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  1. New RNG outfit boxes

    Can you show us what's in there ? is it outfit or items ?
  2. New RNG outfit boxes

    Yes. I saw some new outfit on his inventory that's why I thought it comes along with this patch but they didn't go through.
  3. New RNG outfit boxes

    I wanna know about the new RNG boxes that we're gonna get on the 24 July. You guys didn't go through or talk about it yet ?
  4. Legends Reborn Event: Patch Notes & Overview

    GANIKi You will be able to choose one of them in the selection.
  5. Legends Reborn Event: Patch Notes & Overview

    Hi Cyan, do you have any information about the RNG box comes along with this patch?
  6. Do we have new RNG boxes come with this patch ?
  7. New launcher

    If you can't download from the website.. try this link. it worked for me
  8. I wish that we can use all weapon as a weapon skin appearance ( ofc it's not the legendary one) ,because there are some nice ones that unavailable to make a weapon skin.