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  1. Fishing needed on alts?

    I will not give u an answer , just want to say :" do you even read forum or just find a problem and come here and create topic without reading topics from below " Ya I'm toxic.
  2. Not enough Event currency.

    If you really follow forum you should already know from my other post . Or maybe use your brain and find best solution for it , the event will not change no matter what ,ncsoft doesn't care . SO BEST OPTION FOR YOU GUYS IS: So what that mean,well you have to go for these 3 pets collection cost tokens 70-60-50 =180 tokens ( the 70 pet cost you can sell in market after u done ur collection ) . 1 Vial oil cost 83 tokens . 1 Pet pack cost 29 tokens . If you make 2x +2x -224 tokens so is better to go for collection pets for a total of 180 you get 2x +2x +1 pet to sell. Don't use fish at any cost is NOT WORTHING . Period YOU PAY 320-400g per week and lose around 1300g materials . JUST TAKE ALL UR 12 CHARACTERS and do daily +weekly and go for PET SET .
  3. When i read this kind of topics it annoy me so bad like for real ? You ( everyone) didn't resign that NCsoft doesn't care anymore for this game,community? What else do you want from them , 1 year of fails,lies,miscommunications,working as INTENDED?? You still think they will change to good ? Is enough to look the F10 market and see ur self what are they doing , they try to get money as much as possible from us . STOP this kind of topics is not a anymore a questionable situation , IS JUST PURE A FACT THEY DON'T GIVE A ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ABOUT US ANYMORE . So deal with it.
  4. next event vial price?? :D

    what ?? Fallen Aransu School = 4 Dark Hearts Snowjade Fortress = 4 Dark Hearts Hall of the Keeper = 2 Dark Hearts Hall of the Templar = 2 Dark Hearts Dude go read patch notes xD and please edit ur post so you don't miscomunicate others .
  5. next event vial price?? :D

    Just an update for non premium players : JustinTrap said in stream that for 3 pets collection you get 2 vials +2 pet packs . So what that mean,well you can go for these 3 pets collection cost tokens 70-60-50 =180 tokens ( the 70 pet cost you can sell in market after u done ur collection ) . 1 Vial oil cost 83 tokens . 1 Pet pack cost 29 tokens . If you make 2x +2x -224 tokens so is better to go for collection pets for a total of 180 you get 2x +2x +1 pet to sell. This if JustinTrap words stay same for live patch and they don't ninja change pet collection reward to 1 vial +1 pet pack ( last pet collection had reward 1x +1x ) but i doubt it will stay 2x+2x since NCsoftscam YOU KNOW ??!!? And PS: do not use fishing points to get EVENT TOKENS is clearly not WORTHING, you just lose gold and materials for nothing .
  6. next event vial price?? :D

    As non premium membership events token per week wil be : 1- Daily 4x = 3 tokens ×7days =21 token 2- Weekly = 4+4+2+2= 12 token 3- Login reward = 1x 7days =7 token So in total we have 40 token . 4- Fishing = 43 * you need to complete to 83 price vial. For the rest you need to fish =43x tokens x 1800points 77400 points So if we transform these points in gold and time should be +/- 150g per around 26k-28k points 12h. Around 350-380g and 30-32h for the rest of tokens. I want to mention here that these points 77400 are free materials as well so the price you pay for the damn 'FREE VIAL ' is even higher . Gold + free materials. Ncsoft should ban it self for scamming 😅 THIS for non premium membership and per 1 character. Maybe I'm bad at math ,someone else do a compare. BUT THE POINT HERE IS : events should be FREEEEEEE ,do certain task to get materials . If they continue this way they just could put gold price for events token and log in ,spend ur credit card on gold ,buy the item and log off .
  7. next event vial price?? :D

    Well obviously I'm not gonna use gold to fish for event currency and i suggest for everyone do same as me ,paying gold ,huge amount of gold to get something that should be free ,this what event mean =do certain task to get free materials . But we know NCSoft ,nothing is free , free =spend money kewkkkkk. What I'm trying to point out is how Ncsoft change the events from past to now and be sure the next ones will be even worst.
  8. next event vial price?? :D

    i'm laughing so hard but yet im crying in same time ,anyway it does not surprise me ,i already said in the past about this, ncsoft will try to limit the oils from events . In past we had events with 1-2x oils per week per character FREE OIL Step 1- they limit 5 vial oils per account ,vial oils still 1-2 per week Step 2- increase the vial oil price so people buy only 1 vial oil per week Step 3- make event harder so people can;t do on alts ( reduce the vial oils income ) Step 4- increase more the price vial oil so people can barely make 1 oil per his main character Step 5- put event currency extra for premium member ( baiting you to buy premium membership) Step 6 NOW - pay gold ,more than half of market price to get the " FREE vial OILS we had once in past " STEP 7- NO MORE VIAL OILS in event , go use CRAFTING vials 33% aka 2 fail you are always on loss You need daily 12600 points to buy 7 token events ,to make the points you need 50-60g per 7 days =350-420g to buy the FREE OIL we had once in past . Price market sacred oil = 520-560g but sometimes even more xD ohhhhhhhh ALMOST FORGOT ,you need 4-5h to get the 12600points daily , BUT FISHING IS NOT FIXED YET KEWKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 2nd week and no fix yet ,while russia and korea has it already . Laughing and crying same time xD PS : 350-420g per CHARACTER ,rip those who have 12char xD Come @Grimoir defend them again xD . Clap clap clap @NCSOFT you did it AGAIN
  9. still not fixing the auto fishing?

    The pigeon with fix got caught in his way to America from Korea.
  10. still not fixing the auto fishing?

    My guess on this are 2 options : 1- they purposely don't want to fix the fishing to burn out our materials with upgrades and the most scamming crafting item ever "sacred vial" 2-korea would be like this : " ncsoft you ****** ,to get the fishing fix you need to reach on the money ladder otherwise get rekt " Don't understimate the whales, they really buy materials from F10 with ncoins ( so no fish fix = money for ncsoft). To understand how disperate is ncsoft for money just follow F10 market and you can their greed for money xD just saying bns RU got the fix
  11. New Players

    If you didn't create a character with voucher lv 60 yet, stop for few seconds and think about this : To level up a character from level 1 to current day it take you 20h . Yellow 18h30 Orange between 1h-2h ( i stop looking for time with TT orange ,burnout ) I did this BM without premium membership so sometimes you have to wait the 3min cd windstride. Act 1 -1h 20min Act 2 -2h 20min Act 3 -2h 55min Act 4 -4h Act 5 - 10min +50min Act 6 -45min Act 7 -1h 30min Act 8 -2h Act 9 -1h 40min Act 10 -55min My own opinion about this is better to level up the character and use the money from voucher which cost 50euro( 4k ncoins) to buy gold( around 12-14k gold ) or sell items from F10 with rate of 3g per 1nc and use to upgrade after a little more your character. Still i wouldn't give money anymore on this game since they don't care about us but this is another story. As per materials to upgrade and get a little boosting way ,go fishing is worth so much. 150g per day if you manage to use all the points per day. TIP for fishing : before you let ur pc on to fish , log off and log in right before fishing, it will keep you between 3h-4h before it will fail ,after relogg again and repeat . Don't ask why fishing fail, ncsoft don't care. Oh forgot to say , act 3 and act 4 are boring as F*** ,with act 5 things start 'moving faster ' like you lose the notion of time. SO GOOD LUCK ENJOYING THE GAME xD ^^
  12. my thoughts before you buy these pouches : " as long as you give money to ncsoft, they will not stop giving a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about us,game or everything,they will not care for nothing while their money are keep coming " . Everybody were crying about gem powder that we don't have a way to farm, now you got ur way to "farm" in ncsoft style tho . MONEY MONEY MONEY . Another trap,and enough players step in it and after they cry on forum or discord this game is only money xD.
  13. still not fixing the auto fishing?

    @Cyanso in ur maintenance msg from today is only normal routine ? that mean auto fish is not fixed yet ,meanwhile russia got the fix already . Or is this another "working as intented " Come on fish the damn fishing ,i need materials to upgrade my alt weapon to gc 9 xD . Is annoying to relogg every 3-4h in game to reset the bug .
  14. Please buff all bosses in the game

    Well you can always ask in faction for ET weeklies 1400ap, or aransu 3 max weapon , many players with weapon lower than aransu 6 don't get a chance to do ET weeklies. So in this way is win win for you , you get the fun and pleasure to do mechanics there 2-3 times and in same time you help lower players. 😉
  15. Please buff all bosses in the game

    This is because of the base players crying for easy content, when TSM still had wipe mech the forum was on fire because of that , is players fault for crying . If it was me to decide i will let only HARD MODE . NOW DON'T RAGE AT ME , this game is like if you put a candy on table and one candy under table ,which one will you prefer to get , the one on the table because is easier and faster ,why will you go down . Same logic in game with easy and hard mode . Why player should do hard mode to have fun and get a little of action when you can do solo boring easy mode pew pew and done. 😆