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  1. You should save energy with all that typing. We get it. You are not good enough for real competition, you are only training dummy level, we get it. Good job shilling and cheerleading the bullies.
  2. 1) 97% of this game is PvE. only faction area, battleground and arena is PvP (which is a tiny percentage of the game). You must be a new to this game. 2) You are not required/requested to kill players for most faction quests. Except this Valentine quest. Which they can do it away from the wheel (it is a big map in case you didn't know). Main purpose of Faction outfits. 1) PvP with the opposite faction. 2) Doing faction related quest (PvE related). For players who do not PvP, most of them only put on faction outfit for #2 (above). They should do it professionally.
  3. While I agree with you on that too, a player has choices to either, 1) Take no as an answer and go PvP with players who wants to PvP (they're all over that spot). Respect the others. 2) Choose to be a cyber bully and throw the blame on NCSoft. Unfortunately, most have degenerated to this level. And no, bullying is not acceptable even if the table is turned on that bully.
  4. Another possibility is your ISP could be routing you through a poor connection route to the game server.
  5. No, Shame on you. When someone says they don't PvP and just want to spin the wheel, Let them spin it. Are you telling other players how to enjoy their game? Does harassing and causing grief to others makes you feel superior? What you are doing is straight up player killing, its not PvP. PK is griefing and a form of cyber bullying. Go PvP with other who want to PvP. When they say no, it means no, leave them be. P.S, non of them are afk, don't assume.
  6. We don't even need to spin. Just let us right-click on the heart and get our items (like all other items) how hard is that? NCSoft is not a new company with kids as Devs. They don't need to be told how to fix it, they are a game company, they should know how and what to do to make the game fun for the players. But yet... oh well.
  7. Here's one we did today. Everyone cleared their spin within 2 hours-ish.
  8. <Just saw this post.> We did this too today. Yes, it is possible. There are 6 channels total. Leave ch1 and 2 for spinning. Those of you that PvP will eventually need to spin too. Lets do this!
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