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  1. Hello ,how should i start ,well guess first i leave this video here and i explain after . System broken Upgrading ET Badge What happen : I salvage my Aransu Mystic Badge Stage 8 to get the 8 oils +8 divine stone grave + chest with aransu badge , so when i start upgrading the ET badge ( require an Aransu badge ) i didn't know that doesn't matter what spec is your Aransu badge ,it matter only to be Aransu and i didn't see that for upgrading got automatically my Dynasty Mystic Badge ( top right corner in inventory) .So next instead to upgade the Thornbreaker Badge i upgrade back Aransu Mystic Badge to stage 8 . Question 1 : Why Thronbreaker Badge require an Aransu Badge to upgrade ? The spec doesn't matter when it select as material ?? Question 2: Does all members from support staff do they really know how game work or they just copy paste answer from a list ? Question 3: Do they really care only of milking people money ? Here are their answer from support ticket : 1: Aug 22, 20:25 PDT Hello, We have reviewed your request. As a one-time exception for this account, we can offer to revert your Awakened Aransu Mystic Badge - Stage 8 down by three stages only, from Awakened Aransu Mystic Badge - Stage 8 to Awakened Aransu Mystic Badge - Stage 5. These are the items that you will receive: Game Money 195 Gold Divine Grace Stone 9 Sacred Vial 9 Awakened Aransu Mystic Badge - Stage 5 If you would like to use this one-time reversal, please update this ticket so we can process your request. Your character will need to be offline to process the request. We will wait for your response. Regards, 2: Aug 23, 06:53 PDT Hi there, Upon re-investigating our logs, I have verified that you consumed your Dynasty Mystic Badge to upgrade your Awakened Thornbreaker Mystic Badge - Stage 1. Unfortunately, as what GM ******* previously offered is already the best that we can do regarding your Awakened Aransu Mystic Badge - Stage 8. Please know that reversions are a courtesy service (not obligatory) that we try to provide our players, on an extremely limited basis. This is because these types of actions directly conflict with the intended mechanics of the game. So there are limitations to what we can provide. However, our offer is still open for you to accept. Thank you for understanding. Lastly, if you think that there should be changes and improvements regarding this matter, we encourage you to post your comments and suggestions on the forums, where our community team gathers player feedback so they can suggest game improvements to our development team: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forum/421-general-discussion/ Feel free to contact us again if you have any other question or inquiry. Regards, PS : I will keep making ticket/answer until they give back the 24 oils, 24 divine stone , or they ban me for rage or whatever so i can delete this GAME . PSS : So ya never trust NCSOFT for they bugs in game and check 10 times every upgrade or anything you do in game in term of spending materials otherwise they close the door in ur face.
  2. Since the time has changed with +1hour forward , in game all the events changed with 1h + and didn't keep the old time . For me (Italy) to play BG clan it's at 22:00-00:00*NOW , ( before it was 21:00-23:00 good but still could be earlier 1h ). If you look at europe MAP if you go more right to Eastern Europe for them will 23:00-01:00* now (midnight) which is really bad, people have jobs,family ,can't stay over midnight to play a game let's be serious. The BG clan should be with 2h earlier from now(current game time ),so all EUROPE can play Battleground clan. Right now it's a huge disadvantage for many of us . This has to be changed really fast,there are to many benefits that many of us lose for Time zone/ GAME .
  3. Hi, i need some advices about which weapon/shields are better for force master in pvp BG. Right now i have ascendent stage 3 with full beluga shields and in near future i will upgrade my weapon ( max dragon forge 3,i have materials). So basically my question it's : what do i have to do first ,go straight to dragon forge weapon + beluga shields (and nova core after the weapon) or stay to ascendent 9 +beluga ( and do first nova shield and after weapon) ? I'm asking because you lose some stats from ascendent (recovery,crit def,crit dmg) but get pvp attack power + ultimate and 4( dragon forge ) so the balance where it go ? For now with my ascendent stage 3 and full beluga i'm doing like 7-8 to 10-14 kills per game and damage between 2,5mill-4mill.( shields have full crit def+ full piercing added) I'm medium player so i will not go full pvp items YET, for now im looking only for weapon and shields ,which is better to choose ?
  4. Friend Chat Option ??

    Hi,so since in this game like every game over the world , you connect bounds with others players from differents countrys,regions etc. Friend Chat : Doesn't exist in game. If you want to talk with some friends have to use external application ( so basically out of game ,interrupting your game joy,time ,+ things to do, voice mode is excluded (i will not go voice just to say HI to everyone who enter game ) ). If you want to whisper them in game ,sometimes work sometimes NOT ( Cross,arena,etc). You can say that friends can speak in clan chat which is available in all game ( but here i'm not referring to clan, i'm referring to others players which have different clans, but you have a bound with them ).A friend chat oppenned free in any place you are in game will be great and huge + for game. So why not implementing FRIEND CHAT ? Tell me if you like this and few words FOR and AGAINST this option ?!!?