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  1. 3 hours ago, lillvargen said:

    lol rly SamSalaBim, thats all you have to say about it?

    Ignore him we have tryed to explain to him how PCs work and how Motherboards are not the bottleneck and probably never has been atleast for gaming.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Yie said:

    When will NC actually ban cheaters

    Unlikely they will ever start banning them cause its safe to assume like 90% of players uses some kind of cheat either cause its needed to have a okish performing game or cause they actully want to cheat in TC or whatever. Aside from that the most obvious stuff the wintrade is not getting punished either showing us there also dosent exists even the slightest interest in removing cheaters from this game.


    Personally i am at a point again i do 5 dailys and thats it game is not enjoyable anymore. PVE is litterly run the same dungeon thousands of times and pvp is unplayable unless you play a meta class.

  3. 7 hours ago, Ioseppo TiLtEbUg said:

    It is already several times that at the beginning of an arena duel against sf in ice stance this attacks me while he is gliding, just like a kfm can do.

    Not a glitch, cheat, or anything. Its simply SS while you are still in air this changes your stance to ice and you can use 4 Stun while you are still in air.

  4. 9 hours ago, Ioseppo TiLtEbUg said:

    I come here to open a thread about this, but seeing that this problem is knowed from three years and still not solved... 

    Community figured out whats the big issue years ago too and NCwest actully found a solution to heavily reduce crashes.


    The Premium Windwalk Effect results in easy crashes if you play 64bit Version go into settings there is the option to remove that just like pet animations. You should remove as much stuff as possible till we have UE4 in EU.

  5. 19 hours ago, lillvargen said:

    what do Zen Beans have to do with dollhouse

    Well while PVE people can obtain anything expect the Royal Zen bean which is 4.5k zen beans so around 15 matches maybe, PVP people need to do the following.


    1. Get good enough PVE Gear to run the latest dungeons imagine you are a pve player and first have to get full pvp gear before entering dungeons would you do it ? 


    2. Do your runs of the dungeons to get the accesories for example dollhouse has 3 accesories. You need up to 300 runs per accesorie depending on class you need whole stuff or just glove and 2x neck 1 or 2x Ring thats up to 1500 Runs for 1 dungeon alone which is not even giving you ur full stuff so you need to farm other dungeons the same way.


    I could count somemore but i keep it at that. I am simply annoyed of people complaining they have to farm 1 royal zen bean and say pvp got it better. There is litterly no way someone solely interested into pvp could actully play pvp only while its no problem for pve player without touching pvp at all.

    19 hours ago, lillvargen said:

    and SSP for blue faction is kinda not happening cause red one has taken over the place, actually almost everyone there takes the opportunity to take your faction points by killing you

    Red wants to pve farm there not a single one comes to ssp to pvp but if they see a blue one there is litterly only 1 purpose this player comes there which is to kill some people who just want to pve making the blue hated and hunted down so the risk of some blue attacking gets reduced.


    Reds simply want to farm there and even if you are a blue who does not want to kill reds how are we supposed to know that ? So its better killing the blues before they can even think about attacking.



    BTW. i am mostly pve player too i dont enjoy pvp since like 2 or 3 seasons but thats not the fault of players its the fault of NCwest.

  6. 4 hours ago, Pulsing said:

    After 5th round, it becomes unplayable. I know it's Mushin Tower, but why put the event dungeon there?

    I wanted to post the same cause i die at stage 7 due to several seconds of freeze time but since UE4 comming soon i dont think they will boother even looking into it.


    My PC:

    Intel Core I7 @stock

    GTX 1080

    32GB of Ram

    Installed on NVME SSD

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  7. 17 hours ago, lillvargen said:

    whilst you pvp for hundreds of soulstones and moonstones

    You cant take Soul stones as an argument since you get it in SSP which yes is pve cause its super rare someone actully does pvp there. Same for Moonstones thoose are farmed way faster via pve than pvp.

    17 hours ago, lillvargen said:

    Royal Zen Bean was a pain to get for us non pvpers

    4.5k beans is nothing compared to like 1800 runs of dollhouse alone.

  8. 13 hours ago, Cgaib said:

    No, the HMCoin is controlled by wintraders, cheaters and Gold Sellers, therefore there isn't anything anymore to combat the pay to win. Maybe the few you can get through Mao/TOI etc

    Last season ive still gotten 24k hm coins even tho i didnt really play much. Thats peanuts compared to the wintraders but thats still 300€ worth of F10 stuff.

  9. Ive writte it dozens of times but the issue are not the godmode skills in general its how easy it is to get thoose ready.


    A Force Master for example is consideret to be the strongest class in 6v6 right now cause its godmode skill has like 36 sec cd or whatever. If we ignore the tab walk which is what i want to be nerverd for FM then FM wouldnt have much to fight back. So all we need for FM to be balanced is a cooldown on the tab walk.


    Theese are very small changes needed to fix most if not all classes but NCsoft is unable to do this for some reason.

  10. 34 minutes ago, lillvargen said:

    no? but why pamper pvpers? we are enough pvers, we want the same opportunity in pve

    There is no need to do pvp at all in this game there is nothing thats being locked from pve while there is litterly everything locked out of pvp so if you want booth to be equal pvp rewards need to be seriously buffed or can you tell me one item thats not avaible in pve but is needed in pve that is availble in pvp ?


    45 minutes ago, sFMos said:

    So basically pvpers should be punished because ncsoft is too lazy to do their job and ban cheaters?


    The system i wrote about didnt care if you are pve or pvp it cared about if your account is created before date x meaning you cant just create 1000 new accounts and get free lvl 60 chars. I dont ask them to ban pvpers i ask them to not make it easier to wintrade.


    1 hour ago, Immunity said:

    how to remove wintraders 100%: remove pvp rewards.

    I was argueing alot that HM coins are needed to make pvp worth it but at this point id prefer it too if they would remove hm coins from pvp and let us farm non tradable stuff like elysian or a non tradable version of the stones you need to craft oils.


    This way pvp would still be worth for the players and worthless for the goldsellers.

  11. 25 minutes ago, Kicsiduda said:

    If you dont have badges yet, just do Junghado/Koldrak/Moon refuge for martial tokens and eventualy you'll get them.

    This is my point why would someone need this packet they give us with all this crap if you get same or better stuff right out of story. For VT Badge id need like 20 minutes to get it as a totally new player. This packet is supposed to give us stuff to help progress. Hime even said that in stream.

    25 minutes ago, Kicsiduda said:

    A free lv 60 ticket is a great gift.

    Dont get me wrong i think its a nice gift too but there are no restrictions to it at all. Once we had a free lvl 60 ticket but you had to have an account x ammount of days old to register at all making it way less problematic.

    25 minutes ago, Kicsiduda said:

    If someone wants to wintrade, they'll just level up an other character anyway, so no point in crying because of it.

    Of course but this also includes that the player has to lvl a char like 18 hours beforehand and btw just 2 accounts are not enough to wintrade for most since to get to 1900 your 2nd char needs to be atleast 1750 to find ur 1st char.


    Most people do not want to boother with another 18 hour story so this is not an option for the majoirty of players. My problem with free lvl 60 is it removes the only obstacle there is to wintrade. We should ban wintraders not support them !

  12. I just looked over the patchnotes and i just want to know some things.


    1. Reaver Reinforcement Package: Its supposed to give a start to your new character but you get a free lvl 60 ticket. Do you know what you get from story ? This packet is useless its giving worse stuff than story. I cant think of any way this could be useful to anyone dosent matter how long the player is in this game its useless.


    2. 1x free lvl 60 ticket: for anyone no matter how old the account is. Looking at the state of pvp thats the last thing that should be done ! we already have a huge huge problem with wintraders with this ticket everyone can create several accounts. Wintrading is not hard you just need more accounts. ive seen people in plat that would never even gotten to gold rank in the times we still had alot of players.


    3. Reaver Support Package: not even VT Badge and a soul badge thats totally useless aswell. such a package is supposed to help out new chars so give them atleast 1 tier above what you get in story ! For example VT Badge, 1x Legendary Soul badge chest..........


    4. Tringular non Hongmoon gems ? You get quad ones for free in this game then you want us to pay event currency for worse ones ?


    Like most patches there is so much useless stuff pls stop putting in stuff that might sound nice but have no use at all !

  13. Social Clans where never alive. They came to this game at a point litterly everyone and their grandma already had a competetive clan cause nothing else existed back then.


    Social Clans are entirely used for alts to get some lil benefits and make it easier to lvl with friends etc. but when you reach lvl 60 you want a competetive clan cause 1. it gives more bonus, 2. the option for Clan Battlegrounds exists, 3. People are in thoose with their main.

  14. 3 hours ago, sojaa said:

    3rd spec wl isn't going to be for pvp bud. Its pve like bd 3rd spec.

    Ive seen Nagisas stream and it seems suitable for pvp atleast more than ice or shadow.

  15. 21 hours ago, Ioseppo TiLtEbUg said:

    The earth stance also has pvp skills: this is my favorite spec, so I propose solutions on this.

    So does Fire FM or ICE fm still no one in their right mind would play fire or Ice in BG since Light is simply way way superior same with ice soul fighter.


    The big problem for earth is its block. 1. You need to stand still 2. litterly everything and their grandma can shoot through it since it dosent give you any kind of protection. 3. You cannot use it right after iframe cause well you need to stand still.

    21 hours ago, Ioseppo TiLtEbUg said:

    And sorry if I don't take advice from players who use a brainless class like ice sf: you just don't know what I'm talking about.

    Well i am probably leagues above you in terms of pvp skill and i am trying to give you advice instead you insult me.


    BTW. in terms of pvp i play:


    Third BM, Third Destroyer, Fire/Ice Force Master, Fire KFM, Third Assasin/Light Assasin, Wind Blade dancer, Ice Soul fighter, Fire/Shadow Gunner, Storm Astro, Ice Warlock soon Third.

  16. 7 hours ago, pato1 said:

    the acc +10 from Ia is bound to acound ?

    They are not and i dont get why. Eva Stuff is bound which is way newer. Hell not even Blood Roses an item you last needed like 2018 is not account bound yet either.

  17. 6 hours ago, Bobthemonk said:

    How long would guess it would take a new joining player to get full BM / TC gear?

    Not full BM gear but Full IA gear with all TC Stuff he took like 6 months. Way more reasonable than several years for 20 ap more in ur gems.


    The point is no matter how dedicated you farm without $$$ its not possible to reach the current max on gems. And here we are not even talking about the fused gems.


    Full IA Gear on the otherhand is totally achivable of course you are not allowed to have much of a life but you can achive this in several months.


    You sound like you prefer gear being locked behind a pay wall ? Soul shield psyches, Gems, Pet gems, Unity stones and probably more i cant think of right now. Most of the stuff might be insignificant but its not about that its about money should not give you an advantage it should speed up things which is no longer the case if you cant reach the max no matter how dedicated you are.


    The only thing still working against the pay to win aspect are the hm coins which i also would like to have removed cause they destroyed the Arena pvp.

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  18. 58 minutes ago, sojaa said:

    problem with 6v6 is the fact that it don't attract new players.

    Thats what i am writing since years now. If you come to a MMO your priority is usually PVE and if they want to do pvp they notice they have to farm for weeks if not months to even get okish pvp gear. A gamemode thats not their priority !


    What incentive do they have to pvp?

    Since SSP rework there is nothing besides HM coins which you need to play a class like soul fighter to have a decent ammount at season end. Top 5 Soul fighter is litterly 1620 while FM and Assasin for example are 1830.


    Buy to pvp was never the answer

    Thats why i could never enjoy Black Desert after i reached lvl 56 i got told pvp is 100% gear based and i was gone.


    What incentives do ppl have to 6v6 clan?

    Additional Zen beans, Bloodpoints but yeah unless you have a full team with atleast okish pvp gear you wont be able to even win 1 match. We had a match against rank 1 guild (1550 ranking) while we where still in 1317 ranking even without them the worst teams we faced had atleast full Elder Scale accesories.


    I go 6v6 I know in beluga there will be sin cheeses. Whirlwind I know there will be ill be fighting a warden or destroyer sitting on a point. Nova I know itll be full of fms for most of the night. What fun is that even for a experienced players? 

    I am an experienced player (Soul fighter) and i want to quit the game everytime i play pvp but i do not cause pve is still kinda fun. I can tell you thou the balance issue are not the biggest problem pvp has. 1. Wintrade, 2. Cheats, 3. multi chars, 4. gear requirement (6v6), 5. class balance. 6. worthness of pvp i mean just do pve at this point you earn way more.  I would say thats the order in whats the biggest problem in pvp.


    Imoutomaster in one air you can be wiped basically a 1 shot (technically its not a 1 shot however its 1 air 1 animation 1 burst 1 death) . You are not doing anything but hoping your party i frames you.

    Was different before they removed the dmg debuff from 6v6. Now usually i die in one air too before my bracelet protected me. But yeah 1 shot is not 1 aerial. 1 Aerial you have the possibility to survive cause of team one shot you just die.


    someone who pvps will leave the game for a more equalized opportunity to pvp in another game removing potential for them to invest ever thus a loss of income on bns part).

    To be honest pvp is not earning them much money its probably costing them money cause of the hm coins. It lessens the need to use Ncoin. I would actully prefer to see them remove hm coins (1v1) entirely and make stuff like Oils.... farmabe with pvp. 30k zen beans for example = 1 oil or whatever to make it worth.


    The removal of hm coins would also heavily reduce wintrade and multi accounts cause there is just no need anymore to play with 60 chars.


    3rd spec bans wont matter because guess what...They will just find another way to do what they always do.

    In my oppinion every third just need slightly changed skills to be balanced. FM third = give tab walk a cd of like 3 sec or something, Summoner = make his skills more visible and reduce cat ufo shield so its killable, Assasin = make it possible to stun him when he is in phantom stance or remove phantom stance after 5 hits. ............ long story short id prefer them changing the third specs skills instead to be honest.


    If they dont do something soon all pvp will be wiped because people wont play it.

    Arena is wiped out already. Arena is the entry point to 6v6 so its just a matter of time 6v6 is completly dead too.


    Players make it worse by not encouraging people to stay and get better gear. Instead its hey stay up top and don't do anything you're feeding them or heavily trash talking them.

    People tell them to get gear and how to get gear but thoose that get flamed like this usually dont boother and think its ok for them to join with story gear chars multiple times cause the game allows them to enter.




    Note: i mostly refer to 1v1 cause i think 1v1 is more important than 6v6.


  19. 6 hours ago, Grimoir said:

    Overall having hepta dyads and hepta gems will give you give or take +80 - +147 AP. That is actually not a significat increase compared all other modifiers and stats. Yes, obtaining gems is an issue, however gems is the very last thing to look at in terms of upgrades.

    Its not about how important the upgrade is but how obtainable it is. This game is not supposed to be pay to win but it is.


    The only ways to obtain gems are:

    Solar Energy every 2nd day 1 Hexa

    CS and HM every once in a while 1 Hepta drop rate is not 25% for sure.

    F10 Shop with deals which only give gilded square.


    Its simply not reasonable to need multiple years to reach max of something that is by then most likely 1 or 2 tier below but Gems are not the only thing that have this problem.

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  20. 8 hours ago, xPipi said:

    forgot the story, and want to run it again on same character? if it's possible then why not? 

    I am just saying there are so few players who would even think about doing story again. Majority and with Majority i mean nearly the whole playerbase would rather pay to have story removed completly than do it again.


    Its not worth the developement time needed for such a ticket. Even if it sounds like something you could programm in like 1 hour or faster the cost to create such a thing would most likely a multiple of what it could earn.

  21. Why would you want this ? the majority of players feel like its torture to do story or side quests at all.


    They would have to programm such an item, create an icon for the item, decide prices and such......... to much work for the 0.1% of players who might use this maybe once.

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