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  1. I'm from Italy really close to red zone and i still go to work kekw . Anyway is not like stream will say something good since after most of things are changed for live patch ^^
  2. pet gem bundle experience

    It was sarcasm tho 😁 I was whaling back there as well ,i have around 7k euro in this game ,but i stop spending any cent on it from 5months ago when my premium membership expired. Free2play since then ,i log only for hard mode train with the few friends that left to play this crap game.😪 Obviously here the fault is from both side nc$oft for introducing p2w content and whales spending on it without remorse. If it was me i would make an announcement in discord 6v6 and ask all the players from there to stop spending any cent on this trove ,like literally 0 money on it only to get attention of nc$oft . But we know this not gonna happen. Just a reminder this game will fall so bad soon or later ,ofc whales don't care,for them gambling is an addiction,they just find anoher game to feed. To bad ,great game ,a lot of potential RIP.😪
  3. pet gem bundle experience

    Thanks for showing us ,but see majority of us already knew these boxes are trap. The box is rigged too for pvp gems so people like you buy more and more. Thanks for the 1 month extra of server to stay online 👍 11 days trove , just a reminder .
  4. Solution to fixing the currency exchange (F9)

    And another fact , when i see in forum all kind of topics ncsoft should do that and that ,all the suggestions, YOU ALL KNOW THAT IS IN VAIN all you requests ?????? Ncsoft don't care,didn't care and it will not care, is OBVIOUSLY they follow the path " grab all the money as much as possible before is no longer necessary to keep server online " . 👍🤣
  5. Solution to fixing the currency exchange (F9)

    It will not work even with 1:0000001 , if the ncoinc/gold is lowered ,ypu get less hmcoins back aka all market price will go up Example: 1 item cost 50hmcoins ,you need to sell 60g to get 50hmcoins. If rate is changed you have to sell 100g to get the 50hmcoins ,didn't do real math ,but you get the idea . Example: people in game sell( aka gift ) items ( from F10) for a rate of 1ncoin= 2.5-3g ,after will be even higher. So who is smart will sell items as gift in F10 to get more than double gold instead of 1:1 if he buy gold with ncoins from F9. And the reason your gold doesn't get sell anymore ( or very very rare) , well people stop buying ncoins with money .Most of whales buy gold outside of game so they use ncoins only for rare F10 items. The game is controlled by whales who spend money ,not by us f2p . As a tip ,forget about this game , play as much as you can as F2P ,stop feeding nc$oft they literally don't deserve anymore.
  6. Finding for active clan

    Go to googleand type " bns rr discord " join this server and there are active clan recruiting. Also for your class or more help about game type on google "bns academy discord" select your role for BM.
  7. I'm not exaggerate now but ya since December on 3 characters I'm doin daily CS-HM for the unity exp and stone , i can say i never got it since then not even once but i will say i got 1-2times because i don't remember when it was last time i got it. NO EXAGGERATION or trying to impress around here . And before from 6x dungeons 2 times guaranteed got it.
  8. New Player Experience

    To much to read for just 15 levels which is like 30min of play. To be fair don't look left or right to understand game at low levels , just FOCUS YELLOW/PURPLE / ORANGE( start at lv 50 if im not wrong) QUESTS to finish story ,get your gear and prepare to do daily,weekly BT- should not require to learn somehing here , VT- still can join a group easily but kinda requires some knowledge about mechanics if raid is low gear. Just do story ,nothing else. A hint: full yellow story is 19h +around 2h ORANGE quests. REMEMBER to be able to do weekly you have to finish orange first. Now good luck and try survive more than 2days ^^
  9. Fishing needed on alts?

    I will not give u an answer , just want to say :" do you even read forum or just find a problem and come here and create topic without reading topics from below " Ya I'm toxic.
  10. Not enough Event currency.

    If you really follow forum you should already know from my other post . Or maybe use your brain and find best solution for it , the event will not change no matter what ,ncsoft doesn't care . SO BEST OPTION FOR YOU GUYS IS: So what that mean,well you have to go for these 3 pets collection cost tokens 70-60-50 =180 tokens ( the 70 pet cost you can sell in market after u done ur collection ) . 1 Vial oil cost 83 tokens . 1 Pet pack cost 29 tokens . If you make 2x +2x -224 tokens so is better to go for collection pets for a total of 180 you get 2x +2x +1 pet to sell. Don't use fish at any cost is NOT WORTHING . Period YOU PAY 320-400g per week and lose around 1300g materials . JUST TAKE ALL UR 12 CHARACTERS and do daily +weekly and go for PET SET .
  11. When i read this kind of topics it annoy me so bad like for real ? You ( everyone) didn't resign that NCsoft doesn't care anymore for this game,community? What else do you want from them , 1 year of fails,lies,miscommunications,working as INTENDED?? You still think they will change to good ? Is enough to look the F10 market and see ur self what are they doing , they try to get money as much as possible from us . STOP this kind of topics is not a anymore a questionable situation , IS JUST PURE A FACT THEY DON'T GIVE A ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ABOUT US ANYMORE . So deal with it.
  12. next event vial price?? :D

    what ?? Fallen Aransu School = 4 Dark Hearts Snowjade Fortress = 4 Dark Hearts Hall of the Keeper = 2 Dark Hearts Hall of the Templar = 2 Dark Hearts Dude go read patch notes xD and please edit ur post so you don't miscomunicate others .
  13. next event vial price?? :D

    Just an update for non premium players : JustinTrap said in stream that for 3 pets collection you get 2 vials +2 pet packs . So what that mean,well you can go for these 3 pets collection cost tokens 70-60-50 =180 tokens ( the 70 pet cost you can sell in market after u done ur collection ) . 1 Vial oil cost 83 tokens . 1 Pet pack cost 29 tokens . If you make 2x +2x -224 tokens so is better to go for collection pets for a total of 180 you get 2x +2x +1 pet to sell. This if JustinTrap words stay same for live patch and they don't ninja change pet collection reward to 1 vial +1 pet pack ( last pet collection had reward 1x +1x ) but i doubt it will stay 2x+2x since NCsoftscam YOU KNOW ??!!? And PS: do not use fishing points to get EVENT TOKENS is clearly not WORTHING, you just lose gold and materials for nothing .
  14. next event vial price?? :D

    As non premium membership events token per week wil be : 1- Daily 4x = 3 tokens ×7days =21 token 2- Weekly = 4+4+2+2= 12 token 3- Login reward = 1x 7days =7 token So in total we have 40 token . 4- Fishing = 43 * you need to complete to 83 price vial. For the rest you need to fish =43x tokens x 1800points 77400 points So if we transform these points in gold and time should be +/- 150g per around 26k-28k points 12h. Around 350-380g and 30-32h for the rest of tokens. I want to mention here that these points 77400 are free materials as well so the price you pay for the damn 'FREE VIAL ' is even higher . Gold + free materials. Ncsoft should ban it self for scamming 😅 THIS for non premium membership and per 1 character. Maybe I'm bad at math ,someone else do a compare. BUT THE POINT HERE IS : events should be FREEEEEEE ,do certain task to get materials . If they continue this way they just could put gold price for events token and log in ,spend ur credit card on gold ,buy the item and log off .
  15. next event vial price?? :D

    Well obviously I'm not gonna use gold to fish for event currency and i suggest for everyone do same as me ,paying gold ,huge amount of gold to get something that should be free ,this what event mean =do certain task to get free materials . But we know NCSoft ,nothing is free , free =spend money kewkkkkk. What I'm trying to point out is how Ncsoft change the events from past to now and be sure the next ones will be even worst.