 10 stages of trial arena next to the real tower of infinity. Ive done it yesterday with one of my chars and got 21 evos. If you have 13 chars its up to 260 evos i guess but sadly you need atleast imperial gear for this and even then you can struggle against some classes. MSP is no option even with the double loot how much evos did we get ? 2 ? 3 ? sometimes even none. SSP in a total of 30 minutes 1 evo back then ? or even less. Since recently 1v1 and 3v3 are pretty dead to the point you are unable to get matche
  7. Well if you ask a new player if clans are alive you are asking the wrong player. Most will look at social clans and of course they are dead cause their only reason to exist is to put your alts into them. You are supposed to look for competetive guilds which even to this day have actual players in them. As of the long topic older players dont wanna help new players: 1. why should an older player run dungeons in a group if its faster alone ? There are still plenty in F8 who are running with groups to support new players. 2. Why do we have a big pvp tournament upcomming with
  8. You need to delete a certain file in your registry. You pretty much press: Win + R enter "regedit" and look for: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers delete the file called: client.exe
  9. Look out for it in ctrl + J or for germans strg + J. You will need to finish some quest before you can teleport there which you should be able to find in J.
  10. Primewald which gives you i think 6 different pet gems for free nowdays which each give you up to 32ap and atleast 20ap each. So you even get 120 - 192 ap for free. Also Ebonrealm afk zone gives you square weapon gems which is another maybe 200 ap or something for free. Considering you come out of story with what 1200 or 1300 ap youll be like 1600 ap without a problem and if you actully play the game 2k ap wont be a problem either cause Unity stones etc, Weapon upgrades up to Grand celestial 9 etc are super cheap. Most people simply see "oh for that dungeon people want
  11. I think that sucks too i mean around 11k gold for 1 psyche and you need 5 of thoose. Still not to bad cause thoose are upgrades that will be relevant for probably 2 years or even more cause you dont change your soul or heart like ur accesories. This is a huge problem for everyone and i dont understand why it has to exist. There are more than enough things nc can milk money from and people dont complain as much about the other things. Atleast they increased the weekly free oils you can get to 4 oils per week if you do event 6 oils. In this i have to disagree. EU/NA are the only
  12. Sofern es kein I5 650 oder sowas ist, dann ist dein PC mehr als gut genug. 8GB Ram ist ein wenig Knapp aber das ist nicht das Problem. Lags, Freezes und Ruckler sind der UE3 geschuldet egal wie gut dein PC ist (die neuen Ryzens ausgeschlossen) dein PC wird nicht genug Single core Leistung haben um das Spiel flüssig zu spielen. Um ohne Lags zu spielen musst du einige Community mods installieren wie zb. alle Effekte entfernen und den Text aus dem Spiel löschen etc. Willst du diese Mods nicht installieren empfehle ich dir erstmal das Spiel zu verlassen und auf UE4 zu warte
  13. HM level 35 - 36 = 5 HM level 36 - 37 = 5 HM level 37 - 38 = 5 HM level 38 - 39 = 5 HM level 39 - 40 = 5 HM level 35 - 40 = 25 You need anymore information ?
  14. TD is one of the most important skills a wl has to offer if even this gets removed wl will be completly useless. (PVP)
  15. Hello, when this broken patch came out my first thought was: "wow another patch without stage 9 of my weapon" then i saw i could actully use the raid weapon now without losing damage. Then i saw they just broke the badges and sadly they fixed it today. Here i am just like all the other Soul fighters (not sure if summoner and destroyer are still the same) we still need the cooldown reduction on PVE weapon or we lose our dmg and we cant even use the ancient system. I want to see either the PVE weapon path to continue finally or what i would prefer to be able t
  16. Die Juwelen wurde schon vor etlichen Wochen eingelöst, die werden nur nicht automatisch aus deinem Inventar entfernt. Hast du die Patchnotes damals gelesen ? Die Juwelen gaben dir eine Chance in einer Verlosung und, wenn du nichts bekommen hast, dann hast du halt verlorenund die Juwelen sind nutzlos für dich. BTW. einer hat 10k Juwelen gekauft und verloren. Support hat ihm die Juwelen zurückerstatten und er durfte sich was neues kaufen. Er ist ein Casher.
  17. There are the following PVP modes: 1v1 Arena PVP no gear required just a small arena. 3v3 Arena PVP no gear required just a small arena with 1 player at a time. Team can switch who is in fight and assist. 6v6 Battlegrounds PVP gear required if a new player joins it destroys the game for everyone in ur team so please dont unless you have gear. Open World PVP you will be hated if you do that cause this includes farm stuff you really need as a PVE Player. Most people just wanna farm their stuff and dont boother with PVP thats why people might insult you if you attack them.
  18. Sorry aber die Systemvorraussetzungen werden bestimmt eine GTX 660 2GB werden, wenn nicht sogar niedriger. Wer in 2021 keine Grafikkarte hat, die etwa der stärke einer Mittelklasse Grafikkarte von vor 9 Jahren hat, der muss eh upgraden. Eine GT 1030 oder eine Vega 11 sollten auch reichen. Dies sind zwar nur vermutungen aber ich denke ich kann sagen wer BNS mit UE4 nicht spielen kann, der will BNS auch nicht spielen. Die GPU kostet etwa 20€, die man braucht und die CPU vielleicht 10€. Für 100€ kriegt man da schon einen geeigneten Rechner zusammen.
  19. So you want this game to become pay to win ? Currently PVP is the only option to get a decent ammount of HMcoins. Its litterly the only option giving a free to play player access to the F10 shop. If you remove it 1. most people will quit PVP (its already hard getting a que in 1600). 2. Some people will quit PVE cause there is no way to keep up without thoose. 3. Its not like only PVP Players can get the hm coins just play ur chars to gold and ez. Not like its hard if you train a bit there is even an upcoming Arena Tournament with a prize pool of 60k gold. If you sign up you can cho
  20. Since one of the biggest cheaters got unbanned from his permanent ban (after 2 weeks or something) i can no longer warn new players that they might get banned for installing GCD or any other cheat and this guy most likely used the godsword cheat.
  21. Why is his/her oppinion worthless to you ? Grimoir dosent always write positive stuff about NC just like me his/her oppinion simply differ and he/her dosent complain about stuff thats not a problem. For example the remnants.
  22. 1. There is more than enough ways to earn remnants in the timeframe. You dont have to open 1 box each day. 2. You can always create ur own party but LFP should be no problem till CC. 3. Why da❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Imperial Accesories ? I atleast wanted third gen tier for CTA since 4th is already here. Last time we got 1 gen below too. I cannot understand why people complain about not being able to do Dollhouse etc. with 1300 ap there is no need to enter thoose dungeons and if you think you can manage this dungeon create a group on ur own with people who have the same gear as you do.
  23. Perhaps you have no idea how to actully play pvp. Gunner for example has the block with 6 sec cd which gives you 1.5 seconds godmode iframe and the X which gives 5 hit iframe for 5 seconds. So if your enemy hits into the block 24/7 you have 4.5 seconds you need to evade with something else this can be done with hooks and X iframe but you will run out of iframes so most gunners run after their burst dmg is gone. Warden has Blade ward which has nearly no cooldown with the correct gear. It makes you unstunable making you resist for the whole time. Unless enemy
  24. ImoutoMaster


    Genau wie bei 1v1 und 3v3 nie. Wir haben seit dem release von Awakening keinen vernünftigen Balance Patch gesehen und der Patch kam März 2019 heraus. Das Problem hier ist eher, dass die Idee von PVP rausgeworfen wurde und man alles für PVE patched, da PVE eben mehr Ncoins generieren kann. Das ist nicht die Schuld des Spiels oder des Entwicklers. Es gibt ein Rating System und das funktioniert so auch sehr gut. Entscheidest du dich oder ein anderer Spieler ohne gear in den Mode reinzugehen liegt es zu 100% an dem Spieler. Das einzige was hier gemacht werden kann ist Spieler u
  25. Not entirely true. Even if you solo dungeons you can still play other gamemodes with friends and guilds like raids or Battlegrounds. Also there are people hating PVE they dont want to enter it at all but are forced to cause PVP requires you to farm the accesories. It fails cause if i can solo i prefer to run shadowmoor for example alone cause i rather pay 0G for a garnet then up to 500G. If you give your players a disadvantage for helping others then the dev is sending a wrong message. To my experience most new players dont know mech and even if you ask them they will not answe
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