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  1. Thank you so much I'll add you, i hope you're not to busy to help me on Dec 6 and beyond ^_^ (Nick in game: Boss Booty) Sorry about the silly name. Lol
  2. Hey guys / gals I'm putting this up before i head off to bed, OK i just did some dailies and while we got it done it wasn't much fun doing them. Randoms don't chat much unless their b*tch'n at someone. I'm looking for a good clan to run with I'm a HM 7 Gunslinger AP 750+ I'm just looking for a Clan to farm / Run Dungeons with. If you don't want a scrub / noob like me in your clan, I'm cool with that. But if you wouldn't mind me joining please shoot me a reply. I've been soloing this game up until now, and i think it's time to join up. aka (The game is kicking my a** now) Lol Thank
  3. The outfits rotate it seems, Pure White and Frisky Feline headband may be back but who can say when?...Or how? I wanted the outfit (Yellow Dahlia) but missed out when it was for sale in the store. It was out of the store with no way to get it for a good while. Now it's back as part of the Rosethorn Chest update. So much like myself i guess you'll have to wait until. Pure White and the Frisky Feline headband. comes back in some way. Sorry..i know all to well how much it sucks to see a cool outfit but can't get it.
  4. OK as i stated in my 1st post I've just started back up after a year+ I have a HM9 Soul Fighter, not the easiest class to lvl but I'm up to it. I'm taking a break from lvl'ing my SF to lvl a Gunner...And holy sh*t is this class OP...or is it? I'm only lvl 21 with my Gunner but i kill mobs like flies. Not even when i was a lvl 21 SF. So is the Gunner class OP or does it just feel that way when you are low lvl?
  5. OK cool, yeah i don't want to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ anyone over. So I'll remember Heaven's Mandate & Cold Storage.
  6. What's up everyone I've just got back to BnS after a year I'm slowly getting the hang of all the new stuff. I got'a say...dungeon loot auction are annoying, not because of BnS but because of the CB's (Cry Babies ) Every and i mean every time i out bid someone they B*tch and rage exit. Lol Is there some BnS code now where you shouldn't out bid people or something? Or is it just CB's doing what they do?
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