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  1. Did I ever say that you said it was bad......no. What I said was I don't know how people can complain about this event, when in retrospect the Frozen Firing Range is actually terrible. I explained that the gear is old, so complaining about you just NOW getting it to true ascending is mute because it is so old. Seeing how your conversation with others went I can already tell this conversation isn't going anywhere.
  2. It legit takes like 15-16 hours to beat the story. If we say the average casual player takes 3-4 days to finish the story you still have a bunch of time to get stuff. Like someone above said events are meant to reward players who participate the most and should definitely no be a free hand out. Like I've seen entitlement before but this community takes the cake for sure.
  3. True ascending is an old soul and people need to get geared. It was obvious they're going to get newer players this gear. Like there are so many other things you can get from this event Idk how someone can complain. Like Frozen firing range was straight terrible and now we have an actual good event.
  4. ^^This!!! This right here is what I'm looking for. Finally someone with a functioning brain. So here's my problem with this community. We have a great event here. It's good for both geared and new players who are trying to have decent gear and guess what happens...people complain. This problem you think NCsoft isn't fixing isn't something they need or have to fix. That's our job as the community. F8 is an absolute disgrace. Like 100% bonafide hot garbage and you want to know why because most of us in the community either don't want to teach any of the new players the ropes and others just want
  5. Can a ryzen 3 1200 OC hope to play this game 1080p 60+fps. Budget is looking between 600-650. Rx 480 4gb on Amazon is 350-400. Will a 1050ti be ok? Also in advance thanks for the help.
  6. As the title asks, I need to know if buying a ryzen 3 1300x or ryzen 5 1600 is worth it to play BnS and video edit (Entry level) or should I honestly just go Intel on this one? I would like entry level video editing done, but I'd rather have smooth 60+ fps on max settings for this game. Which leads me to think, would getting a I5 be better,if yes, what is the best version without going overboard.
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