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  1. Can you show us what's in there ? is it outfit or items ?
  2. Yes. I saw some new outfit on his inventory that's why I thought it comes along with this patch but they didn't go through.
  3. I wanna know about the new RNG boxes that we're gonna get on the 24 July. You guys didn't go through or talk about it yet ?
  4. GANIKi You will be able to choose one of them in the selection.
  5. Hi Cyan, do you have any information about the RNG box comes along with this patch?
  6. If you can't download from the website.. try this link. it worked for me http://launcher.patcher.ncsoft.com/NCLauncher2_Installer.exe
  7. I wish that we can use all weapon as a weapon skin appearance ( ofc it's not the legendary one) ,because there are some nice ones that unavailable to make a weapon skin.
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