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  1. I'm really happy with you guys.. Look, guys, I think that you saw in others games the Mages, right? Where's the sence do a Gon Force Master? A big man, that bring a Big Axe, is the same that can be a mage. I don't agree with this. But now, I'm seeing others thinks too. Would be better if all the races could be all the classes. I think that will be better we can choose the class. Jin has a SF and WL, than why not Summoner and Force Master? The same is apply to the others. Why not Gon BM? The story changed so much, I almost sure that open all classes for all races w
  2. Yeah! Is really about it that I'm talking ! Will be so good *-*
  3. Hello Hello guys! Come on, help me here... I know that I'm not the only person that would like this. What do you think about JIN RACE "Force Master"? Who never saw a mob JIN FM on the game? I really don't like play with Gon Race, and the Lyn's are so cute, but I prefer use JIN when I'm playing.. Why just Jin is the only class that can't be FM? Why not release them for FM too? I, and I believe many others will be so happy with this. JIN FOR FORCE MASTER ;3
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