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  1. Hello, Both raid rings boost the damage of Sunflower and Awakend Sunflower they don't seem to boost the Super Sunflower which (for me) is the most used version. It is my 3rd highest damaging skill and Sunflower is the lowest. For example in a 01.43 minute fight I used 135 Super Sunflowers and 7 Sunflowers. Is this intended or is it a bug as the effect is not very useful that way? Especially in solo content or dungeon runs where there is no Soulburn or Soulflare. As you can see in the attached image in Super Sunflower skill tab under Enhancing Conditions the ring effect is not present. Most other classes have one of their main skills boosted including the different versions of it, so I was wondering if this was on purpose that not all the versions of Sunflower were included. Regards Bunny
  2. "Fatal AVALANCHE" clan

    not recruiting anymore sorry we also changed the clan name
  3. Looking for someone to play with!

    Hi! I came back to B&S after a year-long break and switched from playing Sin to playing Summoner (I'm currently at HM7 and around 700 AP). I'm looking for someone I can goof around with in the game, level up and all that. ^—^