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  1. And how do you know what a certain mech is supposed to do ? did NCsoft write down what the boss is supposed to do ? I just say at this point its not a bug but a feature. If they someday decide to tell us its a bug it will be a bug and we all would be bug abusers then. But at this poin in time its a feature. Knowing NCsoft is allowing it to happen is also another indicator that its most likely a feature than a bug cause they are not trying to stop it. You are thinking to much into this. casue a bug is litterly something that was never intendet to work like it does while patc
  2. Where do you get your info from ? cause i recently also got insulted like that even tho i am a player from day 1 having more than 3k ap. Belido is definetly not a story gear or story line player he is also playing for years now if not for day 1 too and atleast last time i saw him he was a whale someone who pays hundreds if not thousands of €€€ for trove. Bamboo is proved to be a bug and bugs are features till the dev themselve says its a bug so no this skip mech is not a bug its a feature currently. If NCwest dosent say anything about this its intended or not inteded ever heared of sch
  3. Every class has to play the good spec for pvp sf is not new so if you struggle cause you are earth thats on you. BM plays Light too even tho you might want third spec same for every class. This is cause NCwest forces the top players to play in low silver sometimes even bronze que otherwise they cannot get the ranking points to get their main chars wintraded to platin. This also resulted in normal players to quit cause they dont wanna play against people who even played in worlds etc. Imagine playing in Bronze que in league and only get challengers in your matches not very fun yeah ?
  4. First off Belido is right most people do weekly stuff after maintance or 1 day later this is why you see less at weekends and after. Another thing is Throne of oblivion dosent really need much dps so alot of players decided to just solo it. The first time i soloed it i had 9 Million DPS i am sure its also possible with 8 Million. Raids shouldnt be able to be run alone we really need buffs on them depending on what kind of players join or atleast that would be nice.
  5. Here is the answer from support: Please discuss this in the forums where our community team can forward it to the devs. My problem here is 1st why the devs ? its F10 we know they have full control over F10 here in NCwest and 2nd its still against the law. German law: § 5 Irreführende geschäftliche Handlungen Absatz 6: die Einhaltung eines Verhaltenskodexes, auf den sich der Unternehmer verbindlich verpflichtet hat, wenn er auf diese Bindung hinweist, oder This pretty much means you are not allowed to false advitise your product and you hav
  6. Its mainly about Summoner, Force Master and Assasin. Everyone with pvp knowledge knows the third of Des, BM and KFM are gabrage in pvp. BM can be a bit boothersome cause its the class with the easiest Aerial in this game but there is litterly nothing else they can do.
  7. Well thats where you are wrong. Every class that has some ability to put some stacks under boss or some attack that dmg the boss for a longer time can do the skip.
  8. Ive written to support to get some kind of response cause as how it stands right now there are multiple things ingame that are simply against the law. Since they have advitised the game as non pay to win and sell stuff that cannot be argued as something else thats against the law already. I am pretty sure they advitised that they gonna ban cheaters etc. too which they dont so another offence.
  9. Stimm ich zu. Balance war zwar schon vorher nicht da aber wenigstens konnte man mit genug gear den ein oder anderen Hit überleben. Es macht Klassen, die Skill brauchen nur noch schwerer und Klassen, die keinen Skill brauchen wie FM, Assa, Summoner Third, Warden etc. noch stärker, da Sie nun noch schneller killen. Man muss sich mal vorstellen man farmt Wochen teils Monate sein PVP Gear nur um dann Oneshot zu sein, weil man die falsche Klasse hat und dabei sind das nur kleinigkeiten, die bei jeder Klasse geändert werden müssen, die dem PVE auch null schaden würden.
  10. Thats why Trash alts dont belong in 6v6. Dont get ur point here. If you remove the players who join with raven 3 and 1st gen legendarys its not like players get removed from the game. We still have the same people simply not queing with their trash alts. We are not locking mains this way we are only locking trash alts. If you have a main and want to play 6v6 is imperial gear really to much to be asked ? I think no since it litterly needs just some hours and u are done farming this. Ähm do you even know my ingame name ? I dont play much pvp nowdays but i played alot around 2 sea
  11. Unlikely to ever exist cause looking at the facts. Soul fighter was the last class forced to play PVE path and even Soul fighter can play Raid path now. We are not only 1 weapon path behind we are 12 stages behind which has never happened since the game got released. Ancient system does still not exist (KR it exist) showing us they dont care about the weapon at all. I think they stoped the pve path here and nothing will ever come after this. Might come soon.
  12. Ive seen enough players reaching current content in like 3 months without any event. It depends on how dedicated you are. Havent seen a single one to be honest. Or do you mean players who rather run solo cause of the loot ? or thoose who request partys with like 2.5k ap and kick people who have 1.9k ? I mean that would not be on them if you join something you should have the requested stuff in the first place if not open ur own group. Just evaluate what you meant. Cause you let it sound like high gear players are actively trying to discourage new players. I rather think the
  13. There is no I play Soul fighter Ice spec. Thats what Arena PVP is for. There is no real problem with the ammount of 6v6 players unless you put in something that searches for additional things when creating groups. I complain about no gear players cause they destroy the game in most cases. It makes a 6v6 to a 3v6 or a 1v6 sometimes. I want to reduce the ammount of alts not mains in pvp. Thats the plan. Also it was requested some years ago to have a non gear based bg for that whole reason this means a 2nd bg.
  14. I have alot of free time at my work dude and ive started being active around 2019. I either bore myselfe to death or i look at the forums whats new. If i where i mod i would have been fired in a pretty short ammount of time cause i would actively write and answer stuff.
  15. We dont report them cause we know nothing happens to them. Trust me we have reported wintraders, cheaters etc. a dozen times but at this point my time is worth more than that. If i wanna believe in something that will never happen i go to church ! I cannot defend on the p2w part anymore since yesterday but without the HM coins there is alot of stuff you simply cannot get without real $$$ and thats not how a game should be so the HM coins are a need and its not like they are free you still have to work for them and thats not just que once and you have hm coins. Hime is not liste
  16. Ive been banned from here several times and each time they wrote why i got banned. The only reason i am not perma banned yet is cause i am a pretty big poster in here answering every question possible etc. Stuff they are not allowed to write themselfe i guess. Mostly you get banned for writing player names in a bad way. If i write Nagisa Yuki is a great pvp player i dont get banned or atleast no one complained the last time i did but if you write player x is cheating pls ban of course u get ban.
  17. No my point is if you go in full PVE gear you should be locked. atleast have x pieces of pvp equipment which i would say 4 is enough + weapon of course. What you can get without touching 6v6: 1. Weapon Incinerator 9 definetly and i think Drgonfang 9 since Realmrift released 2. Full Accesories depending on ur pve gear 1st gen or 2nd gen ......... 3. Full Soul shield 8 set. if your class uses pve ss too you should be forced to atleast use 5 pieces of pvp one. If my suggestion would be comming to game it would be enough if you had Imperial stuff making the
  18. Listen i really try hard to defend this game from the statement its pay to win and i even did that till yesterday but i cannot do that any longer if this does not get changed. Up until now there was no item that you could not get ingame (even if its low avaibility) for Ncoin only but the psyches are simply not obtainable in this game. You have an option that is only obtainable via Real $$$ and there is no other option not even HM coins. If this does not get changed unfourtunetly i have to stop defending the pay to win statement cause there is simply no arguement about i
  19. It not about that. You should have noticed how you can get your pvp gear in this game and sadly this includes pve. If you dont do PVE you cannot get ur pvp gear unless you buy all the runs and stuff from other players via gold but i doubt you do this. So i have to assume your pve gear shows me what pvp gear you have and you dont have enough gear to really get eva belt and earring for example. At best you probably have imperial gear. Thats still only 100k/300k. I can beat people with max gear even with imperial gear its just way harder than it should be. PVP needs an
  20. Ive tryed this and i can tell i dont need carrys. You could consider it getting carried if you do the bare minimum for a dungeon and someone with 20 million dps shows up but i always had the requirements for the dungeons. Also new players are supposed to get a guild to get everything explained or atleast one experienced person to explain everything. You guys are simply entiteld to get everything for free. Look at the game how easy it is to get gear now ! Full Thoose where even simpler times. You litterly came out of story and had enough to do the endgame stuff. You cant com
  21. I list this topic in short: OP thinks he got banned for no reason. People try to explain there has to be a reason which is most likely fraud OP thinks its cause some players triggered him and he wrote some bad stuff Grimoir tryes to explain its against the rules to do that and is ban worthy OP is furious how is he not allowed to be more important than the TOS ? @Hime@PhoenixMitra@mods pls close this thread. 1. Its not allowed to write about ban reasons in the first place 2. Op dosent wanna understand another point of view and even in
  22. Flavor of the month ? FM has been the top since it got his third spec and its not looking like its gonna change soon. Warlock third might be a competeor but i doubt it. Also why would it take away stuff from new players ? Lets imagine it would be possible to send IA and Uzume. What would be the result ? people change their main and use this system. This results in less people needing the stuff on their main cause they dont have to farm it a 2nd time. Some people might want to get it to their 2nd main outbidding others but even then its only for the
  23. I dont think that would be an issue cause if they would actully bring something like i suggested into the game it would mean they finally got their interest in pvp again and this would also mean they would ban all the wintrader. BTW. Arena is not worth farming anymore since SSP got reworked if you find plat players in low silver most likely someone who is wintrading right now. I see it the other way. They put the pvp gear into pve cause pve generates way more money so they want as much people as possible to do pve. Its also not like You can end story and straight farm ur pvp gear.
  24. Since you havent posted anything yet aside from your screenshoot we had to assume your gear up to this point. https://bns.life/char/eu/ioseppo/ Looking at ur char is also not very helpfull. With that kinda pve gear i dont believe you have even 3rd gen stuff making you very low gear of course. Sadly its like that you dont play pve so pvp is no option either NCsoft forces you to do pve otherwise you simply cant get good enough gear. Also if you really have imperial gear what i assume now why tf did you stay there afk ? there is no way you cant do enough dmg wi
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