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  1. Stop bullying him he might excuse a bit much for NCsoft but he/she is mostly just writing his/her oppinion which is the whole reason for the existance of a forum. Also i wrote it like 2 times today already. Its super easy to gear up in a very short time even without getting carried. I think its not trolling or anything to kick or exclude people who are simply to lazy to gear up before doing endgame stuff. Just stop expecting to get carried through everything you need litterly 4 Million dps to run every dungeon (no idea about newest since i havent run it yet). You get 4
  2. Have you thought about gearing up ? thats story gear of course people kick you. Either do randoom search with LFP and hope you get a group (they cant kick u) or start playing the game. Atleast Imperial grade accesories should be your goal which can be farmed in like 1 hour if you are lucky. Weapon till Raven 9 is also litterly free. I am not here to bash new players i am one of thoose who just lfp to carry randooms even tho i can do most dungeons solo with my 2960ap but i hate it if players expect to get carried through everything like its their right to ask for everyth
  3. How much dps do you need to solo the stuff: Everything till CC = 1 Million DPS Dream Song theater = 7,1 Million DPS CC = ~ 3 Million dps I dont know about the dps requirement of the dungeons above but i am 100% sure 2 Million is enough in a group for all of it expect for Dollhouse maybe. If we dont count Raids 4 Million should be enough for everything. What do you need for 4 Million DPS ? depending on class and soul/heart mushin tower Accesories are enough if not you can farm the elder scale stuff. My Elder Scale SF does around 8
  4. You are switching to the next tier of your heart. I am not sure but you could have normally upgraded without ancient but you would have needed 10 enhancement stones then to get to ancient. Anyway the cost does not increase just cause you are ancient system its still the same ammount of oils and scales you just need the enhancement stones which you would need anyway to get to ancient.
  5. You misunderstood me. I am totally on your side when you say you want the mechs to be done by everyone so you cant just braindead dps like in Dollhouse, Naryu Sanctum etc. My problem with this is there is an easy mode and a hardmode. What is the reason for easy mode if the only difference is the HP bar ? There are enough people including me who dont like mech heavy stuff. I think there should be more difference between hard and easy mode than just the drops and the hp bar. Easymode is not supposed to have insta kill mechs its supposed to give you a safe clear while show
  6. For me its one reason to take a break. I like simple mechanics but stuff like that where everything is randoom and i have to run it atleast 900 times or even more to get my full gear is just a turn off. First boss is pretty easy but you need 4 people to do the mech perfect which is not possible in randoom partys most of the time and then the second boss comes which i couldnt do yet but the mechs are way to complicated for a dungeon i have to run that many times with a playerbase that low. If the gear upgrades wouldnt be so good (8% on main skill and 18% on 2nd highest d
  7. @Hime can you please tell us this is real or fake ? ive never heard of such a thing. 1. GM never existed outside of streams. 2. This GM is interested in suggestions ? that would be new that ncwest is actively searching for suggestions. 3. Why was this never announced in Forums ? Its unlikely a GM would log in to ask for suggestions rather than just posting it in Forum. The only time ive ever heared of a GM being ingame was when they where undercover on a mission to catch cheaters which is sadly no longer happening. @Shîro From the past (player sinc
  8. This is an real issue thou. Cause you need that stuff to be relevant in pvp and it was already way to much farming to do 1250 runs in dollhouse for all accesories but now you need an unknown number of runs in the solo dungeon too. Imagine you dont want to pve at all so you have like 2.3k ap cause thats enough for the dungeons. There is no way you can kill hardmode this way so you do normal mode. Granted i am to lazy to do hardmode but just for example i havent seen a single legendary since the dungeon released. I bought my belt with coins after several months. Its stupid that you n
  9. Since we are getting a new bracelet today i believe you wont need to to unrefined > Stage 1 anymore on the old CC Bracelet so if i am right you are pretty late in complaining about this.
  10. Are you sure you speak about Blade and soul and not Aion or something ? There has never been a real GM in the game showing himselfe as such. It was either a bot or a scammer. NCwest is not supporting this game with Gamemasters. I doubt GMs even exists in this game. We are getting reworks of the oldest stuff in the future. For example 24 man Poharan dungeon will be rereleased. They do have plans for this. Alot of people actully like this. Personally i think you shouldnt be forced to run the dungeon like 1250 times to get all your accesories thou. Dollhouse is 1250 times if we ar
  11. Unpopular oppinion but i think we dont need c2a at all cause gear is very easy to obtain. 1. we need 1 million dps to solo everything (not dst) till cc. 2. https://bns.life/char/eu/sf+mrsfutanari/ has a bit over 1 million already you need litterly like 1 day to reach that threshhold if you are dedicated 3. If you consider everything that gives you free stuff nowdays you could come to 3 million or even more stable dps. (Mushin tower etc.) if you are dedicated maybe 2 or 3 days. 4. Gear from call to arms was just slightly better than what we got for free in the normal
  12. 1. probably hard to develope cause every char has different values even 1xp difference changes the whole value i believe. 2. Would increase competition in 6v6 but not in a good way. If the same player has 13 chars in ladder thats boring. 3. Very likely a scammer would transfer the good chars from an account after scamming someone so the good chars are not getting banned and he is trustworthy. If you want to scam people then people are more likely you are legit when you have a 3000ap char than some lvl 16 char. Its not that easy to tell if the char seal would have been don
  13. Thats not the fault of PVE Players. We had a healthy community in 1v1 and 3v3 untill NCwest decided to put in time restrictions and this guy started wintrading. Since the community is gone now we need new players which will not come unless NCwest decides to fix some stuff. There is a big difference. PVE lives from new gear and increasing dmg stuff. You need new dungeons etc. but in pvp it lives from the challenge you have against other players. We dont need more maps or anything we need more players. Dont you agree its boring to fight the same guy 5 times on 5 of his alts ? i woul
  14. I am confused as to what you mean. You have 3 times the dynamic so you get atleast 1 coin each run unless you do easy mode. I think she should drop the coins too but she does not. Ive been farming since the third day or something (normalmode) and just got my belt via coins. Ive not seen a single legendary drop i rather want to see that changed. You need: 1x Earring, 2x belt this means like 9 months of farming till then we might even have newer stuff out.
  15. hahahah no. Thats true cause litterly everything exclusive got put into pve by now. The quantities are less in pve sure but there is no need for pvp on the other hand you cannot play pvp (6v6) if you dont play pve and alot of people simply are not interested in pve. They are not screwing anything up they do it on purpose. Here are the biggest reasons pvp is dead (will mostly write about 1v1 and 3v3 cause most active 6v6 players originally come from there) 1. There is a player i am not allowed to write who or from where he is but in his country he can ear
  16. Lyn SF, KFM, BM when ? Back to topic. its more likely it was a third spec fm back then cause: 1. Third spec was not released back then and we didnt know much about third fm back then. 2. FM exists as yun. 3. Lightning is more of a FM thing than Astro. Sure it has similaritys but lightning is way more apperant in fm than astro. Since Yun is not really popular in any region to my knowledge i doubt yun will get any special treatment.
  17. Es gibt keine andere Möglichkeit. Meine Empfehlung lagere einfach alle Waffenkisten von den Dungeons, wenn du weisst, dass du den Alternativen Pfad gehen wirst.
  18. Sorry hätte es besser spezifizieren sollen. Wiedereinsteieiger sind für mich auch neue, da diese meist fast genau so wenig Ahnung haben wie einer, der seine erste Woche auf lvl 60 verbringt. Mit einer Gilde kein Problem. So kompliziert ist das Spiel nun nicht gibt ja kaum Mechaniken etc. Ja gut das ist eine Seltenheit in MMOs. Normal verbringt man etwas mehr Zeit in einem MMO. Wenn du Theater noch brauchst heisst das du bist nicht sehr weit. Was soll ich den denken, wenn du Content von vor 2 oder 3 Jahren brauchst. Das du high end Spieler bist ? P.S Es gibt im AFK Ge
  19. Ive got around 20 FPS with text removal. I7 9700k 32gb ram RTX 3060ti NVME SSD If you want some fps wait for UE4 if it actully comes to EU.
  20. Naja selber schuld, wenn du die falschen Sachen farmst, yxz80. 8 Eckige, die nicht verwandelbar sind haben nur neue Spieler. Was sagt dies über dich aus ? 1. Du bist neu 2. Du hast kein Interesse andere Spieler zu fragen was du am besten machst nach der Story (sonst würdest du 4 Eckig Gold schon längst haben)
  21. PVE: Blade dancer (to my knowledge biggest current dmg) but play anything in pve. 1v1 PVP: Assasin 3v3 PVP: Most likely Force master or Archer. 6v6 PVP: Force master definelty expect for Beluga Lagoon its Assasin there.
  22. I did not encounter such a problem yet and i am doing several runs a day. You sure youve done the mechs correctly ? I see most people stay in the circle quite long and staying in the circle gives the boss 10 stacks each tick. If you have 100 stacks its wipe. When i was still new in Spectral i thought its a bug but thats mechs.
  23. There are two options for you till you can get paragon badge (farmed in tower of infinty). Ancestral or Invincible.
  24. Can some mod here pls remove this thread ? This guy is just confusing players with less technical knowledge. The performance of this game or any other game has nothing to do with the Mainbaord. It was tested even in the worst case scenario the difference of PCIE 4 and PCIE 1.1 is like 14 fps in high demanding games. I dont feel like this belongs here in the forum.
  25. This post is now pretty old and just like all the other posts no information from the staff like @Hime. I believe this is ur job to manage the community but yet we are not getting any kind of answer or even a text like "i am sorry but pvp dosent matter to us". Ive looked over the rankings in 1v1 at the end of this season and can tell every single top 5 spot was a wintrade this season. Also 6v6 is unplayable since FM thrid and assasin third got released and we are still waiting for some kind of balance patch. I mean you can litterly go afk at spawn if you encounter
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