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  1. Even if they have to low support people its not an excuse there are several games where the community itselfe moderated the game to clean the cheaters. For example Counter strike. So even if they didnt want to boother with banning cheaters they could find a solution. My guess is the ammount of cheaters far exceeds the legit players since everything including macros are cheats but if you are honest macros for example are needed in this game unless you want to do like 60% of your dmg. If they actully followed with their rules we probably wouldnt have enough players to keep this game runn
  2. Even if you reduce the dmg thats not the reason this class is op. The reason is you have a godmode against anything with a 30% heal afterwards. You can use a super fast dash stun and an instant range stun just like an instant daze in this form. Its the survivability not the dmg that makes it so op. Cause of that Assasin is the strongest class in Beluga, 1v1, 3v3 and the 2nd strongest in WWV and Nova core. I could accept a lower Cooldown of the stance if you could stun them while they are in this stance. Its NCsoft a dev that gives a class a skill that makes you cc immune to
  3. first ue4 cheats have just been released btw. Its the Programm cheatengine they are using thats a simple value edit which should be a piece of cake detecting every cheater ingame in mere seconds.
  4. Problem with ur text is this lil thing. There is no way you can go to court and say "ive lost xxx ammount of $$$ cause of the cheaters". 1. You need to have proof how much money youve lost cause of this. I am sure you have no documents showing you what ranking you would have gotten and there is no real conversion rate for HM coins. 2. You actully have to pay the expenses to sue them urselfe which is most likely more than you would get out of sueing them. Dont get me wrong here i totally understand where you are comming from and some practices NCwest does are
  5. We know it needs adjustments and community is crying over it since they released the third spec sin but NCsoft has other plans. What i understood you want from an adjustment is that you wanna be able to have ur burst stance 24/7. Since this stance is the reason this class is beyond balance in pvp i would say ok you can have it if we remove the godmode and the anti cc ability from this form.
  6. The dungeons were meant with thoose. Excuse my wrong writing for the first one: RT = Ransack treasury, ST = Sandstorm Temple, TSM = The Shadowmoor. In short he wants to telly you, you can randoom search groups in F8 till cathedral cliffs. For that you need atleast 1 player who is not dieing. Always the soul shields you get from the raids. Harder = better soul shield. Currently you have Skybreak Spire Soul shield i believe thats something no one needss anymore cause its way to old. If you dont have a guild join some randoom VT Raid. Just look into ctrl + j and search fo
  7. i guessed this would happen cause 3k ap dosent sound like a big casher to me. Thoose i know of that got this service used thousands of €€€ in trove.
  8. Even if your Laptop is picky its not going to be more than 60€. BNS would be 2014 atleast for UE4 Version but it got coded etc. around 2020 so either way a 940m is not from the same era as this game and this logic dosent work anyway cause an Intel HD 630 is also from the era of Call of duty Moder warfare but its not playable either. Why cause its not gaming hardware. GTX 1650 is not office PC is it ? I mean if you put Gaming hardware in a PC of course its gonna become gaming PC. Change it to some GT 730 and its office again. Dont get what your point is. Its not abou
  9. Of yeah didnt think about laptops you are right but even then is it to much to ask you to upgrade to 8gb ? thats like 30€. Yeah you can argue a Core 2 duo with a GT 8800 is a gamer pc too cause once it was called gamer PC thats simply not true anymore. The 940m is not even half the power of current IGPUs. Keep in mind Igpus are mostly used in Office PCs. If your PC is worse than an office PC its no longer a gaming PC. Laptops are meant for gaming but since they are far weaker than normal Desktops they lose their gamer status way faster. Or you would argue a GT 8800 is for gamer
  10. Ok this one was meant in a sarcastic way i know its most likely around 400 or 500 people. My point is if your hardware has 6GB of ram its very likely the rest of the hardware is also from a time where 6GB was normal which is at best like an I5 650 or something like this. I am sure of this so it might be a bit higher its still not like you have to pay 1000€ for a PC to play this game. Like i said a GTX 660 is most likely what you need it cant be more than 300€ for a pc like this. Here in germany i get some Haswell I7 Prebuild for 100€ putting in a GTX 780 i would be at 200€ tota
  11. Since atleast 3 years cheaters are not getting banned and if they are the permanent ban is getting lifted after some days. Since @Himeor any other mods are never answering to questions related to PVP or cheats i think its safe to assume they dont care. Its not like they have to implement some heavy anti cheat i mean even cheat engine is enough to give you speedhack and jump hack. I know 2 people who use it to ignore mech in TC for example. It depends on what you call a cheat. Speedhack, Jump Hack or stuff like Meme KFM Wolf are cheats cause they give you advantages but stuff like simpl
  12. Sorry but theese people dont wanna play BNS in the first place. if you have less than 8GB ram by now your PC is either like 8 years old or you have some Office PC. People dont buy Office PCs to play heavy games on ! 10% what is that for BNS ? 30 Players ? Who cares about that if they cant invest into a PC which would be like 300€ they cant use F10 either so no use for NCwest. I tryed to run it once with 6 GB and guess what the CPU was ? Core 2 Quad Q8200. I believe most people with like 6GB ram or even less have something similar. You are not supposed to play games on a PC not
  13. Hello, we have a problem ive never seen to such an extend in arena which makes me not wanna play arena anymore which results in me playing mostly pve. I consider myselfe to be one of the better players and i cant rank my alts to gold anymore. Why is that ? to show the reason ive recorded a vid. Link: Ive played 8 matches in low silver elo which should be full of noobs a player like me should be able to beat in seconds like this one FM. (not supposed to be flame or anything) but even in 1420 elo i get people that are supposed to play in 1900
  14. You join with hm 16 which tells me you are fresh out of story. You most likely have no pvp skill and your gear will most likely be from story too making you one shot even for people with like 3 year old gear. Dont join 6v6 in a total please you might think i am toxic for writing that but you are destroying the game for everyone in your team. There is no need for you to be in 6v6 pvp at all the only item which might be usefull you cant get in pve is the amulet but there are better ones you can get in pve. So back to topic from your screenshoot i know you went afk most li
  15. Has nothing to do with botting. Its a game feature in thoose 2 zones.
  16. https://discord.gg/vut4CDNM Join this Discord server. There are guide for all classes and people are willing to answer you any game related question as long as you look into the pins before asking.
  17. Mystic drops from stage 8 which is just a huge timewaste since there is no guranteed drop for it and other than the mystic badge and the quest you have to finish once there is no reason to do stage 8. So i would rather go scions keep which takes like 10 minutes once and is guranteed. Its not about the accesorie ticket from yeoharan its about the elder scales and if you get a ticket well thats 100 times less stone scale passage or halcyon hills. I would rather pay 950 G once. Also the accesorie boxes from stage 9 - 20 cost 80G each which is a total of 400G or whatever giving you already
  18. You joke about this all the time but there are actully some people that prefer F10 cause you can farm HM coins in this game. Granted its a big pain in the ...... to farm them now since NCsoft abbadoned PVP in a whole thoose people still prefer F10 over running CC 300 times just to get elder scales. @Hime i dont stop writing about it so again the question when do we get something for pvp players ? 3v3 not possible to get a match unless you talk to some friends and que at the same time against them. litterly same as sparring. 1v1 max 2 different people in que and thoose 2 a
  19. 1. Finish story yellow and orange quests including violette 2. Find a group for Skybreak spire RAID and get Ring and Earring from there. 3. Get a group for Scions Keep atleast to get the Mystic Badge (i can solo this raid by now you can join me if you want ill give it to u) 4. Run Mushin Tower Stage 7 everyday just like Moon Refugee daily to get white tokens to exchange for Soul badge and Stage 9 Aransu alternative 5. Run Mushin Tower Stage 9 - 20 or as far as you can (some struggle at stage 20) to get next set of accesories. 6. Just do your daily and weekly stuff from now including
  20. What about another option ? Making it account bound is to early in my oppinion most people i know still need tons of them and its needed till IA stage 9 which is max gear for most people since Blackmoon boss 2 is still very hard and only the top % can beat it. I would like to see them drop more than 5 fragments per run just look at Dream song theater in normal mode you get up to 2 scales i think its time to increase the drops.
  21. In the past they have done this for several cashers (non cashers have not gotten this service to my knowledge). Write to them that you moved to italy with proof if they say no the first time its most likely a bot answer so answer them atleast 3 times.
  22. @Hime you know you are getting paid to answer stuff like this ? Every other "Community Manger" is free to answer too.
  23. Why not ? ive seen enough reach that in 2 weeks. Some of them even reached 7 Million. They are actully asking experienced players how to progress fast and dont use their time to complain as to how hard it is to get pet gems or whatever. This is not part of this argument. Also if you are in a guild it is enough to get into the groups of course randooms want you to have more gear they dont know your experience. You might not know any mechs so more dmg is needed. I cannot agree with that. Mechanics are very few in this game and the mechs that exists are very basic. Remember we are
  24. There has been no anti cheat system in BNS yet that hasnt been bypassed. There is no region with a working anti cheat. The difference is: KR very few cheaters in the first place cause people wont let you join their raids etc. if you do. Also KR bans them sometimes. TW no knowledge about them but i doubt there are much cheaters. CH well there is a reputation system for their citizens and cheating ingame actully lowers your score. RU they ban cheaters and wintraders manually. EU/NA they ignore everything.
  25. Do you know what Gameguard did back then ? litterly nothing cause there was a bypass to it which was also very easy to do. Also as long as we are running at UE3 i doubt it would be wise to ban for xmls etc. cause alot of thoose edits to the game are the only reason why this game is even remotely playable. I do agree we need bans for cheats obvious but i do not agree it bringing anything to the game that would reduce the performance even more cause 5 FPS in raids is definetly not worth playing. In terms of cheats just look at the f11 leaderboards anyone above 1800 wintraded cause qu
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