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  1. Trying to create an Omni-Man look alike (from the TV show invincible for those who don't know him). I think the available creation options have helped me get close to it, just need to get rid of the side beards and keep only the mustache and also a way to change only the top hair color. Is there anyway I can do this? If no please find a way to make this happen NC Support. Pretty please. It's almost perfect https://imgur.com/a/bj5M374
  2. I know this is probably a topic discussed over and over again, but I feel that there should be a minimum latency requirement for playing this game, or at the very least, restrict certain regions that are far away from the server from playing the game simply to avoid disappointment later on after you've committed yourself to it and got addicted to the gameplay only to realize later that on higher content, you can't do much with high ping. First of all, lemme say that this was my 1st ever mmorpg and to me, its the best I've seen so far. I've tried a few others like Rev online and C9, and even wa
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