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  1. Unresponsive Soul Fighter skills.

    I've had that happened plenty of time. Could be the fact that a skill might be in use already that can't be cancelled when you are trying to iframe. Not sure but I don't think that SF are able to anicancel.
  2. Grand Phoenix wings

    It seems like the adornments for any set is broken.
  3. Grand Phoenix wings

    Why can't i equip my grand phoenix wings? i have the outfit and the headpiece already but wont let me equip the wings.
  4. Can't collect daily login reward

    Sent an RT so hopefully will have a reply soon.
  5. Can't collect daily login reward

    +1 I actually have the same issue on my account.
  6. How much GB Patch ?

    The game including all up to date patches will be around 30gb to 35gb. That's alot of data. Hope this helps.
  7. Which are the basic Jewelry that can be evolved?

    Everything changed alot since I last quit and I've also been doing some research into this and seems like the Drakan items can be upgraded. Check in the dragon trade express to see their path.
  8. Pristine oil

    Where can I find the pristine oil to upgrade my baleful lynblade? Been searching but can't find where it is or how to get it.